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  1. Newsdesk

    Power Outages

    Don’t bring Al Jolson into this.
  2. That was Ian Longworths ultimate goal.
  3. That’s bollocks. I’ve just been past there. It’s nothing like that.
  4. It was a Will Young tribute act, Young Willy.
  5. I agree there’s a proper down pour of shit recession coming. It’s going to be a real wake up call for those who think their mum and dad have shafted them by creating wealth. Nobody has experience any real widespread hardship for about 35 years.
  6. I’m no boomer but honestly you’re a pathetic whining broken record. Why don’t you get off your moaning ass and make a success of your life as previous generations have instead of being a sad bitter twat blaming everyone else for why you’ve not got on in life?
  7. That’s total bullshit to be honest. Let’s see how the current under 35 generation cope with the proper recession that’s now unraveling where everything could be totally fucked. They won’t be able to go crying to others to sort it out. I’m sure the ‘boomers’ didn’t feel that fortunate with their outside toilets and high post war unemployment. Just as the Generation X’ers probably didn’t feel that fortunate with their 16% mortgages and 4,000,000 UK unemployed in the middle of the 1980s. All this spewing hatred of peoples parents or grandparents is easier than getting off your ass and doing something.
  8. You really are a twisted individual with your boomer hatred. How can you be that jealous and twisted about people who have simply managed to create wealth by working hard.
  9. But then you’d also be penalizing a lot of old codgers who only bought one house to rent out as their pension because they were getting 0% in the bank to live on.
  10. A prime example of what is wrong with the IOM housing market. Completed two weeks ago and already looking for anyone mad enough to pay £1600 a month. https://plumproperties.im/property/103433000799
  11. At the end of the day the report validates that she tried to blame her son’s rape activities on racism. That’s all Stu was picking up on.
  12. They have now redacted that from the news report. But you are correct that’s exactly what was originally reported.
  13. It pretty much is. The mother is on record as trying to say that racism was the reason why her son was convicted. Rather than he raped a woman at gunpoint.
  14. To be fair to Stu it’s a straight quote attributed to the convicted’s mother. Reported in the press.
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