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  1. *Let's* *English* *arsehole* I'm guessing English isn't your first language, would you like to try again in Manx?
  2. Heh, you'd better run for cover now Grant.
  3. Erm, he doesn't live on the island. And just for the record - to everyone that is, there is a sub-forum here entitled 'The Internets Finest Hour' and there is a pinned topic in said sub-forum conveniently entitled 'Iom Webcams'.
  4. Gladys would it amuse you for me to pick on you? It might amuse us to see you try...
  5. More like forum terminology - something learnt with time online I guess... Anyway, as previously stated, please feel free to start a bleat on NI contributions. I'm sure you can manage to create a new thread, after all, you've mastered the art of replying to threads.
  6. WTF - there's a link to it two posts up. Are you on drugs or something?
  7. But nothing whatsoever to do with the OP. How about you go start a new thread on NI contributions eh?
  8. You reckon? Seems far too legible for that troll surely...
  9. Try reading it next time, far better than guessing imo.
  10. Two stroke fumes dude, yep that's the connection - too much of it in the air, it's poisoning their brains.
  11. Methinks the two stroke fumes have gone to the heads of more than a few posters this weekend... I feel for you Tempus, I really do. Chin up mate.
  12. I'd hazard a guess at the Isle of Wight for starters... Car + driver on their short break return = £74 - for what, just a few miles of water across the Solent.
  13. Do members of the public use all of the road in their daily commute then?
  14. Vets, they're almost as bad as advocates!
  15. Current AIS shows both in Douglas harbour too:-
  16. Maybe the cam doth lie then:- Just grabbed this minute.
  17. I've not seen these posted before and I only came across them myself tonight so I thought I'd share them just in case no-one else has seen them. Harbour action aplenty here - dual views too:- Harbour Cam Victoria Pier Cam It seems that the sea terminal cam is back up too, with larger resolution than before, in-line with all the other DOT cam's. Now, how about some others in Ramsey and elsewhere on the course?
  18. I had to work today so missed all the fun unfortunately. Many thanks for the video and picture uploads though.
  19. Ace, loving the colourful nature of it all - printed out and pinned on the noticeboard - thanks.
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