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  1. So, reading between the lines, favoured posters get spicy dinners, chocolates and underpant cleaning services? Humph. Another form of controlling behaviour.
  2. While I don't agree with watson's stance in the first place, I think it's right that he responds if lies have been told about him.
  3. I've lived in shitholes. This island doesn't get close, thankfully.
  4. nice for those who can work from home. For the rest of us, including care workers going from home to home, who are already low paid and poorly compensated for vehicle use, not so much.
  5. At this stage, is there any need to treat covid any differently from any other respiratory illness? Flu, covid, whatever, just consider others. Very sceptical about masks. Are they really just performative?
  6. So, basically him and hopkins are two sides of the same coin?
  7. It's not just a loophole, though. It's asking Doctors, some who don't agree with the legislation, to be economical with the truth. And it's asking insurance companies to act in a noble manner. It won't end well, no pun intended.
  8. Presumably the buckets would have been for people to put money in as they entered the venue?
  9. 'Down with that sort of thing!'
  10. Hoops


    What the fuck have I done to deserve that?
  11. If that's his defence.....
  12. Looks like Hobbiton scored well.
  13. Britannia Manchester was another one I fell for, recommended by a travel agent over here. Had a look at the reviews of the Palace, some bad ones re dirty/old carpets etc, although tbf most reviews are ok. But.....the existence of the Britannia chain etc doesn't make it acceptable for other hotels to be shoddy as well. There should be minimum acceptable standards and they should be enforceable.
  14. Should have also said, feel sorry for the fella and hope he gets something sorted. We rarely get away, booking a hotel and finding it to be unclean is such a disappointing experience, and shouldn't happen.
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