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  1. It’s pretty undignified to be selling your business on Facebook in the manner in which he’s trying to do it.
  2. They just won’t be guaranteed the load factor on either route. That’s why they pulled it.
  3. To be fair you seem to be the clown fella. Every thread you participate in just seems to become a deliberate argument that goes on and on and on in the most painful manner going.
  4. Her point was it’s a tiny airport. It’s not Heathrow or Manchester so why does it take 2 hours of stress to go through a really badly managed security process. It should just work efficiently as there aren’t that many flights.
  5. Not angry. You’re just another troll on this forum who has just found the formula to do it in a hyper irritating wokey way. It still isn’t either clever or funny. Your sole contribution to these boards is to try to wind people up in the most irritating smart ass way going. So you won’t be getting any reply.
  6. But we’ve had a whole campaign by the police staying don’t do this, don’t do that, or you might get in trouble as we’re watching. It’s not surprising that a lot of kids haven’t gone out and had any fun this year when they’re pumping messages like that out on Facebook and Twitter. To me it just puts a unnecessary downer on everything for no real reason. The end result being you got a load of sweets in and nobody knocked on your door. This Island seems to want to engineer the fun out of absolutely everything to placate a load of killjoy moaners. Sadly it seems to have worked in this instance from the reports above.
  7. They need to sort it out. A business customer of mine was over last week. She’s now told me that our next meeting is to be in Liverpool as she can’t be arsed coming through Ronaldsway again as it was so bad getting back the other day. Added ‘Your airport has been f**king terrible since covid ended why isn’t your government doing anything about it as it must be putting loads of customers off. To which I replied ‘Sadly our government doesn’t give a s**t about anything’. So looks like I’m now wasting a day and a half a month in a Liverpool moving forward trying to keep a client happy.
  8. At the end of the day maybe all these kids have taken the advice of all the killjoys and the fun police this year and couldn’t be arsed anymore in case they got arrested for frightening a “vulnerable” person by our over worked plod.
  9. Possibly the most moronic and childish post I’ve seen on here for a while. Well done.
  10. Really? It’s happened every year to the same couple for years and years? Another made up story on this forum.
  11. What a load of angry bollocks. It’s not up to the police to patrol kids who want to dress up for Halloween. And how that translates to burger wrappers is anyones guess. I’ll assume it’s Saturday night and you’re just pissed.
  12. The easiest way of seeing if someone you know is living beyond their means or not is generally to see if they own an AMEX card or not.
  13. Quite an assumption really. But at least it’s given you something to get your knickers in a twist about again.
  14. The whole writing of the post is in simpering woke language. I really couldn’t give a shit what you think saying that says about me. We’ve always had “vulnerable” people (ie, moaning bastards) who don’t want kids enjoying themselves at Halloween.
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