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  1. Then we should educate people to vote with their heads and not their hearts. We sack/demote individuals for being bullies, and rightly so, but we reward for failure (the prom, the sea terminal, the systematic/ misogynistic bullying that goes on within max care, the failures within manx care, the failures within the education system, the list is endless). This is resonates with the 2008/2009 financial crisis. We have an increasing elderly population that we fail to address, and interestingly we don't report on migration. Honest questions "why would you want to come and live here" "What does the Isle of Man have to offer"?
  2. We all vote for these morons because we were sold a pack of lies that they were the individuals to lead us to a brighter future. We need to put the Isle of Man back on the map. It is time to speak up and hold our electorate accountable. We need individuals with business acumen to take us forward. This failure has to stop, or we will become a county in the UK. I urge "YOU", the good people of the Isle of Man, to stand up and say "Enough is Enough". "Lying is done with words and also with silence" "Adrienne Rich". The Government is failing. In the private sector, they are likely to have been dismissed. A ship without a rudder is lost at sea.
  3. Manx Utilities- Freedom to Flourish at your expense.
  4. A frightening realisation is that we still have over 3½ years left with this administration, what further damage can we expect from them.
  5. Henrik Ibsen, more speed less haste
  6. It is inexcusable for scientists to torture animals, let them make the experiments on journalists and politicians "Hendrik Ibsent"
  7. How is the Manx Care going to cope with the proposed increase population, when they can't even cope now. We hang petty thieves and appoint great ones to public office "Aesop"
  8. english zloty, well said. If you can't convince them confuse them "Harry S Truman"
  9. Is Lawrie Hooper really Rob Callister is disguise? This man is f#### useless, and the Liberal Vannin party back him, shame on them.
  10. At least on the Isle of Man they have the freedom to flourish
  11. Michelle Mone's business husband Doug Barrowman 'faces jail if convicted of Spanish tax charge' Mr Barrowman could face being sentenced to time in prison if convicted He has been accused of corporate tax evasion alongside six other UK nationals It is alleged he benefitted from a 'fraudulent' invoice 'created to hide a payment' All seven men deny the charges against them By GERARD COUZENS and ELIZABETH HAIGH FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 16:42 GMT, 17 December 2022 | UPDATED: 16:42 GMT, 17 December 2022 Tory peer Michelle Mone's billionaire businessman husband Doug Barrowman, 57, could face incarceration if convicted of an alleged tax crime in Spain. Prosecutors in Santander confirmed they were seeking custodial sentences for seven executives if found guilty ahead of their trial at a court in the northern Spanish city. The five-day public hearing was due to start late last month but was suspended at the eleventh-hour and has just been rescheduled for next May. Top Stories by Daily Mail00:4101:00 Mr Barrowman's indictment relates to claims a 'fraudulent' invoice he and six partners allegedly benefitted from, was used to allegedly evade tax and take millions of pounds out of a Spanish company and into their pockets before it went bankrupt and led to 200 workers at a cable factory near Santander losing their jobs.
  12. Apologies for the late contribution. On the Isle of Man it is "Guilty until proven innocent"
  13. Street of the forty thieves, they forgot to included ridgeway street and buck road, "Banda Bassotti". One lives in hope that Lord Garnier report will expose the failings on the Isle of Man Judicial system. Don’t you just love the expression "Freedom to Flourish" they forgot to add “No matter at what the expense of others”
  14. The FSA always bully soft options and allows those who should be fined and have their licences revoked to continue practising, and why? Because they need to gain the skill set to take the necessary enforcement action. The Courts have found, on several occasions, firms whose working practices have been questioned, and the FSA has not taken any action and allowed those firms to continue. People's lives have been affected, physically and mentally, and they do nothing. They don't care. The Guardian New paper would have an absolute field day with them. Shocking really.
  15. Give them a break, Isle of Man, Freedom to Flourish 🤣
  16. The court will always, and as judgements show on https://www.courts.im/, lawyers will always be exonerated as they are deemed to be an officer of the court and never held in contempt. It's a farce. What chance has the average person have against a biased judicial system that protects their own and favours the rich? Isle of Man freedom to flourish?
  17. My choice early in life was either to be a piano-player in a whorehouse or a politician/mhk, and to tell you the truth , there is hardly and difference "Harry Truman"
  18. What I don't understand are heavy fines are imposed for being found in possession of small amounts of cannabis and yet corruption within the judicial/legal system goes largely unpunished, how does that work?
  19. Unfortunately, they don't JW, and whilst there are many good advocates/lawyers on the IoM that would, there is equally many of those who don't, esp where their client have deep pockets. How many lives, families, and businesses are destroyed because of those said lawyers being economical with the truth to gain the upper hand? These individual lawyers/advocates and their respective firms are never held accountable, and the lousy practice continues. It is a sorry state of affairs and, sadly, one that will never change.
  20. With my area I voted for for Damian Ciappelli, and outside of my area I would have voted for Mark Kemp.
  21. As a suggestion, let change the voting system. I like many others have wanted to vote for a candidate that is not in my constituency, instead I'm stuck with A.C (the shadow) and C.T. Let us vote for those candidates that have credentials. It's worth thinking about?
  22. Because of a reduction in service are we going to get a reduction in rates?
  23. Thank you, we still get a raw deal from Easyshite, Loganair, Flymaybe, Stowaway, Easternpromise, IoM Government.
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