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  1. Read the last couple of pages back you absolute dick munch 😂
  2. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-sport/tt-2022-sam-west-hoping-to-get-back-on-a-bike-for-the-senior/ That’s one big off, and an accident that caused a red flag like I said all along. I have no idea why the teapot is boiling over
  3. That’s one. You said there were two. I always said there was one. I also spoke to Dave just a day before that incident and his family again last week.
  4. I think you need a rest. You posted some rubbish nine hours ago and I queried it and showed you were wrong. Now you are having a meltdown. Sweet dreams
  5. Says the man who thinks a red flag is dependant on the size of the “off” Rather than just calling someone names, how about you explain why you are right and I am wrong? The general gist is you said there were two “big offs” because of red flags. I said that one of them was a minor off that caused a red flag because there was a fire and that much bigger offs often don’t result in a red flag. Why am I wrong, and why are you right?
  6. These two posts when read together make no sense. I made a mistake by thinking an article I read was accurate. It was pointed out and verified that it wasnt, and I accepted it. You might need to recognise that your first post is wrong and mend your ways?
  7. After the first full stop, not a single bit of that post is accurate 😂 Apart from the PS
  8. Cool. I asked a question based on what I thought was a reasonable source info that quoted the RAC, provoked a short discussion and have got an answer. Cheers I am unsure where the hostility came from from some posters?
  9. If you can show me that this link is wrong then that’s all good, and the reason for asking the question (and not ranting) Thanks https://9to5mac.com/2022/07/05/apple-pay-illegal-drive-thrus/
  10. Yes it is. As per the latest Highway Code update. Unless of course you apply the handbrake and turn the engine off, but people don’t do that which is why I am asking (not ranting)
  11. When will it become illegal to pay at McDonald’s, KFC or the upcoming Starbucks drive thru on the island using your phone like it now is in the UK?
  12. I don’t hate Tynwald. If my leg wasn’t bust I would have gone. That doesn’t mean I can’t question the reasons why people we pay to represent us can’t be arsed to get properly dressed or stand up for what they believe in.
  13. No. That would be completely different as it wouldn’t be a paid position that he had voluntarily put himself forward for.
  14. How? What was the outcome? Were any of you prepared to sacrifice your salary in order to make a point that you obviously firmly believe in?
  15. I didn’t see any poster and I actively avoid 3 fm because of their click bait social media bollocks. My Mrs heard about it from someone at her work and so booked tickets .
  16. Did you or any of the others challenge it?
  17. Dude. A suit made in the 70s will make you look like a dick. No matter how well it fits
  18. Has anyone said they shouldn’t? What’s your point?
  19. Advertised? It’s the same day and in the same place every year?
  20. Explain how that shows I am wrong? It confirms teapot is wrong in his assumption that a red flag means a big off. Maxpower is basically confirming what I said and showing that teapot was wrong.
  21. I have never seen Concert Brass March, but I do know that pre covid they were regular competitors at the Whit Friday contest around Yorkshire and there is no way Mr Clague and a senior player who is ex military would let them go out in public if they weren’t doing it right (then left, then right)
  22. This won’t be popular but…..is this a good advert for the island and it’s youth? Sloppy dressing and a total inability to even attempt to March? Less said about the music the better. Was there any rehearsal at all or any pride taken in putting this together? Yes I have marched at Tynwald. Yes I have marched before the Queen in London. Yes my kids can March and wear the correct socks etc. https://fb.watch/e42CQtTbin/
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