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  1. It would look bad with 100% fail rate
  2. Misleading comment by all accounts - so watch it guys. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/amazon-nhs-data-access-uk-government-contract-a9237901.html?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR37KG_AdOpWMjy2A9e_By6No1V_apFtpUO1QPYDAijwn33uTdq7vmMEX2M#Echobox=1575821619
  3. Oh I agree with you Uhtred and its very much a puppet show although who's pulling the strings? They say that you always follow the money and Government are just as gullible as everyone else and what seems like a good idea at the time can quickly turn sour with no turning back. Whenever someone gives you something that is too good to be true, then it usually is. For instance... we have a great laugh a minute with Display Name ...
  4. In response to your post - It seems to be a trend Neil and goodness knows why people are so upset about the many ill affects that are said to come from 5G. The difference with this is that the military are aware and use it for their own modern day weaponry and there's been a steady advancement of ailments over the years that correspond with the invention of mobile phones and other electrical devices. You could if you wish to do so, ignore what is said and if a 5G lamp post, antenna or smart meter is fitted to your house or in close proximity to you (distance will be within 300 metres apart), then it won't matter to you as you accept that you will be ok and that the Government are trustworthy, competent, reliable and would tell you immediately if something was wrong Personally, I don't trust them and wouldn't put it past 'some' to hide or conceal the truth with clever answers so that certain companies can expand and make a profit although from my viewpoint - at the expense of peoples health and freedom to choose. The only safety test that was done or admitted to have been done on this type of non-ionizing radiation was done on a dummy and could think of some here that have a similar IQ, but a basic heat test was done and their experts believed that there was no further issues at that time. You would think that other testing would be done, but alas, big million dollar tests were cancelled which was probably fortunate or good timing. February will be a big step in the 5G satellite world as Musk send hundreds out to cover our skies. Billions of money poured into this venture and for what? Better weather predictions or better internet connections and who will pay these costs? Seems a rather large expenditure on the basics we already have although maybe there's other schemes ahead? Now I've added loads of none useful information for people to pick from and fill your boots, but don't expect me to bite which seems the main aim of some people on here. Have a happy day
  5. You can add something useful if you wish to the topic and boost the topic up that way or you can carry on adding nothing of value to the topic, add a nothing remark and also boost the topic up? If you disagree with any of the subject, then say so, but either way, have a happy thought
  6. When you look at it that way, then it would be hard to find a common denominator for each postcode on such a large area which is a pity. Off hand, are you aware of any charts like that of the island? Thanks for your comment as I found it very interesting
  7. Regards Health - I saw this today and wondered if we have something similar on the island? The following is a picture of NI's Cancer by Postcode list and shows different areas affected. Why only a few in a particular street or area got cancer while hundreds of others in other areas did over a period of 9 years, then thats best left to independent experts, but it would be interesting to see a similar chart for over here as this might make a difference to where people choose to live. Do we have a chart already?
  8. You're right as well regards the high levels of surveillance thats around today, whether it be China, US or UK. Increasing surveillance and control techniques are becoming more important for those in power and when you have mobiles, fitbits, smart meters, 5G lamp posts, electric cars, Alexa, TV's and goodness knows what covert devices are among the Internet of Things (IoT) feeding back peoples personal data to third parties for unknown collating, then IMO, its a cause for some concern. Elon Musk and other people/countries etc are sending out hundreds of satellites into orbit/space that cost billions and billions of pounds and for what - to have better predictive weather forecasting, better TV signals, better covert military schemes like reconnaissance etc, but again - at what cost to freedom, choice and to our health?
  9. Who believes what is said these days? There are so many lies or misleading comments that statistics will show any result a person wishes to find. Whatever happened to people speaking the truth without being moved aside for not following the top dogs path? I do not believe Governments anymore as I think they will use their influence, power and position to benefit themselves and selected friends in furthering their wants. They follow the money and I could reel off many sites of scientific study to question the legality and safety of 5G blinkered brown envelopers, but whats the point? They've sold their soul and the island out and will assist this money trail for as long as it lasts. I do not like corruption and it seems the cabaret office is doing well for light entertainment these days.
  10. I think you're right about Huawei and the security implications. Thanks for the reply
  11. I see that China has now weaponized the Smartphone according to Forbes which is usually a correct source of information (Link Here) The mobile app Zapya has been targeted by authorities and it states that 'investigation could lead to internment and goes on to say that 'The China Cables' details the no holds barred surveillance laboratory where patterns of life can be monitored. This IMO, is the problem with futuristic technology. It starts of looking great and I actually welcome the forward looking technology side of things, but there's always some area where control, surveillance and military/Government intervention moves in and overshadows the basic enjoyment of what most people would like to see. Have a read of the article and choose for yourself if you believe Forbes or not
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