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  1. http://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/no-plans-to-free-the-weed-says-chief/ This bloke really is fucking clueless, don't listen to a word he says.
  2. Went to court twice because I got it adjourned the first time and first offence for 20 odd years. And i only knew the front bulb was blown. All bulbs fixed the next day.
  3. Got stopped for front light out, discovered rear, number plate, and front sidelight out. I.e. 4 minor defects. Plead guilty cause couldnt be arsed with more hassle. Already been to court twice and spoke to 6 advocates. No VDRS scheme given and vehicle never checked. Also according to vosa categorization of defects who the DOI use at the test centre this is not safety critical therefore warrants a vehicle inspection notice and thats all. No points.
  4. Funny then how I got 3 points and a £400 fine for dodgy lights last week. And my vehicle has never been checked since I was stopped in February.
  5. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=33025&headline=Man%20who%20supplied%20drugs%20to%20vulnerable%20girl%20is%20jailed&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2017 Although this young lad might be a scumbag I find 4 years in prison completely disproportionate.
  6. I agree with the op. Mine went in the bin as does all government paperwork. And I don't like anyone threatening me regardless of who they are.
  7. Notwell you really are a clueless fuckwit.
  8. Paulos

    TT ITV 4

    Disturbing isnt it.
  9. Paulos

    TT ITV 4

    Yeah ok dilligaf. whatever you say.
  10. Paulos

    TT ITV 4

    As some one stated the other day you are a copper or ex copper so wouldnt take your skewed view on the law anyway.
  11. Paulos

    TT ITV 4

    I think your'e wrong. When a warrant is not necessary It is not necessary for the police to be in possession of a warrant in order to enter and search premises in the following circumstances: To arrest a person for whom a warrant of arrest has been issued during criminal proceedings; To arrest a person for an indictable offence, meaning any offences that can be tried by a jury in the Crown Court; these tend to be the more serious offences; To arrest a person for an offence under the Public Order Act 1936 section 1 which states that it is prohibited to wear a uniform in a public place or at a public meeting signifying an association with a political organisation, without permission to do so; To arrest a person for an offence under the Public Order Act 1986 section 4 which prohibits anyone placing another in fear of violence; To arrest a person for using or threatening violence for the purposes of entering premises (Criminal Law Act 1977 section 6); To arrest a person who is a trespasser on the premises and who has failed to leave those premises after being asked to do so (Criminal Law Act 1977 section 7; To arrest a trespasser who has with him any weapon (Criminal Law Act 1977 section 8) To arrest a person who interferes with an Officer of the Court when they are trying to enforce a judgment (Criminal Law Act 1977 section 10) To arrest a person for driving or being in charge of a vehicle when under the influence of drink or drugs; To arrest someone for failing to stop a vehicle when required; To arrest a person for acts of animal cruelty under the Animal Welfare Act 2006; To arrest a child or young person who has been remanded or committed to local authority accommodation; Recapturing a person, including a young offender, who has escaped from custody; Recapturing a person unlawfully running who is being pursued; In an attempt to save a life or prevent injury to someone or serious damage to property. Other than to save a life, or prevent injury or serious damage to property, the police can only exercise the above powers if they have reasonable grounds to believe that the person they are searching for is on the premises. In connection to searching for items, the police can enter premises in search of items only if the suspect has been arrested for an indictable offence and there are items relating to the offence that will be useful as evidence. In this case an officer of the rank of inspector or above must give their authorisation in writing.
  12. Paulos

    TT ITV 4

    Police can only enter premises without a warrant if a serious or dangerous incident has taken place. Situations in which the police can enter premises without a warrant include when they want to: deal with a breach of the peace or prevent it enforce an arrest warrant arrest a person in connection with certain offences recapture someone who has escaped from custody save life or prevent serious damage to property.
  13. Paulos

    TT ITV 4

    Its not a serious or dangerous incident so no they don't.
  14. Paulos

    TT ITV 4

    Not a grey area at all. Why do we have judges who issue search warrants. The police have no right to kick your door in because they "think they smell cannabis" in a communal block of flats.
  15. Paulos

    TT ITV 4

    You don't have to open the door to anyone.
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