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  1. Looks like the Police are introducing facial recognition surveillance in London. Facial Recognition Link So whats next and how far will society allow it to go? - Discuss
  2. I see it/him trying to avoid a more serious charge. Check his computer and phone to see if there's more evidence of perving.
  3. Great opportunity for MHK's to go door to door and meet the public in the real world!
  4. For those who are interested - Global 5G Protest Day 25th January 2020 Saturday 13:30 hours outside old Shoprite behind Strand Shopping Centre For those who are not going - then have a great day of same old, same old
  5. 138 total as stated in 2011 https://www.gov.im/media/55040/prisonreport2011.pdf If its wrong, its wrong Roger and as long as there's enough spaces for serious wrongdoers, then thats all that initially matters.
  6. Wiki states 144 capacity Roger providing Wiki is correct? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isle_of_Man_Prison
  7. What we need is a 49 mph limit - Sorted! - no more incidents at 50mph or looking at it from a statistical point of view - if you raise the speed limit on Manx roads to 1000mph, then you have zero incidents over 1000mph and therefore have a 100% safety record. (load of cobblers I know, but this is what the crabinet office seem to do all the time)
  8. I'm sure they'll get to the 'bottom' of it
  9. I think I saw the Post Office Managers discussing what to do next?
  10. The surveys are not worth the effort that is done to produce them. When you have people who are blind, unable to write coherently, don't have a computer, have given up bothering about Government, don't have the time to do them, are unable to understand them, and taking all that in, if 100% do not participate, then the Government will syphon off what values they want to represent and therefore will NEVER BE a true representation of the total public. I have a very low opinion of the Government, mainly because they do not wish to discuss OPENLY about 5G as also Smart meters and what safety standards are in place or have been done or in this case, NOT BEEN DONE, but thats for another page. Statistics can be bent to whatever angle a person wants and the Government use this to their advantage. Unfortunately for them, people are not as dumb as the Government Yes Men think they are and its only a matter of time before protests begin as like that on the 25th of this month. They cannot hide the truth forever and in what you say DA, support must be given or otherwise people will become very p***ed off with the way the Government do things. Concealment, covert discussions and reliance on shareholder industry friends are some of the words being banded about regards Government and agree with you that this is a disgrace. Cabinet Office? More like Handshake Office!
  11. Expect a Consultative committee to be formed with lunch and refreshments provided and a working holiday in New Zealand to follow
  12. If she hadn't admitted it was her boyfriend, then would this have changed the circumstances of the case JW? (only asking)
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