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  1. Sounds like they got it just right then. I wouldn't expect the full range of beers available 2 days and 5 hours after the festival opened and 4 hours before it ended.
  2. He's retired, hence the changes.
  3. They're doing a day a week at Henry's in the Park for a few months according to Henry's Facebook page.
  4. So much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the prospect of a 500ml bottle of 4% abv beer having a minimum price £1 or a 4% abv "pint" in a pub being a minimum £1.20. Someone enlighten me of where I can find these prices now.
  5. That'll be the local bit you were having trouble understanding.
  6. No idea, but I'd hazard a guess that a few convenience stores offering up some needed competition is a different ball game to a high street raping muilti-national
  7. I guess if you don't fight the 2nd what do you do about the 3rd or the 4th?
  8. This may help your confusion MDO: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/local
  9. What Tesco does in India, Shoprite does on Victoria Road, Douglas. http://www.tescohsc....wedo/index.html
  10. You really don't have a clue. What is your role at Tesco?
  11. Galaxy Counters? http://forums.doyour...them-back/page2
  12. bopalula

    Tesco Meat

    I suspect it's a tactic Tesco use when re-negotiating supply contracts. I'm sure they'd much rather ship meat from their warehouses across.
  13. On Thursday 26th April Isle of Man CAMRA will be presenting the Sidings in Castletown with the branch's Pub of the Year award. Meeting at 7.30, presentation 8ish.
  14. Aye, you can join CAMRA on the door to get in on the Thursday.
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