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  1. And in that case, using my example above, surely the MUA would be selling hedged gas bought at 10p a therm to Manx Gas at 20p a therm on the day of delivery and yet claiming it’s making no profit? No wonder it doesn’t want them to be able to hedge their own position.
  2. I sort of get the above. So if so why would you allow Manx Gas to hedge forward (they apparently don’t allow them to now due to credit risk) when you can sell them your own hedged forward gas? For instance say I bought 10,000 therms at a forward price of 10p in March for delivery in October. Then when I received it in October say Manx Gas wanted 1,000 therms from the MUA to cover their usage that week and the current price was 20p a therm. Surely the MUA would sell/deliver gas it has to them at 20p a therm? They say no profit but really I’d suspect they possibly mean no mark up on the prevailing current price the applies in the market on the day it’s delivered to MG?
  3. The minute he can’t bust anyone for 50p of weed he’ll be down to less than 10 crimes a year!
  4. We supply Manx Gas with gas. We must know exactly what they are paying for that gas as we sell it to them.
  5. Wavey Davey

    Garffs MHK

    Yes but it especially applies in his case. I believe they refer to him as Oswald Mosley in Garff. When he actually makes Oswald Mosley look relatively balanced in comparison.
  6. Yes just seen that post. I still think I’m right though. What’s the betting that almost everyone in that category got the assessment then rang round for quotes from a registered builder and then decided to do the repairs themselves as they couldn’t actually afford a builder to do the work for them under the grant scheme even if they got 50% back? So no grant application ever went in? Maybe they should have a follow up process to see who ultimately did the work themselves as they couldn’t even afford to use an approved builder even though it was subsidized? Perhaps we’re offering 50% grants to people who can’t afford to fund the other 50% so it’s pointless?
  7. It’s basically adding a £150 admin fee and a one year wait to your domestic DIY. Which then can’t be done by you.
  8. Wavey Davey

    Garffs MHK

    I have to say I was amazed when Smith got in. But equally I’m not amazed that the good people of Garff have worked out that he’s a complete waste of skin already.
  9. I did a pre assessment on one place while a family member was waiting for the inspection. I found 80% of everything that was finally identified by the assessor in 10 minutes. What they don’t say too loudly though is that you only qualify for a grant if you score a D or below (ie, your house is like a Swiss cheese). So you’re not going to get £15k solar panels or anything sophisticated even if you get a grant. You’re going to get a very expensive government registered builder to lag your loft, or stick some kingspan or rock wool into your voids and replace a few window seals so that you move from a D to a C and then they can tick a box and stop interacting with you.
  10. Same as they did over covid. Supply emergency top ups for people who are directly affected. Say pick any household that earns under the average Manx wage (which is round £27K) and bung them £500 in October or given them an extra £1500 in their tax coding.
  11. Wavey Davey

    Garffs MHK

    He also replaced someone who was bloody useless as well.
  12. The trail is a nightmare to follow but luckily nobody seems to speak to anyone so the emails can be pulled together. It’s a shame you can’t link straight to the FOI website though as some of the documents are interesting. For instance I thought this was interesting from Rob Callister ABC,DEFG,HIJKLM, OP, QRSTU, VW, XYZ. MHK. Callister: Has anyone contacted the DOI, because this bus driver dispute needs to be resolved.. Its the first time I’ve heard it called a ‘dispute’ and not ‘staff shortages’
  13. Yes read into this what you will from the email messages: Lewin to his team: The local health team and our new interim director of Public Health are meeting this morning to discuss but currently there is a suggestion we may want to encourage the ship not to visit voluntarily (we no longer have legal controls on borders for covid, but we could refuse them DOI facilities as an example) Lewin to Ministers: In conclusion, this is a blow, but a culmination of two issues being dealt with and the companies determined the level of Covid on the Island (leading to cancellations of tours), and the additional tests were not something they wished to expose their customers to. So it looks like they got their way. In typical CS style nobody made a decision, and so we blamed the bus driver shortage on our high levels of COVID-19 and then we did just elect to piss them off just enough asking for extra tests that they went somewhere else.
  14. A prime example of what’s going on https://www.chrystals.co.im/properties-for-sale/property/11610241-apartment-4-30-hawarden-avenue-douglas https://www.chrystals.co.im/properties-for-sale/property/11610232-apartment-3-30-hawarden-avenue-douglas https://www.chrystals.co.im/properties-for-sale/property/11610131-apartment-1-28-hawarden-avenue-douglas https://www.chrystals.co.im/properties-for-sale/property/11610149-apartment-1-30-hawarden-avenue-douglas https://www.chrystals.co.im/properties-for-sale/property/11610141-apartment-2-28-hawarden-avenue-douglas So 5 apartments in one co-joined block. All stuck on an overheated market at exactly the same time. If they’re rented out (likely all owned by the same owner to be up at once) that’s maybe another 5 people looking for a new rental creating even more demand. Those key workers better be quick with their mortgage applications.
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