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  1. It’s because to save peoples embarrassment (quite rightly) the Foodbanks don’t keep records unlike other charities providing welfare support. So the unions can say or claim anything and nobody would know any better. With those sort of claimed numbers though there can’t be much room for actual poor people to get food if all these civil servants are in there every day loading up on freebies. It wouldn’t surprise me though of the Government Officers Association here wasn’t greedy enough to negotiate another 10% off the Foodbank prices for needy civil servants. Just present your GOA card fir even more discount. Freeloaders !!
  2. Still not much different. Quite what the hell 400 people do is anyones guess
  3. Don’t vote for me Argentina! https://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/politics/dont-vote-for-me-tomorrow-says-local-authority-candidate-581717
  4. Go straight for the pension scheme as that tells you how many active members there are. You might be surprised. This is the latest I could quickly find and it’s 10 years ago.
  5. Standing well back from this it looks like DBC have possibly mis read the room and are happy to write this off as a few online malcontents. Wells does sound fairly detached from reality so hopefully she does get a shock if 100s of people turn up.
  6. https://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/courts/fraud-suspects-plead-not-guilty-581157
  7. There’s no VAT on the aviation fuel either if they fill up there.
  8. M&S online furniture is the best. You buy online and the guys at Manx Indy also assemble it for you under the contract they have with M&S. It’s hard to beat that proposition when as an alternative you go to B&B to be told what you want is 100 weeks delivery and would you mind awfully paying every penny up front to give us free cash flow for months on end.
  9. A leave of absence to plan a strategy on how can we make this look any less damaging than it actually is? Now the leaked bank transactions are out the only chance they have now is to try to re-paper it all to try to make it slightly less damaging than it is. I see she’s got her £20M London house up for sale and her £10M yacht. Funnily enough it’s around the £29M she’s said to have had. I wonder if the wider structure will now buy the assets off her so she can claim that’s she’s had to sell her assets to make amends?
  10. Didn’t Jon Joughin do that last time? Resigned on council then stood down and came back to canvass as MHK.
  11. That’s what happens when you employ people to run an airport who can actually be arsed running an airport.
  12. I’d certainly agree with that bit. Both of them clearly see a future role as MHK on their radar. They probably don’t want this to come back and haunt them. But it’s a clear case of get in on the corporation, make a name for yourself, and then start the granny farming 2 years before the next general election. They won’t care what DBC voters think as I doubt neither of them see themselves having to come back and seek their votes next time round for anything other than Keys.
  13. “Manx Radio asked DEFA to confirm when the free loft insulation and draft excluders would be released to the public – no answer was forthcoming”
  14. A really good summary. Can you buy tickets to view the public meeting?
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