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  1. Its not me who's the laughing stock but those who are so dumb to realise that something is wrong and they're so behind the times. Do you think for one second that Japan made that decision lightly? REALLY?
  2. Are you saying that your words of wisdom are far superior and knowledgeable than Japan?
  3. Thing is, one of the biggest technology countries in the world has now stopped 5G networks for the health of their citizens. the Isle of Man being puny and ill informed cannot ever compare to mighty Japan but we still get these flimsy excuses that ICNIRP says its ok. FFS, all they ever tested on was a gel dummy and only then regards a heat that even Diligaf could do. Fact is that they did NO other tests on DNA or anything biological and the people who made these regulations were people from the damned telecommunications industry. It doesn't take a genius to work out that something is amiss here and it was even commented on a US Democrats video who interrogated the telecommunications Directors and it was said that there was NO independent tests being done or going to be done and therefore 'we're flying blind'. If Japan can stop it and of all places so technologically minded, then surely they know what they're talking about. Time for a rethink. The idea was good insofar as advancing technology, but health comes first and this 5G technology should be laid to rest. By all means come up with something better, faster and suchlike, but do it safe
  4. Hey John, I see your scepticism quite clearly and amazed why some people want this technology in the first place? I don't see the need of it myself, but everyones different, even you. So what is the fascination of this technology, regardless of possible harm? Super quick movies you can download to your mobile in seconds? Big deal and with the Internet of Things around the corner, which at the end of the day (IMO) is all about covert recognisance etc, from things like live streaming, facial recognition, RFID and so on. For instance - did you know that some Government agencies can view what you see and one of these was funded by a pedophile Jeffrey Epstein (True) ps; I've mentioned a few times now about oxidative stress. This has not been denied in any test although those who were not independent of the telecommunications industry, only included a heat test and no DNA or other test done by them on humans, plant life or animals. You or anyone else surely cannot deny that further tests should be done because it may or may not be harmful to biological beings (devils advocate). What is a safe percentage when it comes to health? 1% expendable, 5%, 10% or higher and if there is no danger, then why won't any insurers stick a liability clause onto this technology? What a pear shaped world we live in.
  5. So Ewart is quick and easy to downplay experts information, then what about herself? What medical background does she possess when she speaks so highly of herself? She's so pig headed and cock sure of herself that she's obviously got goals elsewhere and she'll get them as well because it always seems that yes people gain admission to the crabinet office, even through the back entrance. The main thing is that if the public health cannot show an empathy and willingness to help all the people, then its time that person moved on because sensitivity to others and duty of care is part of the job and also a sworn oath from those who've taken any form of real medical training. So who has Linkedin information on Dr Eweart? Only fair to compare as she's raised the bar.
  6. Says Mr Scientific Brain of the world . Doh!
  7. Awful losses and probably coincidental. For all I know, they might have read Diligafs comments that threw them over the top! ive cut your bloat quote, all 200+ lines and pasted the link. JW http://www.end-times-prophecy.org/bee-die-off.html future bloat quotes will just be deleted.
  8. More birds - I know - just a coincidence
  9. Mysterious deaths of birds - https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/news/somerset-news/dead-pigeons-falling-sky-somerset-3407176?fbclid=IwAR0oEO6FCmHn_ktdKCiNKyY52VInJDv8Rprzb5AZ7pgBsv-uArpaoC6ARs0
  10. I am no-ones cause. I see what I see and say what I say and do so until freedom of speech is stopped. People interpret me as to how they want and if they reject what is said, then tough on them and as far as I'm concerned, then they get what they deserve due to their blatant ignorance. If any of their family suffer because of this due to their negligence, then thats their concern as they were informed, whether they like what I say or not. They are either responsible for their family or not - again, its their concern and wash my hands of them! People are waking up to the truth and only those with financial gain, fingers in the pies, other agendas are taking advantage and manipulating others. Its stated that the internet has subdued and covertly changing peoples behaviour and I certainly can't qualify that, but it wouldn't surprise me. At the end of the day, the Government here will toe the line of those who seek to control the land, water, property and people. I'm coming to the end of my life and it won't affect me, but in 10 or so years time, bigger changes are said to be coming and it will affect everyone. It doesn't matter if you're a MHK, Policeman or Childcare assistant as everyone will be in the same survival mode. 5G, Climate control, Smart meters, Smart Grid, Facial recognition, RFID, Behaviour control, AI, Clones and what next, slavery? Who knows, but they're all in the news if you look for it. Sad world coming unless people wake up and take control of their lives again.
  11. Well at least you seen the picture, but did you understand the content or was it against your train of thought and ignored it?
  12. And there's a lot of fruitcakes out there from the US and many other countries, councils and towns who have rejected 5G or placed them on hold until it has been proved safe. This was interesting but I cannot see the pro 5gers wasting their time watching this as their minds are 100% made up, regardless of the facts
  13. But you constantly deny 5G can do anything wrong and protect this area as if your life revolves around it? You must know by now that 5G is harmful, but you and a few others still can't admit that maybe you're wrong? You are wrong obviously and if I was the only person to write what you call crappy evidence, then fair enough, but I proved before to JW about the number of towns/cities who have law suits pending against the 5G players and even you must think that there must be something unusual to put a law suit forward? 5G is as crooked as you get and as they have zero liability insurance because the industry won't insure them, then you again should wonder why? Problems with mobiles - again you should wonder why? People with more cancer and behavioural problems - again wonder why? Its out there Neil and if you're not connected to these companies in one form or another, then its time to look after yourself and your family as big bucks companies have no thoughts as to your welfare. Straight up Neil - Take care but watch whats happening!
  14. Please note that Snopes used to be a great place for being true, but the man and woman partnership appears to have given false information on more than one occasion and especially leaning towards Government agencies. IMO, they have been bought which is a big shame as I used to like that place once over
  15. You may well be right but it also may be 5G and this should be added to your examples unless 5G is a touchy subject that people should avoid? Update: The switch on of 5G happened exactly then in Coventry and the birds fell out of the sky. This seems extremely probable that 5G caused this!
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