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  1. He just wanted to be on that TV show 'Airline' and meet Leo.
  2. What would be needed to get CAT3?
  3. This wouldn't be an issue if we had the death penalty. I've never heard of an executed murderer seeking parole.
  4. Low value as in we don't get value for money. Like £25m+ for a promenade and they basically shat on a plate and told us to be grateful.
  5. More like we'll wait for it to become the normal at all airfields in the British Isles, then Tynwald will sign a cheque for over the odds when we're dragged kicking and screaming to introduce it.
  6. But they get quality services for the money they pay in taxes. I'm sure if they had the DOI/DfE/various other departments pissing it away on poor quality/low value schemes then they would have the same outlook on tax as we do. Conversely if we had a health system where you saw a specialist within 7 days of diagnosis and treatment in a matter of days rather than multiple months/years, then we would have their positive outlook on it.
  7. Doesn't matter. Chris Thomas seems to love Cobb.
  8. Honestly, I don't think you get anymore abuse now than you did when you presented Talking Heads.
  9. Brains in Treasury will be working out how to absorb that into the PSP Black hole
  10. So we appear to have Black driving buses and Longworth driving trams.
  11. The ILS is also supposed to be 5 years out of date already.
  12. Thanks, Mr.Cobb enjoy the rest of your trip
  13. I mean there's never been a shortage of the stuff on Athol Street.
  14. Might be a bit too graphic when you consider the decapitated/burned remains of some.
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