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  1. I suspect Milky chooses to be on a zero hours contract so he can also meet his TT commitments. Makes sense to me- it’s one of the good things about zero hours contracts. There aren’t many, but in this case it suits the person with the contract as opposed to the employer.
  2. Nope. But I do enjoy winding people up on this forum. Shooting fish in a barrel.
  3. Probably because wingsuit flying hasn’t been around as long - I suspect the number of deaths per year climbing is in the same order of magnitude as the TT - hence the argument, ban the TT -but ban rock climbing as well if you are really interested in saving lives.
  4. I apologise for that. There is a process where the DSMs and CSMs communicate with their marshals and the committee to provide support. We were looking to improve DSM and CSM training before I left the TTMA (and the Island (for work)). I apologise if you needed support and didn’t receive it. Hopefully there are better processes and procedures in place now. If you still feel you need support, it is available and please reach out to the TTMA or DM me.
  5. It’s not new. It’s been IOMTTMA Ltd for many years. The articles were updated recently but it’s always been a limited company. I was a director of such. Nothing of substance or operationally has changed. I don’t believe they are in any way political. They facilitate and provide marshals and training and are true enthusiasts of the TT. I know people on this forum think everything is a conspiracy. My experience is they are good people giving up their free time (unpaid) to enable the TT to happen.
  6. The TTMA are not political or anything of the sort. They provide training and marshals admin and sign of/tracking/allocation to enable the races to happen, as well as support to marshals post ‘incident’. Please don’t try and bring them to to some sort of conspiracy for hiding data or stats.
  7. You could argue that it’s absolute transparency - something members of this forum scream for from other government departments? And more arrests - yes. Again, my personal experience once you’ve been doing this a while, you can spot an aggressive drunk and take them off the streets to cool off and as a result, no assault. No vandalism. Or - let them assault and vandalise. You don’t just arrest someone for being pissed. You arrest them to prevent crime (again from personal experience). I’d rather arrest someone and they get a caution after sleeping it off, as opposed to not arrest them and call an ambulance for the poor person they assaulted 20 minutes later and have them charged with assault/GBH.
  8. Having policed during TTs as a special, all I can say in my experience, is the visitors are generally happy drunks. Respectful and no trouble. The local arrests are no different to black eye Friday or any other sunny bank holiday weekend after payday. Yes there are more cops so probably more chance of getting arrested - but I don’t believe coppers will deliberately target local people to arrest to bump up the stats. Just my option based on my experience.
  9. Sounds like you should become a cyclist and enjoy their lifestyle and crime avoiding status.
  10. Yeah I hate it when people break the law and get caught.
  11. I don’t know which post to reply to. I’ll just reply once. He’s commentating on the S100 circuit not the TT. So. Not TT.
  12. It was closed for repairs this afternoon. And a couple of weeks as usual. Apparently there’s a boat in the m…. No I won’t say it.
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