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  1. do you not see my exact point here? your reply borders on agressive. My point was based on this, not that we should stifle healthy debate - but healthy debate this isnt.
  2. I realise forums are for debate but this has gone full circle enough times for it to be a bit pointless now. There are two sides to every healthy debate and this surely has run its course for another year. Its only serving to wind people up which leads to aggression and trolling, something that we should all think about when we look at the bigger picture - is it really worth it?
  3. was more a general 'give him a chance.'
  4. really?!! If thats the case, then turf it, because thats been like that for months and there dont appear to be any flowers!
  5. I'm as negative on IOM as the next person, but I do have hope. Can you start by digging up the weeds on the prom and doing something with it - this side of TT? Tall order but people need to see change happening, and fact.
  6. Anything can act as a catalyst if the will is there.
  7. I dont know Amadeus, but he seems like he wants to try and make a change, so cant we give him a chance and stop knocking him? As I asked earlier, can this now be a catalyst, a time for those civil servants to turn over a new leaf and serve us rather than themselves. Cut the red tape, cut the crap and lets do this!!
  8. Can this now be a catalyst for change within DBC and IOM government? I think most people would agree the island is shabby, but as many have pointed out, a good maintenance programme will save huge amounts of money in the long term. And, improvements do not have to cost millions and millions. A bit of foresight and proper planning could make towns across the island nice places to visit for both residents and visitors. Villers 'square.' Just pave it and stick a few benches in there...i mean really! Landscape it, plant it, maintain it and people will use it. Everything is half arsed or full on overkill, theres just no happy medium.
  9. Yes, there are only three, but I would say the forum must represent a good sample of the Manx population, so I'm writing to them on here. I will also write personally to the CM and my MHK. I'd like to know if they think all in the garden is rosey, and if not what the fuck theyre going to do about it.
  10. Reading through the Manx care thread its clear that, for many, this may be the straw that (finally) breaks the camel's back with regard to the conduct of our elected representatives. To be honest its more likely that that happened a long time ago, but this represents a new low even for our government. I would like to hear from the MHK's on this forum what they are going to do about it. There are no grey areas. The incompetence is staggering, the sheer arrogance is staggering, the lack of accountability is staggering. As a voter, I would like to know if you are prepared to do something very few MHK's have ever done and stand up for what is right for the Isle of Man and its people. There is no hiding any more. Do something about this cancer and do it now.
  11. I see it at £93.47. I was just putting my point of view out there with what I was trying to book, and the journeys ive looked at. It does seem that there are a few posters who cant have a discussion without having to point score or have some sort of dig. I'm prefectly happy to accept a different point of view when put across politely, rather than being accused of 'pretending' as you put it. Anyway, thanks for your input, we move on.
  12. Whats with the aggressive response? I'm not pretending in the slightest, easyjet is cheaper for the same dates, roughly the same time and with a large cabin bag which is fine.
  13. I think I'm capable thank you...
  14. They do seem to have now aligned their pricing with the airlines, and while I understand costs have risen significantly, I do get the feeling we are paying twice (taxes and ticket costs) for the luxury of the LLS and the new ferry. £112 for a foot passenger 8-10 July, it is actually cheaper to fly! Bonkers.
  15. and maybe do some weeding while theyre at it
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