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  1. Who are they when they're at home?
  2. On paper that's a win. 1) for the environment, the so-called 'biosphere'. 2) for the Manx Taxpayer. 3) for Bus Vannin passengers who will have avoided their bus being cancelled.
  3. 0bserver

    Minimum Wage

    There's been talk of the triple lock keeping up with inflation. So that would be a bumper rise.
  4. Maybe if they stopped trying to put taxi and coach companies out of business? That would be a start.
  5. Ordered a microwave from them yesterday morning, expected delivery was 30th August, it's just been delivered!
  6. Thanks for your input, Ian. I guess it is 'no news' if you think a fund designed to help revive the economy post-covid should be used to bail out a government scheme that's gone overbudget.
  7. 0bserver

    Minimum Wage

    If pensioners are in line for an 11% increase then do they need other support? No other benefit is being increased by 11%.
  8. Interesting, am I reading this right that DOI tried to use 'Covid Capital Funding' of £2m for the horse trams?
  9. 0bserver

    Minimum Wage

    It was a while back now wasn't it? Wait until they check the workings for the reserves and see they have £10m not £1bn
  10. 5.72mph? "Speeds approaching 100mph".
  11. Sunak is talking about helping the UK population with £10bn... equivalent to about £151 per head of population. The latest effort from IOM Government is £2.8m... equivalent to about £32 per head of population. Government should have opened up support at £20m+ The squeezed middle of the GMP may pop this winter.
  12. That's just £1 per passenger if they carry the same as they did last time they ran.
  13. In all seriousness though why don't we enter Eurovision? Yes it's a joke but then so are half the things the Government funds. It would be less than £100k a year and would put the Isle of Man on the map. We could even get a movie made about it: Sing - The Little Tax Haven That Could. CineManx would make a fortune and Andrew Lloyd Webber would make a Broadway show out of it.
  14. It's being hosted in the UK. The Isle of Man is not part of the UK. Unless this is another example of "we are when it suits"?
  15. Tried to make a GP appointment this morning. The surgery have told me there's nothing available for the foreseeable future. I've previously had to wait about 5 weeks at times (and it's not an emergency so I don't mind), but being told point blank there's none available at all is a new low. They blamed an island wide GP shortage. Is anyone else finding this at their surgery?
  16. They'll be panic buying water in Tesco next.
  17. IOM Government Support... make of it what you will. *Additional £2.8 million targets those most at risk of cost of living pressures Further payments totalling £2.8 million are to be made this autumn to cushion those most vulnerable to the rising cost of living. Around 3,500 households will benefit from an Energy Support Payment in October, which comes in addition to the payment already made in April this year. Those who currently receive income support, income based jobseekers allowance or employed person’s allowance (EPA), who are responsible for housing costs will receive £300. The cost of this will be around £1 million. The 6,000 families who receive Child Benefit will be automatically issued with an additional Family Support Payment during November of up to £300 for those with one child and with increased payments for larger families. The cost of this will be around £1.8 million. The payments increase the Government’s cost of living support package to £9.1 million so far this year. The Chief Minister has announced that the Council of Ministers will hold an extraordinary meeting on Tuesday to determine what broader support can be offered to other groups of people and businesses affected by these unprecedented inflationary pressures. A meeting of all Tynwald Members will follow to consider options. Treasury Minister Alex Allinson MHK said: “The Government is very aware of the growing concern many people and businesses have about the pressures from the rising cost of living. It is important that we target support where it is needed the most. These additional payments will help to protect those most vulnerable to financial pressures from the real risk of slipping into food and fuel poverty. “Government recognises however that everyone if affected by the sharp increase in living costs, with a growing number of households and businesses feeling the pinch. It is likely that a broader package of support will be required and the Council of Ministers hope to be in the position to provide an update next week.”
  18. Feel bad for the people of Jersey of those two clowns are darkening their doorway.
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