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  1. Exactly it’s basically a worthless site if nobody can get planning over it. What’s the guessing Dandara get the approval to drop Lord St Flats across the road though and put up several blocks of luxury apartments. These guys can’t be paying the right people.
  2. Both Douglas Corporation and the DfE supported it but they seem to have given in to a load of Corpy moaners in the social housing block directly behind. So a load of benefit jockeys get to drive how our economy looks. You wonder why anyone bothers to invest in this island. How much longer is it now going to sit there looking like a complete eyesore? And how are we ever going to re-build our economy with senseless decisions like this?
  3. I honestly don’t think you’d find one person getting so bent out of shape about this sort of calculation in the private sector. It seems to be a bitter public sector thing to do where you count every penny then work out the imaginary figure you think you’ve been robbed of. Its quite bitter and twisted thinking that’s never going to do anyone any good at all.
  4. A freak accident but she must have had a really big Fanny. Boom, boom, tish! Headline of the week https://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/vehicle-ends-up-on-its-side-in-bride-565644
  5. You’re never going to be happy if you log every penny like that and feel cheated when the numbers are out. To be honest I’ve never done that ever as I think it’s a sad and futile way to spend your time counting money you never had and money will you’ll never see. No wonder some elements of the public sector have lost their way.
  6. What happens with people stuck in the existing scheme? One of my kids is waiting for the home energy grant to be approved which would pay for half of the works needed on their house (which is largely insulation). This now suggests they they have £6 million to fund insulation for free. So have the people who have waited a year for the home surveys been taken for a ride? If they’d have waited and done nothing it looks like they might have got free insulation!
  7. I’m self employed. I bare the full risk of everything and I reward myself in line with what I think my customers will pay me for my services.
  8. He clearly just saw the sign “food bank open” and didn’t read the rest in the rush to virtue signal.
  9. This is the sort of silly public sector crap that really pisses me off. Do you think anyone else gets guaranteed inflation linked pay increases? Just because you got a pay increase that is not exactly the same amount as inflation does not mean you or anyone else got ripped off. People like you are honestly like children and I don’t think anyone with that sort of attitude actually lives in the real world. Would you be handing back part of your imaginary exactly at inflation rate pay rise if inflation dropped from 10% to 2% by the end of the current tax year? People like you will never be happy as you live in cloud-cuckoo land.
  10. Is she in the Strand St one? The two girls in there are really good.
  11. What course do I need to take to be an “Energy Doctor”?
  12. No Wednesday was much quieter than Tuesday those figures look nonsensical unless all the CS are included.
  13. I won’t go as the person I spoke to when I tried to book for the evening was basically so arsey like they were doing me a favour allowing me to have a table in 2 weeks time that I won’t go. Pretentious drivel.
  14. I think you’ll find that the only people it’s alarmed is nutters. Almost everyone else was pleased that it happened so fast to get the country back to normal again.
  15. To be fair you can’t get into Kizuna it has to be the most pretentious pain in the arse place to get a booking in the IOM.
  16. I think a few people felt cheated. They took a few hours out of their day to attend and they made no attempt to answer the questions they asked.
  17. That's possibly the best policy idea going to keep people warm this winter. We could all be shuffling around our houses in an official IOM Gov fleece!
  18. And yet the tourism presentation said they need something like 500 additional holiday let units which will presumably only come from property investors or second home owners. Everything was so conflicting.
  19. It annoyed a fair few people in one of the sessions. I hope they do follow through with their vague promise to answer the unasked questions otherwise it just proves that they really aren’t interested in what the public thinks about anything. That said at the tourism one there was one arrogant clown who basically just answered a question with “That’s not my area of expertise” when clearly it should have been his are of expertise based on his job title.
  20. I was there and the situation over the questions at the economic strategy presentation was laughable. There was even a polling system in the App that allowed people to like a question to push it to the top of the ask list and even questions with 7 or 8 likes were being ignored when participants clearly wanted these questions asked. You were just left with the impression that they really didn’t want to answer any of those questions.
  21. It looked like some 6th formers were drafted in yesterday. Probably William Hague type 16 year old Tory politics students looking for CV points to help them get into Uni.
  22. The report is harrowing. At the very least the guy panicked and made a hopeless, crass, disgusting decision. But you’re left with the impression that he knew what he had done and then doubled-down hoping someone else would get the blame.
  23. I actually think the best thing people could do is ignore government so the attendance at this event might be relevant. It might actually force them to engage with us at a different level. They don’t have answers to much and as I understand it they’re now claiming to be empowering us to go out and earn the money for them to ensure that they keep their jobs. Whilst doing very little to empower us to do much.
  24. A recurring theme of the last two days at the government conference has been red tape. Government just don’t get it about how difficult it is to do anything no matter how simple here and how many ‘computer says no’ jobsworths they employ. It’s not going to change either as the gap between perception and reality is far too wide for them to even see from their ivory towers.
  25. They clearly had no intention of answering any of the questions put to them which to my mind questions the validity of the whole event. What is the point of turning up if they’re going to sit there and ignore any question you want to ask? Or be selective in what they answer? The App has a polling and rating system to allow other attendees to rank the questions they wanted answering and they even looked like they’ve ignored many of those that people had voted for.
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