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  1. Battle? It's more like a bun fight at a WI coffee morning. Even then 'fight' may be a tad much.
  2. Exactly. We're all just collateral damage to them.
  3. 0bserver

    Firm closing

    The Sainsbury's stuff in Shoprite is generally 20 - 30% more than the price of the item in Sainsbury's (from my own experience). The Tesco price match is also a joke as they only compare prices to the full RRP in Tesco and don't account for Tesco offers.
  4. Screw the Unions but screw the Government too. There are massive cunts in the Unions and massive cunts in the Government. The people being fucked over are the GMP who are just trying to get by. Although I am surprised we haven't seen out posties, bus drivers and other Government workers on strike yet. How have they avoided that? The solution lies in the middle. Not a 30%pay rise a per union demands, but a negotiate C.11% pay rise.
  5. All sounds a bit Royston Vasey, but you would probably like that.
  6. 0bserver

    Firm closing

    Still better than Shoprite fruit and veg.
  7. Now they just leave them in place running all weekend while no work takes place.
  8. Remember when all that copper wire was lifted from the tracks as they just left it there?
  9. 0bserver

    Firm closing

    Co-op were offering delivery in Douglas/Onchan/Braddan when the new Crosby store opened. Haven't tried recently but I could never find a slot. Shoprite would probably do ok with online orders but I would be wary about the shelf life of things from them.
  10. I've got a friend in Iran who does a great line of suicide drones. That would stop the dogs.
  11. 0bserver

    Firm closing

    Occado would clean up here. Just look how popular Tesco slots are!
  12. 0bserver

    Firm closing

    Wasn't it because the lift they used for it broke?
  13. 0bserver

    Firm closing

    No actually! Fella in the Prospect the other evening.
  14. How did we get from lycra bandits to assisted dying on the Active Travel™️ thread?
  15. 0bserver

    Firm closing

    Not a business closing, but a rumour doing the rounds today is that M&S have had management over looking at plans to refurbish the store with a much bigger food hall. It would make sense - parts of the store are looking a bit shabby now.
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