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  1. Hooperman is an American comedy-drama television series which aired on ABC from September 23, 1987, to July 19, 1989. The show centred on the professional and personal life of San Francisco police Inspector Harry Hooperman. Should have read Hooperman is an Isle of Man comedy-drama television series which aired on Isle of Man, television from September 2016. The show centred on the failings of an MHK, Lawrie Hooper and his fellow compadres in Tynwald.
  2. Who was that Howard Quayle, Alf Cannon, David Ashford, Tim Crookall, Lawrie Hooper, Alex Allinson, the entire senior management team at Nobles hospital, Rob Callister, no, it was Swiss Tony.
  3. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/manx-care-really-disappointed-over-leaked-survey-feedback/ It was reported on the 26 April 2022: “Manx Care says it's 'really disappointed' that the results of an internal survey on workplace culture were leaked to the media. However, the results from it – which accused Manx Care of being understaffed, having a 'blame culture', allowing discrimination and providing 'fake support' – were subsequently leaked. One respondent called for Manx Care to be 'abolished'. The internal survey was sent it to around 300 Manx Care staff members. It was the first-time doctors based at Noble's Hospital were invited to participate in the survey which 49 responded to. What does it say when only 1/6 of the members respond? Why was it only sent to 300 Manx Care staff members? Do the opinions workers on the coal face not matter? Is Manx Care to afraid of the finding if they were to ask all staff to participate in the survey? Since the publication of the leaked report, what has changed. What is being done to stop the bullying and sexism culture within Manx Care? Staff are too afraid to whistle-blow, especially after the Dr Ranson case. Staff don’t want to go to work as the culture is toxic, which in turn leads to a shortage of staff, which then impacts of services, which on the health of those that requires services from Manx Care, which increases costs due to agency staff having to be employed at a premium rate and people claiming sickness benefits, where is Lawrie Hooper and the list goes on. The opinion of many is that Isle of Man Ambulance Service, a vital part of the Isle of Man Health Services, led by the “Brotherhood” is a prime example of a bullying and sexism culture and for several years nothing has been done to address it.
  4. @2112Is he Swiss Tony? In all seriousness, I am concerned about mine and my children's futures. We have a very weak Government and a judicial system that favours the wealthy and does not hold advocates to account. We are all guilty of passing comments (me included) about the current state of affairs, but the reality of the situation is far from comical.
  5. Just imagine if we offered witness protection.
  6. Its clear to me, Manx radio interview 00:23 sec, Alf Cannon doesn't have a clue. OMG this CM is weak. How in god's name does he expect people to buy into his bullsh#t. Screams of desperation. Typical IoM Government, put the blame onto someone else. Reduce the number of MHK's to twelve, increase the salary and appoint individuals with a proven business acumen. Every voter has a part to play. Vote is what is best for your future, the future of your children and the future of your grandchildren and all future generations. Stop the rot and corruption now. And if nothing changes well, we very may well be come a county of the UK. Ask your MHK what value they are adding and ask them to prove it to you, don't just take their word fo it. Do you think the current MHK's will provide a secure future, you need to face facts, we are in trouble. Individual across all sectors of Government need to be held accountable. Stop talking about dog shi#te, horse trams, increasing the population, Laxey Wheel, boats that don't bearth, ect ect. MHK's don't stand down!!! get out!!!
  7. Do I look like I give a f##k, if anything it will spur me on even more. Vice on Youtube has 15.8 million subscribers
  8. Osmium is perhaps the densest naturally occurring element on the Earth, which belongs to the precious platinum group of metals. This shiny looking substance is twice as dense as lead. However, scientist have not been to a sitting of Tynwald. The term dense is defined as slow to learn or understand; lacking intellectual acuity. They may want to reclassify Osmium as the second densest naturally occurring element on the Earth.
  9. It's time to take the lid off the pressure cooker and spill the beans. Its evidently clear that nothing is going to happen this side of the water as the Courts favour the wealthy , the FSA go for soft targets and don’t have the skills or resource to pursue the real perpetrators, the Government get people to sign N.D.A's to hide its failings, they allegedly falsified evidence, a certain law firm on the Isle of Man is totally against fathers and those father become financially ruined or have to walk away, lawyers treat the general public as cash cows, MHK’s that are nowhere to been seen, seriously what is the point as none of the above will be held accountable.
  10. And where is Lawrie Hooper MHK, The Isle of Man’s, Hide and Seek champion, I tell you where, at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. I understand he is upset at Jason Moorhouse for stealing the spotlight. Maybe he is waiting for Alex Allinson MHK to tell him what to do? No, no, Alex Allinson MHK is too busy try to convince everyone the Isle of Man was in a ‘good position’ economically. No, he’s waiting Ann Corlett MHK to convince people to relocate to the Isle of Man, then he can fill the vacancies. Just need to improve the transport links first. Lawrie Hooper MHK has known for months that there is staffing issues at Nobles Hospital, especially within the A.E.D. He, like so many of his predecessors have failed to address staffing issues, or give any reassurances to the front-line staff that their concerns are being addressed. Let us not forget Manx Care said it is disappointed with the leak of the results of a British Medical Association survey which criticised the culture of the organisation, and still nothing is done to address concerns. If you are not up to the job Mr. Hooper, step aside, you might even get re elected.
  11. It would be interesting to get an understanding how the IoM airport landing fees compare to the rest of the UK?
  12. And the Isle of Man FSA sits in the background and says SFA (FSA / SFA how ironic).
  13. Its simple, don't go out, and lets see how quickly they reduce their prices and increase their measures. Play them at their own game.
  14. There is a lot of talk about Callister and Ashford, and rightly so, but what about the rest of them? Lets talks about boilers in homes, and dog and sh1te, not about creating new jobs, they think the general public are thick, they have no respect. Spineless, the lot of them. Interesting that the covid support died death, cover up. Useless, the lot of them.
  15. You are not alone, Numbnuts. Many people on the IoM find themselves in this situation, to the extent that many feel demoralised, some even suicidal as they have no one to turn to and have lost thousands of £££ trying to defend themselves. On the IoM, if you're rich, you are innocent, and if you don't have funds, you are guilty. It's time to speak up outside the IoM and expose the corruption/maladministration and stop the rot. We need to protect those who expose corruption and but instead, it is allowed to continue for fear of reprisal if an individual speaks up. Speak up The courts allow the wealthy to prosper at the expense of others, and IoM lawyers facilitate this (not all, as there are a small number of good lawyers). It will be fascinating to see what the Lord Garnier QC review finds, and it will no doubt be redacted and watered down to enable the legal system to continue to prosper than seek justice. How often have individuals whistleblown (legitimately) only for the submission to be pushed across people's desks and no action taken by either the judicial system, government, or Financial Services Authority? The other problem is that they are never held to account. Caldric Randall, the interim chief secretary said in a video that everyone needs to feel able to speak up, if they are being treated badly or if they see something that is wrong. "This man is so out of touch with reality, its frightening". Until such time that people feel safe to speak up against the system, and those that are guilty are exposed, nothing will change.
  16. Do you think the IoM Government, and local agencies (Police, FSA, ect; ect) take whistleblowing seriously and protect those who make legitimate disclosures?
  17. I wish the general public could call a vote of no confidence 😁
  18. Sleazy Jet has just cancelled the Bristol flight.
  19. Lawrie Hooper, Liberal Vannin, transparent, about as transparent as the Mariana trench.
  20. Relocate so that you can experience the pleasure of a bus service that is failing, be late for work, and don't you dare speak up against the system. That is part of the problem people don't speak up, because they get bullied, Dr Ranson, prime example. No whistleblowing protection. We have maladministration within Government, a Legal system that favours the wealthy. Extortionate and unreliable air transport links. A student population that doesn't return due to a lack of opportunities, a declining number of births and migration, why should we continue to accept this? Freedom to flourish, who, the greedy, the corrupt, the bullies? Would you eat at a restaurant that had poor reviews or purchase a car with a poor safety record? No, you wouldn't, so why should be accept this, why relocate here?. All of the above is in the public domain. We need to get our house sorted first and quickly. We need a robust and transparent Government. We need Government ministers that that are willing to fall or their sword for the greater and stand by their convictions rather than thinking about their pension and a further term in office
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