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  1. Yeah,and the effect on the 3 women who were accused of this and publicly vilified, while he seemingly sat there thinking "Got lucky there..." FFS
  2. Ha ha, Millwall v QPR last night, Rangers tend to drink round Borough Market and then head down for the match, and Millwall dicks tend to look for them round there. I envision a lot of 'wall youths getting smacked round the heads with brolly's and handbags by upset and irate middle-class mourners! Edit - the minute's silence before the game was impeccably observed though.
  3. Hoops


    It would have been quite fitting if everyone had said they would turn up, not turned up, and then released a statement confirming that they did,in fact, turn up.
  4. Hoops

    Lord of Mann

    Billy the Kid?Goat boy? Are you wethered? (I learnt something today!)
  5. My go to, is that if Boot wants it, it's probably wrong.
  6. Hoops

    Lord of Mann

    I suppose, with a couple of the protesters being arrested, removed, and then de-arrested, the police could say they are doing it to prevent trouble and to protect the safety of the actual protester. Anyway, I've got radio 4 on, they're at the emmy's. Puts the ridiculousness and immaturity of the whole royal family shebang in context, with a generous topping of conceit on top. It seems to be human nature, certainly within the direction we are currently travelling, that when we do away with religion, royalty etc, we replace them with something more vacuous - money, celebrity culture. I fear we may well be heading towards a time where demagogues will become more prevalent. I'd keep the head of state symbolic
  7. Hoops

    Lord of Mann

    The police seem to follow the prevailing narrative at the moment, regarding arresting people for, essentially,what they think. With regards to the head of state, I think I would prefer a symbolic one, like the queen, rather then a political one, who will want to wield power. The liberty index shows that the majority of the top 15 'free' countries are monarchies. We are not in the place where we abolish the royal family and get Billy Bragg as head of state, it'll be a power grab. However, the monarchy needs to be radically trimmed and to start to be seen to be doing the right thing, like paying inheritance tax, for example. And a public defenestration of Andrew would be great.
  8. Hoops

    Lord of Mann

    you might want to look up subjective. That joke did not show prejudice, discrimination or antagonism to meghan due to the colour of her skin. She is undeniably black, recognising that is not racist in itself, surely? I think people can be too knee jerk to these things
  9. Hoops

    Lord of Mann

    humour is subjective.
  10. Hoops

    Lord of Mann

    Yeah, killjoys making it harder to get a flag to paint my teams name on these days 😉
  11. Hoops

    Isle of Pride

    never mind the poor minimum wage worker who has to clean up after these idiots.
  12. Hoops

    Lord of Mann

    nonce or quayle? I'll have to ponder that one some more................. Actually, if andrew was next in line, it'd have been time for a defenestration. I like a good defensetration,me.
  13. Hoops

    Lord of Mann

    Poe's law? as in Edgar Allan? "Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see" I won't have internet adages in my vocabulary.
  14. Hoops

    Lord of Mann

    Here here, I'm all for being prepared and helping yourself, I plan to. Where's your shed again?
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