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  1. Just when you thought you’d seen everything https://www.chrystals.co.im/developments/property/11598821-tynwald-street-douglas
  2. Perhaps you could publish a list of things that can and can’t be said (according to you) on this forum if you want to go down that route? Yes I thought it was a valid discussion about Dr Glover but looking at the way it’s all kicked off it seems that nobody can discuss her because she just horribly kicks off and goes in the attack like some sort of maniac. I certainly never said attention seeking or mental but yes bitter and twisted seemed a fair summation of her Tweet. She seems to have a huge grudge against Manx Forums from her Tweets as well. Is it because she can’t stifle debate about her here like she appears to do on Twitter other than making it all so unpleasant that people invariably stop commenting.
  3. Isn’t this a forum for debate? I found her original Twitter post amusing. I re-posted it here to see what others thought of it. Other people created or delivered the real trouble. It had nothing to do with me. In fact another poster seems to have got blasted for posts I made. It shouldn’t have been that hard to keep up.
  4. It’s bad when you’re in the IOM and you’d rather admit to being bummed than having 50p of weed in your coat pocket.
  5. Newsdesk


    The Terrace Chippy is doing even better out of it all. Three to five minutes wait.
  6. I’m not seeking to attract attention or cause trouble. Neither have I been deliberately annoying or offensive. But disagreeing with someone has never been trolling in my book. It does seem to appear that the wokes have taken over on here. You can’t apparently express an opinion on anything without being accused of being a troll.
  7. It’s not trolling to be fair. It’s an opinion. I know that expressing genuine opinions are unpopular these days but it is simply that. It’s a very sad day when people can’t express an opinion on a debating forum. It comes across as bitter and twisted … discuss …
  8. The freight capacity seems to be at weekends only though.
  9. Never. Everyone who expresses a contrary opinion is a sexist troll apparently. It does seem that this forum is going very woke. People might not be able to express a real opinion on anything soon.
  10. She’s very quick to label anyone who disagrees with her as a troll. Presumably free speech isn’t just one-way and applies to everyone who responds to posts they read on platforms like Twitter?
  11. Seems amazing that people with such crap track records think they have any credibility in telling government what it should do.
  12. Either way it’s littered with what look like code bugs.
  13. Is this the same Mick Hewer who ran the Marine in Peel into the ground? I’m not sure I’d be taking advice from someone who has such a useless track record in running anything in the private sector.
  14. I see they’re all now “Douglas City” councillors on social media. Makes me laugh every time I read the title. Delusions of grandeur.
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