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  1. If I were you I would phone the helpdesk on 624624 option 2 option 1, or email via csa@manx-telecom.com - using words like 'I have Manxnet Mail Plus and I would like you to log a support call to one of the email engineers as I think there may be an issue with the server at present' and give them a chance to see if there is an issue and indeed if there is, fix it for you. Good luck and hope it gets sorted for you
  2. The HD7 was delayed by HTC unfortuantely, but we have had one in for testing and I believe it has passed our network tests and therefore should be available for sale very soon... anyone who asks in-store about things like this should have been given an update and an offer to be put in our order book so you could be updated when it is available and we would hold one for you no obligation... hope that helps!
  3. Hey Cash, have you reported your problem to the helpdesk? If you are having issues I'm very sure that the support team would want to know and investigate and as in the vast majority of cases improve things for you! If you'd rather, PM your real name and phone number and I'll get a fault logged for you. Hope that helps! Ariel
  4. I'm sure any of the team in the manx telecom stores will do their very best to help, they are not there to make your life difficult and all receive many compliments for their customer service skills and/or knowledge..... but it doesnt sound like a faulty phone or settings so unlikely that the store team will be able to be of any practical help other than run through typical issues like software update, total image size limit for mms etc ..... so personally if I were you I would log a call with the helpdesk and ask them if they could get a device expert to look into the issue further, giving as much info as possible about what you have tried and tested yourself, if it helps say Sarah the store manager said to do this (not that my name is a magic password ;-) http://xkcd.com/806/ ) ... they will then do tests on our devices and see if we get the same problem or not, see if we can pin down what the issue is for you! Hope that helps Ariel xxx
  5. Hi spanna... sorry to hear you are having probelms!! firstly id ask if you have rebooted your device recently (press and hold home button and sleep button at the same time till you get the apple icon/power off message), I get issues with my iphone not connecting to 3g periodically and its definitely the device software, on resetting everything works fine again for ages, it just seems to take a bit of a hissy fit occasionally, especially as mine is always moving between wifi and 3g and gets used quite heavily for checking twitter, facebook, emails etc... also are you on the latest software version?, do you have all the settings in correctly?, is your SIM a relatively new one from the last year or two with 64k written on it? etc etc.... Apple's main troublehsooting process is to wipe your phone and set it up as a new one, prior to putting back any of your apps etc because if it works in that condition it could be a rogue app or just that it needed a clean install, you'd be surprised how many problems we fix just doing that for customers!! .... once you have ruled out the obvious then I would ask if you have you logged a fault with the helpdesk so they can look into it for you?... if everything else has been looked into then of course it could be an issue with the device, so if it's still within warranty period return it to who you bought it off so they can send it to Apple for evaluation and if it's deemed to be in warranty they usually send a replacement free of charge, if you are with Manx Telecom we will even make sure you have a loan phone while it is away. Hope that helps! Ariel xxx
  6. im not sure about smite healing hehe, dying to try it though ) xxx
  7. gutted i didnt realise about the pre downloading of the large file - ive been launching direct from the exe on my mac and not using the player/background downloader (ill make sure i do it properly in future hehe).... bit narked though that i set it off at about 11pm last night and it hadn't even downloaded half by this morning... I stopped and restarted and it was still really dire not having downloaded much at all by lunchtime .... I'm now downloading a lot faster because I remembered to turn off peer to peer and hopefully ill get it down within the hour... then need the one after that.... pretty sure this won't all be done and ready and me have my head around talent and glyph changes in time for an ICC raid at 7pm... ahhhhh well, life's too short to moan, it'll get there in the end hopefully xxx
  8. the ones I use a lot are : VuhDo, an awesome and very customiseable (but cool out of the box) healing/raid frames/buff n debuff watch solution Decursive because cleansing is the most boring and crappy job as it is, this makes it a doddle and you cant miss the ones you are sposed to be taking care of Deadly Boss Mods is seen as a must have by most raiding guilds, tells you about boss abilities and when to run away and stuff (not that I need it hehe) it is handy for countdowns to phase changes etc though, definitely makes raiding easier AuctionLite - cool to have some kind of scanner to help with setting the price of things to sell, saves time Gearscore lite - only because a lot of PUGs require you to know it, I dont care either way what mine is (much) hehe Skada (the only heal meter that gives a decent attempt to show how good Disc priests really are) though I do also watch Recount too because it is still interesting to try and be as high on the list as poss, and/or check my overhealing isn't too horrendous ;-) ... that's pretty much it - if I were levelling up again and/or doing quests I'd pay attention to the likes of QuestHelper cos I hate questing/DPSing and struggle enough doing it as it is as a clothie healy priest, don't mind 'cheating' a bit on that. I wish blizz frames were a bit better because I dislike having to 'rely' on addons and used to always pride myself on being a good healer without them........ I am a bit thrown these days with healing without VuhDo (well in anything bigger than a 5 man group anyway) which is a tad worrying - it probably wouldn't take too long to go back from mouse over heals to click to select then press 1-9 to fire off spell like I used to back in the days of lvl 60 raiding! ... its not just the click to heal, though it's also the ability to customise what info you need/want to see that is healer or even disc/holy priest specific from the standard everyone gets to see everything or nothing look.. so as much as I hate 'cheating' I reckon it's kind of Blizz's fault for taking so long in adding functionality to their interface hehe ... anyway, nuff ramble, I am a sad cow, love any chance to chat about any aspect of WoW *grin* xxx
  9. im so looking forward to Cata.... there aren't enough hours in the day to do all I want to do though hehe... my main is Arielli on Lightbringer and I play a few times a week usually, doing well in ICC and the like, and of course I want to get her to 85 and new raiding spec sorted... I would love to play with Manxies on Frostwhisper but I'd also love to hook back up with Manxies and mates on Runetotem which was our original server, maybe even play under the mighty Smite Club banner once more as a Worgen druid ... *sighs* ... and I am NOT going to play every night, I'm really not (probably) ... need more hours in the day *grin* xxx
  10. I know this has been asked recently either on here or elsewhere because we had an email sent round on this topic advising people to log any problems they have, can I just say that if you have an issue then call the billing team or the helpdesk and log it - it will be investigated and explained. Unanswered calls are not to my knowledge charged, however connecting to someone's voicemail for example is an answered call, it could be something like that, I don't know without seeing the specific instances you are talking about. It does get slightly more complicated when one or more of the parties are roaming and/or forwarding on to voicemail or another number, but it is always traceable/explainable, well in my experience anyway. You can then be given help/advice to reduce your costs when you properly understand what is happening. As for itemised billing - it is FREE guys if you register on www.manx-telecom.com to view your bill online - the only thing to watch out for when you are looking at what is called 'unbilled calls' is that several bill time discounts are run to give you that money back depending on what bundle you are on. E.g. free minutes/texts/data are taken off when the bill is actually run/"printed" at the end of the month. I hope that makes sense, as ever, if you have any questions or need anything explaining more eloquently call the team (number is on the bill) and they will do their very best to help.
  11. I have probably already said this, but Boots Opticians, just got back from my contact lens health check - all the people I have ever had in that store have been amazing, very friendly, knowledgeable, cheerful and helpful - in particular today Kelly who did the test was lovely (and Anna was lovely when I booked the other day) - they frequently give you free pairs of contact lenses if you need them, just got 5 pairs today. Thank you very much guys, it is very much appreciated xxx
  12. hehe thanks, sorry it was a long day yesterday ;-)
  13. Buying an Apple iPhone 3GS 8GB from Manx Telecom on outright purchase is only £490 Also don't forget with Manx Telecom you also get access to 3.5G speeds and inclusive free data when you top up. (By the way, as I never ever rip people off or give advice that isn't completely unbiased and impartial, for a hundred quid more you can get the iPhone 4 16GB from Apple direct, they are SIM free now - but if you are looking into the best iPhone why not consider moving onto contract and getting a great subsidy (much cheaper phone, even FERE option!) and a monthly plan tailored to your usage so you hopefully never have to worry about your usage, call in to either Vic St or Strand St store if you would like someone to talk it through). All the best Ariel x
  14. ooooh we have proper micro SIMs in now at the MT shop, wish I'd known they were coming prior to chopping mine and a customers up hehe
  15. My iPhone 4 arrived about half an hour ago, successfully chopped my SIM down (used this template: http://www.iphonewzealand.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/SIM-Template.pdf) and all working well so far! It really is a beautiful looking and feeling bit of kit.. am at work at the moment so no time to have a good play, will do so later on and let you know how I get on... so far so good though
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