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  1. What I don't understand are heavy fines are imposed for being found in possession of small amounts of cannabis and yet corruption within the judicial/legal system goes largely unpunished, how does that work?

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  2. On 10/14/2022 at 11:03 AM, John Wright said:

    That’s not the point. I’m talking about the lawyer’s duty.

    Ive had a litigation terms of business letter for 205+ years that explains it in simple plain English. I don’t take on litigation now, but anyone advising in litigation has a duty to give the advice about how to disclose properly.

    Unfortunately, they don't JW, and whilst there are many good advocates/lawyers on the IoM that would, there is equally many of those who don't, esp where their client have deep pockets. How many lives, families, and businesses are destroyed because of those said lawyers being economical with the truth to gain the upper hand? These individual lawyers/advocates and their respective firms are never held accountable, and the lousy practice continues. It is a sorry state of affairs and, sadly, one that will never change. 

  3. 10 hours ago, Newsdesk said:

    Who with any credentials actually stood in 2021 who you would vote for outside of your area? Serious question? You have one of the better ones with CT.

    With my area I voted for for Damian Ciappelli, and outside of my area I would have voted for Mark Kemp. 

  4. 1 minute ago, NoTailT said:

    Apparently after making easyjet cancel and Loganair reschedule everything the tower is due to open as normal now 😂😂

    For real?

  5. As a suggestion,  let change the voting system.  I like many others have wanted to vote for a candidate that is not in my constituency, instead I'm stuck with A.C (the shadow) and C.T. Let us vote for those candidates that have credentials.  It's worth thinking about?

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  6. 12 minutes ago, NoTailT said:

    Not their fault  or Loganairs according to twitter. Tower not opening until 0930.

    Thank you, we still get a raw deal from Easyshite, Loganair, Flymaybe, Stowaway, Easternpromise, IoM Government.

  7. 29 minutes ago, NoTailT said:

    Tomorrow morning Liverpool easyjet also now cancelled. Something going on?

    Easyshite, was due to have medical procedures in Liverpool tomorrow, been planning this for months, the IoM get a raw deal and no one gives f**k.  Relocate to the IoM, it has amazing transport links, FFS.  This airline should be fined for failing to deliver. 

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  8. The food hospitality industry on the IoM is poor.  They have got away with serving sub-par, overpriced food for many years, and worst of all they do it with a smile, especially brewery pubs.  We don't even have a 1 star Michelin restaurant on the IoM and, that shows how poor some of the supposedly top restaurants on the IoM perform.  Wales has 3, Scotland 10, England 166, Northern Ireland 9, Jersey 1 and Guernsey 1.  I believe, if the food was quality, people would pay the prices, but unfortunately it's not and the industry only have they themselves to blame.  I have stopped eating out for that very reason. Expect nothing and you won't be disappointed      

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  9. 39 minutes ago, Newsdesk said:

    But after his sacking spree of months ago to get some liabilities off the books Cannan has gone very quiet indeed. 

    AC served 4 years in the armed forces, must have bought is way out, and now he is acting out the Monty Python sketch:- How not to be seen, 

  10. 4 minutes ago, 2112 said:

    Probably Moorehouse, can’t see Maltby, Faragher or any other others saying anything. They have kept quiet on gas, electric and the cost of living. Whilst Clare Barber, Jane Poole Wilson and Ann Corlett are more interested in Isle of Pride and playing committees. 

    What is an invertebrate simple definition?
    : an animal having no backbone or internal skeleton. invertebrate. adjective. Medical Definition of invertebrate  : lacking a spinal column, sounds like all manx politicians
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  11. We are not alone "Gibraltar government braces for public inquiry to hear corruption allegations" 

    On the IoM we have the opportunity to come clean, sort the out the mess, prosecute those that committed criminal acts, restore public confidence, remove those from office that do not have the skill set to carry out their roles, demonstrate to the international arena that we have an open and transparent government and by do so encourage individual's, their families to locate to the Isle of Man and grow our economy.

    Until such time we will continue to fail.  We either heal as a community or we will die.   



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  12. A tribunal, looking into how documents were disclosed at an earlier hearing, was told Dr Rosalind Ranson only obtained all documents about her after submitting a Data Access Request.

    This is just just typical of the Manx legal system, corrupt to the core, withholding evidence, continuously hide behind a veil of secrecy.  Westminster is going to have a field day.  IoM advocates/lawyers have got away with murder for years and never been held accountable and it continues to this very day.  The Courts will never hold their own friends/colleagues to account and so the corruption will continue.    

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  13. 10 minutes ago, buncha wankas said:

    Hooper needs to resign, he has sat in his comfy chair for nearly a year and allowed this shit show to go live and has not been open and transparent. He has failed the department and needs to put his coat on and leave immediately. 

    And Liberal Vannin Support him, that's not a party that I will vote for again

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  14. I take the opportunity to thank Roger Mexico; 2112, finlo, Two-lane; Non-Believer; Code99; Augustus and Gladys for their threads questioning the conduct of the Advocates/Lawyers/AG on the Isle of Man. It is accepted the Isle of Man Courts protect their own and rarely hold Advocates/Lawyers to account. There is no opportunity to question the conduct of an opposing Advocate/Lawyer despite the fact they can ruin reputations, cause financial hardship, break up families, and impact people's health. I hold my breath, hoping the Lord Garnier review will highlight the failure in the Isle of Man judicial system.

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  15. The government of the Isle of Man is a parliamentary representative democracy. In a democracy a citizen who wants to know if a decision was taken through the correct procedures can find this out. He/She has the right and means to examine the process of decision-making. This is known as transparency.  The IoM Government doesn’t understand the word “transparency” and therefore   forgotten that it is a democracy.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if certain individuals in Westminster who have been vocal about the IoM are watching this case carefully.  We keep give people the tools to beat us with.

    If can’t trust Government or dare I say it the Courts, to do the right thing, then why would you want to relocate here? Ultimately, people will decide which is the lesser of two evils before making any decisions?

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  16. Its simple, don't vote him in at the next election.  I think it is encouraging that constituents are challenging their representatives.  MHK's be warned, the public will hold you accountable.


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  17. It would appear the ICO has it in for Government. You just need to look at the judgements online or recent press articles. They impose penalties, and in most cases, they are correct as the rules are clearly set out. However, that £170,500 would undoubtedly pay for medication, or several minor operations, top up a food bank, etc. Why doesn't the ICO offer its services and still look like the good cop, or do they just wish to flex their muscles and use a big stick? Yet when the man on the street complains to the ICO about a business in the private sector, they are pretty dismissive and uninterested.   

  18. He is not the first and is certainly not going to the last.

    There is an article in circulation headed "Whistleblower unite to tackle fraud and treason rampant in all corners of IoM Government services".  These are strong words.

    People are fed up.  People can't trust the Government, Regulators, Advocates/Lawyers, Police so they are turning to the power of the internet to bring maladministration/corruption/failure to act/blatant lying by senior officials, whatever you want to call it, to the public's attention.

    A new era of the keyboard vigilante is evolving, as they feel many individuals within these areas of government are not held accountable.  It's there to see and it's only going to get worse, unless these issues are addressed and those individuals are held accountable.

    Its rules for one and rules for another.  It is if the Courts turn a blind eye, and if the individual is wealthy well then carry on and do what you like because if you're rich you're innocent and if you're poor you are guilty.

    The BBC reported on the 9th December 2021 “Isle of Man launches strategy to tackle bribery and corruption”  and yet they fail to look within

    A real sorry state of affairs, its reeks of a civil law country, where failure is rewarded.


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