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  1. Coincidence? Its also said (hearsay) that fiveG copies the symptoms and without phlegm being an issue and if so, then needs investigating further. Why also is 60 GHz going to be unlicensed when its known that it impacts oxygen? Obviously those with financial or buddy buddy interests in this technology will try to pour scorn on this, but again, something is not right.
  2. I see no reason to answer any questions by you as you never did respond to others I sent you in the past. If you believe what the industry fed so called experts say, then I'm not surprised that you've been led up the garden path as nothing published these days from the media can be accepted as unbiased. Money talks and those who speak out are replaced. Anyway, 5G has been said that it will make lots of billionaires and looking at the photo previously with Camerons advisors, then people should ask if their advice about 5G was misleading, particularly as they gained nice jobs in that
  3. In your personal opinion. Have a nice day John
  4. Any ideas why the island accepted Huawei? Maybe its got something to do with David Cameron who's got a new job with an AI company? Here's some of his mates
  5. Its from Forbes and once over, the married couple used to provide sound advice and go into great depths of detail pulling sources provided by Bercovici (Berco), Hill and Greenberg (Ice). Unfortunately, something happened and they stopped their correspondence which was unusual. Unfortunately, some weak individuals now believe that the industry provided information to Forbes is correct without checking to see what safety measures and tests were provided and the same information from Forbes is found on industry related sites. I suppose with the internet being filled with covert media materia
  6. Your opinion Have a nice day
  7. I used to like technology as I thought it was all safe and that we were protected in our tinfoil hat environment by our Government and who would strive to find 'warts and all' in any new developments of technology. But alas, they follow unsafe guidelines from an industry regulated machine where no industry tests are being conducted and unlikely to be either. The gel dummy heat test was apparently sufficient in the years prior to the technology progress of 4G or 5G and little thought to peoples health and safety was provided. Somehow sounds familiar to the island. We supposedly are a forwa
  8. Do you mean the Paidalotosoreasses?
  9. Its not the wild life park along the prom? Here's me thinking that the fencing was part of their latest strategy based on Jurrasic Park with electric cars/trams taking passengers through the mounds of seaweed, although I'm led to understand that the dinosaurs never died out at all and were renamed to that of Tyranntasoreasses MHK's! ....
  10. For me, all I see is how much money has been hoodwinked by the ferry and airport. If the prices were reduced, accommodation cheaper and more boats and planes available, then they'd get even more visitors. How on earth driverless cars are going to cope during TT and FoM and goodness knows where people are going to recharge their vehicles if electric? Sarcasm finished but enjoyed my twopenny worth
  11. Thats the role I see the DOI doing but on a much smaller scale as what they have now. If there's a gap in the market, then as long as you can do the work in a guaranteed time period on the budget that has been agreed on... then happy days and don't see the need for the bloat and can't see the need for anyone there to be on a wage over £60k a year so long as they sub contract out the big stuff.
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