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  1. Is there still such a thing as exclusion orders on the island and if so are they actively used by the powers that be?
  2. 0bserver

    TT 2023

    It's interesting that the highly paid motorsport team come up with this stuff and it takes the GMP to point out the many flaws in their work. Just an observation.
  3. The ones Rowling is arguing with are extremists.
  4. So much of this is damage caused during the tenure of Longworth. It will take time and money to fix but it's worth doing.
  5. Life is so much better when you just ignore the people Rowling is arguing with. They disappear when you starve them of attention.
  6. That's a fair point. Then DfE need to look at catering for smaller cruise ships or incentives for Tours (or another private operator) to cater for the cruise marker. We ended up here as Tours shrunk their fleet when Bus Vannin started scalping the lucrative work like swimming contracts and cruise work.
  7. That's fair. But then if Bus Vannin weren't scalping the cruise work it wouldn't be a situation.
  8. They were going to do the rubber/polymer type encapsulation until a former senior civil servant reportedly decided they knew better than the laws if physics and it was descoped.
  9. The UK sets a very low bar for online services. Many nordic countries show how it can be done quickly and efficiently
  10. Keep them if you like, just stop funding them from taxpayers cash. Run them with volunteers. We need a smaller smarter government that only focuses on core services. The railways are a massive cost sinkhole. ETA bus services are a key public service - people rely on them to commute to work etc. so the subsidy for that is justifiable.
  11. These are the general UK standards... they don't seem to have followed any of them really. That's good to know, but without the rails having a rubber compound either side of them it will make little difference.
  12. Very well put. It's very sad how Tynwald Day has been degraded to the poor imitation that it is today. I know many self respecting Manx men and women who no longer want anything to do with the shenanigans of July 5th.
  13. Skimming off the top of the rails will make no difference. They've bolted them directly to the concrete foundation pad... that's what's making the noise.
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