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  1. Just waiting for “your dad stinks of poo” to be brought in to it all.
  2. But once again it seems to be about what the wokes have to say here. Not about what anyone else has to say about sad attention seeking forum members trying to bask in past glories and justify their own behaviour. .
  3. It’s arguably either. But I’ll repeat it. She clearly is a total mental case who gets off on seeking attention for herself.
  4. Glover is clearly mental. Most people seem to be pointing out the fact that she’s obviously mental. She’s likely sat there now watching this thread with two pencils up her nose and a pair of big knickers on her head.
  5. So you basically have zero real life knowledge of her then?
  6. The Steam Packet is turning into the Bus Vannin of the seas which many said it would. On top of the deal we’re not £100 M into two new ships and £100 M likely into a new terminal in Liverpool. In total over half a billion pounds to run a ferry company that all its done is put up fares making it more difficult for people to get here.
  7. Likely by being a noisy, irritating, pain in the ass that nobody wants to say no to otherwise it will be splattered all over social media for everyone to read.
  8. It probably serves Devon Watson’s purpose to solicit sympathy for his ridiculous views. He seems to be a monstrous left wing cock womble.
  9. Yet somehow you seem to manage being an authentic cunt for nothing.
  10. You mean they don’t support what you’re arguing about 😂
  11. That’s very true. Unless the flexibility in working hours works for you below a certain point there is no point in putting up with all the stress risk and hassle of running your own business if you’re only taking home what you could get for working for someone else instead.
  12. Yes there are. It will never stop being like British Leyland in 1972 because there are far too many vested interests.
  13. What message? I don’t stalk anyone on Twitter all you pronoun idiots are the same with your whining and your lecturing it’s like you all read the same script. If I ever see a Twitter account on which someone declares their pronouns then that’s certainly not on my reading list as I know it’s likely some childish woke asshole who uses a lot of unintelligible terms, acronyms and dumb flag emojis.
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