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  1. Good point I think my dislike about NASA is because of the alleged early moon landings and as they were responsible for selling the story to us all, then its with them and their falsehoods that I take what they say with a pinch of salt. Maybe one day the truth will come out, but I doubt it because of the largeness of the lie Ah well... back to ironing and making my clothing flat
  2. https://www.facebook.com/notes/smart-meters-health-problems-uk/2019-letter-for-mps-city-councils-etc/2287957614773736/?hc_location=ufi 5G proof of being detrimental to health! Message to IOM Government, MUA, Sure etc.... These devices are now known to be harmful to people and politely ask that any decisions regards 5G are deferred to a later date. No need to rush this one as there's far too many objections and problems associated with this product from around the world. Personally, although you'll make up your own mind without my advice, but I'd suggest you sit on it for the moment and see how things pan out or risk countless allegations and lawsuits which would likely impact on the island. So again I'd say - lets not rush this guys. There's too much negative information out there for this system to be steam rolled into place and I personally wouldn't want us to have egg on our faces or put money into something which might prove to have been a bad financial decision.
  3. Looks like a head? Oooerr.. haha Can you see what I mean? Neck, big chin, mouth, nose, ears! Surely this isn't the IOM? Pun warning - I suppose we're 'ahead' of the rest of the world!... Sorry.. lol best I could do
  4. Wasn't that in Jackanory? Lets look through the round window? LOL (blimey - brings back memories)
  5. I gather you must be speed reading CH and missed what I wrote in an earlier comment? No problems though and appreciate your post
  6. Actually, I don't mind Dilligaf's comments and I would like to think that I care about whats wrote. We might not agree on everything which is the same as everyone else as we're all different, but the comments as like many others on here can be quite witty, funny and made me laugh many times. Having a bit of fun on the forum and getting you're leg pulled without making things personal makes the forum IMO, a better place
  7. No idea who PGT is and why are you being so aggressive? It's only a forum unless you have a connection with the NASA liars? It looks like you missed a comment I made further back with Dilligaf?
  8. You'll have to explain as to what you see the photo as because I am unable to second guess what you mean? Again - No need to be grumpy as my previous answer was only a question and can only go off the information you are prepared to give. No issues, nothing personal - only asking?
  9. Bedford canal revisited. I have to say - I'm a little disappointed with the results and waiting till Winter for the optimum time will seem like ages. At least I'm not eating humble pie at the moment, but would have been prepared to if my belief of the bendy water theory was incorrect And so the saga continues.... Ah well, that means there's a few drinks of hot chocolate in-between time.
  10. My best guess Dilligaf is that they are in a low orbit and the window makes the world seem unusually excessively round. If a bigger view could be seen, then it would reveal a better picture. Obviously from my point of view.... with domed edges, aliens and UFO's lol
  11. Hey - Calm down fella! For instance, are you saying that NASA tell the truth? Are you saying that the picture is true? What?? If I've ruffled your feathers because of NASA's picture, then you only have to explain why and not get so upset over a few words?
  12. BRISTOL UNIVERSITY DODGE SAFETY QUESTIONS AND MISLEAD ABOUT 5G - HAS TESTING INCREASED SUICIDES? [LINK] A 'weapons grade' phone technology has sparked health concerns and been linked with a spate of suicides (12) at Bristol University during the 5G testing period Bearing in mind that the Isle of Man is wanting to attract people here, then one should question the use of technology where the equipment has not been tested by the manufacturers on a biological level. Research by independent scientists in this field indicate that 5G is dangerous and any MHK wanting to stick his neck out and say its ok, then they should be the proof of the pudding and trial it themselves. Take blood tests before and after and ram up the frequency as high as it is permitted and do this for a week so that it follows exactly what the MUA guidelines will do. If the MHK is affected, then either they stop the roll out or trial another MHK to see if it was a coincidence. I'm sure our MHK's would be willing to act as guinea pigs or perhaps they will look at researching the evidence more closely? (Yes daft idea - but why should the island inhabitants be the guinea pigs?) IMO, the 5G technology and smart meters are dangerous if not hard wired. We have an opportunity here of standing back and watching the rest of the world trial out these microwave frequencies and seeing what occurs. The plus side is that people will see the island as a safe haven because we have not fallen into a global trial out of this unsafe technology. This might not be what the money men are after, but at least we will be looking after our residents and not playing someone else's political time bo mb
  13. LEAKED MEMO FROM TELECOM TALKS ABOUT WAR-GAMING THE RESEARCH RESULTS - THEY HIDE THE DAMAGE!! Have you noticed the word 'inconclusive' being used a lot when they discuss health effects? Would it surprise you to know that a leaked memo from Telecom execs in 1994 shows the mobile phone industry talking about having "sufficiently war-gamed" the research and the precise words and strategy they used 35 years ago ARE BEING USED TODAY in every statement they make concerning wifi and 5G! They keep saying 'oh the results are inconclusive', and make vague references to the 'weight' of the industry vs independent studies and this same war-game is playing out today in: Statements from the National Cancer Institute Statements from a 5G city to it's citizens such as Sacramento California recently Statements from telecom provider Imagine to us Ireland '..while health will always be controversial' And in particular statements from institutes reporting to our government such as the WHO, SCENIHR that our government leans on to make decisions about our health! [photos below] BUT THERE'S NOTHING INCONCLUSIVE IN 158 PUBLISHED REVIEWS OF THE SCIENCE Here Prof Martin Pall shows 8 health effects of wifi with overwhelming evidence in 158 published scientific reviews from top universities, these include: Fertility problems DNA damage Intracellular calcium overflow [accounts for body breakdown in numerous ways] Neurological & Neuropsychiatric effects [huge symptom list there] Cancer [9 types linked to emf] Oxidative sress & free radical damage [mitochondria] Hormone effects Programmed cell death He shows another 4 effects that have substantial evidence just not as 'overwhelming' as the others, but stuff we see in real life all the time: cardiac effects, early onset Alzheimer's, ADHD, Autism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsaB7ewFsN0&t=17s CHECK OUT PROF MARTIN PALL'S LETTER TO THE EU IN 2018 SHOWING THEM CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE & EXPOSING INDUSTRY This letter was sent to the EU and main bodies like SCENIHR and ICNIRP in March 2018 ie this science exposes which side people are on now as he showed the 'inconclusive' argument doesn't wash anymore, that the 'we don't know how it works' line is old now too as we do know about the voltage sensor and other things, and he showed 7 flaws with the SCENIHR report so all governments need to engage real science here at this point and stop hiding behind industry, something former ICNIRP chairman Paolo Vecchia said 15 years ago, instead step out like Brussels, Florence, Geneva https://einarflydal.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/pall-to-eu-on-5g-harm-march-2018.pdf?fbclid=IwAR0VWy19X9yOI5J4R6_HnTPv4xkN5TOX_YIJbbp4k6izNdPxuwXSIDhH9lI Other scientists also have conclusive evidence eg Joel Moskowitz, Leonardt Hardell, Henry Lai, Martin Blank...very long list, as well as declassified military research as well as many top engineers damaged by EMF overexposure. This is a war game and the bullies resort to simply standing ground and shouting when the game is up - but the game IS up, those who war game at our expense must be removed, now. SEE THE PHOTOS BELOW OF EVERYONE READING FROM THE WAR GAME SCRIPT *PEOPLE HAVE DIED, PEOPLE WILL DIE, OTHERS ARE VERY ILL, STOP 5G AND ROLL BACK ROGUE WIRELESS FIBRE OPTIC IS SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY & THE FUTURE To Tom Wheeler who subverted the research over 30 years ago, who consistently blocked all scientist requests to update the regulations for safety and who launched 5G saying 'stay out of the way, this is worth 10s of billions of dollars, that is damn important', we say, hell no - stay out of our way industry, this is worth our lives, and that is damn important And to our elected representatives likewise, but unlike the scientists in the top universities in the world who've been asking you for decades: - we are not asking you, we remind you of your place -you are here to lead the people not follow industry - and to respect the people not steamroll over them - and sweep a percentage of the population under the carpet with each industry rollout is no longer an option, there's a bump already under the carpet, and there's another one coming with smartmeters as with every other country in the world where they've been rolled out - that's not acceptable, we do not consent.
  14. Canada group sues government over Google's Sidewalk Labs http://snip.ly/rzuyty?fbclid=IwAR1ebqfRof94eajdhpa9_9jxqPjSoVEuVxG15yKu0NPZDKiYhvjJ3xnPQHg#https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-47956760
  15. Gosh - Must be true - The earth looks so round and how amazingly large is the UK?. Credit goes to NASA. Oh! its a NASA picture... forget what I said. They might lie?
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