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  1. People die all the time. Its probably true that no one cares unless it affects them in some way. Basically, we hear of deaths every day of the week and IMO, people become less sensitive or hardened as they get older https://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/live-world-death-totals
  2. I've always supported Prison staff as like Police, Hospital and Fire crews but if there's one thing I can't stand, its a bent officer and as far as I'm concerned, lock them up as it will make a big statement regards trust and maybe Margo hardball was right all along?
  3. Not bothered - You've said your piece looking for a bite and I'm not biting Move on
  4. We all make mistakes and why he or others did what they did, then I'm not qualified to say but if the comments on here are a true reflection of society, then I'd say that he has a few points to make and as people know about his background, then I see some weak people on here. Our so called members of society have influenced his reactions and caused him to be angry and IMO, shown their insensitivity to a person rejoining what should have been to a good positive society? Hells bells guys, you've dropped to low standards and yes you can say that he shouldn't of responded the way he did, but neither should others who deliberately goaded him to do it and helped him to likely be banned. As for comments on here regards paedo's, then who knows if your favourite person who responds with a like or laughter at your comments might actually be one of those? I too wish him and others leaving prison a better non offending future and hope that they've turned a corner and become a normal member of society
  5. So they don't get knocked out probably?
  6. I worry about you sometimes Uhtred. lol How you came up with that I'll never know, but still smiling while shaking my head...Haha
  7. Typical standard format - Everyone targets him and he responds accordingly. No prizes for guessing who will win the war of words as one against many rarely wins, especially when the majority are hidden behind fictitious usernames and doubt if any who slated him off would openly tell him who they are in real life? This could have been a much more interesting topic as people could have found out the ins and outs about the prison and CV could have informed you of what its really like and not the headline stories.
  8. Best thing about that was when the junior said that he would have got a couple of month if he was in the UK for having an amount of green or something like that and here he got hit with a lengthy sentence. Like father like son and what a great roll model he is! The drugs dog looked keen though and was the star performer.
  9. 6. Good for the message board as a whole. I've mentioned before that I don't mind a person using a different username on the boards, providing they don't use two or more on the same topic and therefore prevents the probability of all being one sided. Regards 5G - You are wrong that there's no biological harm caused on people by EMF, but I can't be bothered wasting my time as if talking to a blank wall although a little surprised that you don't accept past evidence and not willing or wanting to accept it for whatever reason. Not bothered about the insightful reply in return as its not important to me although you might want to get as many trophies or likes to make the comments look better. Bottom line is, is that the Government have made its own mind up whether we get fried or not and no longer listens to the public but to its corporate friends.
  10. Are you talking for Gizmo?
  11. If you prefer the opposite of what I said, then it would read like this - You are happy with the TT I actually supported your personal statement that you didn't approve of what the island does for you. I also think you'll find that I didn't have to mention anything about your family, friends, neighbours or animals to make a viewpoint.
  12. Its amazing that a bunch of politicians go against the public who voted to come out of EU. I can see the same thing happening again as politicians will still take a no deal. Bottom line is that they should come out of Brexit and Boris should say to the LIberals, Labour, Conservatives for them to come up with the best deal on leaving brexit. If no deal could be done, then leave without any deal and pick up the pieces later. I'm sure Trump and Boris will get on great and lots of deals done between their car manufacturers and so on. They should use an incentive scheme of saying that for every day there's no deal, then politicians lose £10 a day each ... lol By crikey, that would get them moving
  13. I'm not going to knock you for giving your viewpoint. I'm sorry the island does not agree with your way of life.
  14. I'm sorry Gizo - they participate in an event like any other race. Mountain climbing, fishing, yachting, bike riding, fell running, marathons and like hundreds of different types of races, they all have or have the potential for casualties and if they push themselves too hard as in sport, then there's always a chance of something happening, but as to going out to die? I don't think any competitor in any sport goes out to die and the organisers do what they can to prevent incidents as far as they can.
  15. My fer (husband) does the mountain and it does get cold up there. The Marshals pack includes advice about wrapping up well and having hot drinks, food and warm clothing and sometimes it includes hat, light, neck warmer or insulated mug or bag etc. He wears long Johns, carries gloves, wooly hat and additional layers of clothing for such cold evenings. He doesn't complain and has been doing if for many years and dealt with incidents as they happen. I'm personally pretty proud of his contribution to maintaining traditions on the island and have little time for come over crabs and old Manx farts complaining how it ruins their lives because they live on the inside of the course. I can understand the impact on some businesses, but the island needs to keep its uniqueness and maintain its distance (within reason) from the UK.
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