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  1. So how many convictions have we had on the isle of man for hate speech? I think you'll find those stats either don't exist because existing law doesn't cover it. Again if you define what is considered hate speech, it won't be a problem. What do you really fear saying that you'll be arrested for that's considered acceptable currently? As I've said above, as long as they define the type of speech, there won't be an issue. I'm going to say it's around things that people would consider unacceptable at the moment, if not necessarily punishable by law.
  2. Some places seem to be taking the piss with the bread at the 'artisan' end of the market though. M&S were £2.50 recently for their sourdough. It's gone up to £3. They've released a new one which is £4.00! Went to Noa today just to see difference and was surprised to see a good quality bread (which tasted excellent he says having just had some) for £2.40. So they're now cheaper than most places for this sort of stuff, when I would have always considered them an expensive option. Ross Bakery stuff is decent but only seen it in the Alpine and it's also £3 for a standard one.
  3. Don't agree. As I said if it's done right and the offence is correctly defined, to the extent that the public are fully protected regardless of which community group you may wish to belong to, then why would anyone be against that? I honestly can't see the argument other than people wish to be able to say horrible things without consequences.
  4. As much as this might pain Stu, I think all our ministers are the same. I often feel underwhelmed by some of the businesses on the Isle of Man and there are very few places where I'd spend significant time or money. At the weekend I was delighted to find somewhere that I'd previously not have gone into serving really high quality drinks. It was a place that didn't take itself too seriously but knows their target market and it was doing well. Sadly I feel Government is the same. There's the odd one that wants to make a difference but the whole setup is such that it's almost impossible for them to do so and things stay exactly the same.
  5. I probably shouldn't be surprised but pretty unequivocal opposition to the new hate speech laws on The Mannin Line today. As long as it's done right and there is a definition of 'hate speech' I don't see what anyone would have an issue with.
  6. Bad start for them. Mitrovic gave the defence a real hard time on Saturday. That said he keeps playing like that they won't be the last this season. Mental his form at the moment considering he's had plenty of opportunities in this league.
  7. Is there anyone else on island who'd be better? Genuine question as I don't know. Stated it before but I don't see someone coming from off island as I don't think it's a paid position. Even if it is I don't imagine it's much.
  8. Can't see there being any 'foreign players' until they were quite high up. They need 5 consecutive promotions to even get to conference level. Do think there's a glass ceiling for them unless the standard of player here improves dramatically or they are perhaps able to get some of the Manx players who are at any sort of league level once they become available.
  9. I take your point but I don't believe it's a 'premium' product. The issue they have is that when it comes things like awards, these products are grouped by price. This price point puts them into an 'ultra premium' category. When you taste the things in that category they are up against and the winners (mostly from Scotland and now Ireland) it's got no place alongside them.
  10. jackwhite

    New Casino

    Possibly due to complex licensing issues?
  11. ....and their captain and a number of key players. That said the team they beat finished second bottom last season. The team that they lost to on Saturday finished 3rd bottom. Maybe they need to switch up the team a bit then taking this result into consideration.
  12. jackwhite

    New Casino

    Not convinced we 'need' a new casino but I do think it will be popular. We're still seeing a reasonable amount of incoming companies and employees from the likes of China. These HNW individuals do like a casino and make use of it. The Palace isn't the prettiest building and, from what I've been told, it would be redeveloped in the event of this going ahead. What it will be I have no idea. That said I still don't see this ever happening.
  13. Depends what you're buying and if you know what you're buying. Paid £12 for a whisky tonight in Douglas. Were they taking the piss? Yes. Did I tell them? Also yes. Was it nice. Yes. I want to drink better stuff than most of what's available on the Isle of Man. I'm prepared to pay the price because I know what it cost. Other than their own stuff, I don't think they overcharge. If you do I'd suggest, without being a horrible person, you're in the wrong place. There are plenty of places to pay £4 a pint and £3 for a cheap whisky/gin/vodka. Is Fynoderee that type of place? No. But I'd know that before I set foot in the place.
  14. Assume you're trying to say it's overly expensive? I don't believe it is. Their own made drinks are overpriced but still don't believe they're expensive.
  15. They did apply for a license to 1230, which isn't needed 7 days a week. I agree on that. I think they should have it though for Friday and Saturday. As for having to close at that time in the Sunday, it's dark ages stuff. Rather than go in two footed could the commissioners not have approached Fynoderee to discuss it and try to come to some sort of agreement? Or is that far too sensible? As for the restrictions 'gradually being stretched', that's just nonsense. It doesn't happen. If they apply for an extension you have to ask why and don't have to give it to them. I wouldn't beyond what they've asked for this time. As I said above too, the new licensing laws will require you to state your opening hours and I'd imagine the Alcohol Unit will have questions to ask if you are varying from them.
  16. It does but it won't at Fynoderee. Why not actually let them do it first and then see if there's an issue? 1886 and Jaks have a very different clientele and target market. I know some people on the Isle of Man may be staggered, but not every bar or person in a bar is exactly the same. Besides, under the new licensing laws, you will be required to state your opening hours. Fynoderee are 11 at latest and I think (not entirely certain and can't be bothered going to look it all up) the use of the outside area was even earlier. Restrict it to 9pm which is a more than reasonable time if you have to. But to try and put the blocker on it completely is just a complete nonsense. What you have suggested above won't be possible under the imminent new licensing regime.
  17. It's one of the main reasons I have with this. These guys are not some standard person who's having an issue, they have millions of pounds worth of property under their banner, with others under development. Between that and Josem's (not sure I should say his name, as it will be like Candyman and he'll appear anytime we get to a certain number) clear connection, which he won't actually disclose, I just find the whole thing doesn't sit comfortably with me.
  18. I think you'll find a number of them are entitled to be here, whether you agree with it or not. The laws may have changed since they were granted entry into the country but that doesn't give them any less right to be here. As I said, show how you would deal with it.
  19. Your 'send them back if we can establish where they came from no matter the circumstances' (which is what it sounds like) is a bit iffy sounding, certainly heading towards racism. I note you've not answered the question I ask. Worried you'll out yourself?
  20. I think there needs to be reform in many things from top to bottom. We're stifling investment (not entirely sure I agree with this particular development) regardless of this particular situation. Things here are overly complex, needlessly so, and it just puts people off. It's also developed a culture of a small group of individuals trying to freeze everyone and anyone else out. I know of some businesses who are actively sabotaging efforts of others for no reason at all, other than malice. Telling people who they approach for assistance in various things that if they work with these people, they will not only stop using them but will also actively persuade their numerous friends in the industry to do likewise. It's little wonder we don't see the type and speed of innovation we see in the U.K and certain parts of Ireland (some of it is even further in the past than here). Personally feel a little fatigue of the whole thing and does make me wonder, long term, whether this is somewhere I wish to remain.
  21. Are you aware of tone of both the comments of you and the person agreeing with you sound? It was meant as a joke truthfully, as I love that GIF (if it's actually showing up - isn't on my current browser but was last night when I put it on at home). Let's take your point then. The 'economic migrants' (is that how you described them), how far back should the UK go? Are you suggesting they commit resource (that they don't have) to identifying where each person has come from and return them, if established they aren't genuine asylum seekers? This would require people to either be employed or deployed from somewhere else to do and the required workforce would be significant. Then there's the human angle of it too. Anyway I will let you answer the question rather than speculate as to what you might say.
  22. You don't half spout some nonsense. Do you just make things up to troll or do you actually sit and think through these things? If the latter it's terrifying.
  23. ....and as we as discussed on a previous thread, they were given their chance initially to put their case forward and it was dismissed. Then one of them doesn't like that decision so appeals. To be honest that shouldn't have been allowed as he didn't make any new claims, just the original ones. There are old folk all over the island that don't want bars or clubs. If you've been to the place, you'd realise it's not like that and likely never would be.
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