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  1. Yes it’s a shitfest and who in their right mind would want to go on risk to develop anything in Douglas the way the planning is being managed? We seem to like a broken dystopian landscape. Unless they’re now actively trying to create a whole pool of busted assets that the MDC can buy on the cheap and develop?
  2. You certainly have a lot of time to spend hopelessly arguing on line. I really hope you aren’t a teacher 😉
  3. But all new teachers have to be qualified to the same basic level so that makes no sense at all. You are suggesting that people can’t be bothered teaching properly because they believe they aren’t getting paid for it. Which probably explains why Ballakermeen and St Ninians are in such a state.
  4. Wether they are being well educated or not has nothing to do with pay awards. Unless you believe that teachers are deliberately providing a crap service as they don’t think they’re getting paid enough. Which would strangely validate everything everyone else has said in this thread about local teaching standards.
  5. Do you think they check all that stuff before they appoint? A personal consultancy company with hardly any assets and hardly any income.
  6. But the wages aren’t “shite”. If you don’t like it leave. Apparently there are plenty of well paid jobs about. But as part of that process you’d be walking away from your final salary pension (not been offered in the private sector for the last 30 years), and your holidays, and your other benefits. And if it’s as bad as you say you can even take less money for the sake of your mental health. Plenty of people have done exactly that after covid. It’s not always about money.
  7. You’re a bit of a one-trick pony. I don’t think you’ll find a post anywhere from me about teacher holidays. That’s clearly Bankers one-trick not mine. I’ve really lead on the line that the pay demands are unreasonable and that expecting inflationary rises in this climate is basically unreasonable especially when IOM teaching standards are clearly poor. As for why don’t I choose to teach? To be honest that’s like asking why someone doesn’t want to be a plumber, or an engineer, or work in banking or insurance. It’s about choice and skills fit isn’t it? Personally I’d probably strangle some little bastard in a school setting as I’d have no patience teaching all day. Neither would I want to be a plumber sticking my hands down peoples bogs all day. But I know they’re both well paid professions that I could probably do if I wanted to. I just choose not to. At the end of the day teachers chose their profession. If you don’t like it, or you don’t think you’re paid enough, then just leave. I’ve left a fixed career plan in the last few years to accept a lot less money to do something different as I was sick of dealing with people who were basically twats day in day out. Many teachers seem to have that set public sector fixed mindset that they have to keep carrying on because it’s all about the pension at the end no matter how unhappy their career choice might make them. It’s the same for most civil servants. Every one I know ceaselessly moans about how shit their job is. But none of them ever leave largely because they’re lazy and they know they’d have to work for their money in the private sector and they’ll lose their final salary pension.
  8. You’ll find she’s got her claws into both those schools and it’s probably her influencing a lot of the bad morale by shit-stirring and bombarding staff with constant negativity. It’s how these unions infiltrate and gain control of the mindset of their members.
  9. She just has the ability to just get your back up. I attended an event she was at last year and frankly it’s hard to spend more than 2 minutes speaking to such an obnoxious know-all. I can see why she works for a union as she’s a table thumper in the typical union mold. As you say she should go back to norn iron and confine her brainless shouting to there.
  10. She wants Manx solutions to Manx problems by paying people equivalent to UK rates of pay!
  11. You just think it’s pointless as you aren’t getting your own way 😉 Just like it must be irking a lot of teachers that the public aren’t generally backing them either. You just got one pay increase and now you’re after another. That’s the long and short of it.
  12. Or perhaps you’re just easily influenced and as thick as mince?
  13. Actually that piece picks out the Ballakermeen and St N issues quite well. What I think is happening is that moaning old witch has really got her claws into staff at both those schools and is probably causing a lot of the low morale and staff issues. If you have some aggressive shit-stirrer in your ear all the time telling you you’re undervalued and should be paid more then it’s going to impact on moral and support eventually. We all know how these unions work and she just an aggressive gobshite.
  14. It’s the bizarre logic these conspiracy loons apply to these things. 80% of the UK population has had a vaccination and then they point out the things that happen after 80% of everyone has recently done the same thing. It’s self fulfilling.
  15. It’s just the way these threads are done. Rather than trying to encourage other people to say bad things the OP might as well just start a thread that says Stu Peters - wanker or Rob Callister - wanker etc. Because really all these threads are about is to highlight what a wanker people think an MHK is.
  16. Yes it’s definitely the same nutter that’s shit-posting on Twitter.
  17. I don’t need to read the response or your key take always because all I’m saying was that they jailed loads of people anyway. It’s not hard to assume their job would have been made 10 x worse if a large chunk of the population had no money to live on and no job to perform. That’s why they had no option but to pay out covid support.
  18. I understand on the last day they had people engaged blocking the doors so that people couldn’t easily leave without attending Cannans closing speech.
  19. If they hadn’t provided financial support it would have been absolute chaos as many peoples lives would have gone into free fall. It would have been very difficult to police on top of the medical response. As they did provide financial support then we will never know what might have happened if they hadn’t. But realistically groups of people would not have taken being unemployed and destitute very well at all.
  20. It was in an IOM Newspaper article quoting Ian Kermode the lawyer who was challenging a lot of the sentences on behalf of those jailed about 6 months ago. The figure was 75 I believe.
  21. Nice try at deflection. The IOM Court system put over 70 people in prison. Largely for doing next to nothing. If people had not been compensated we would have seen an uncontrollable situation where burglary, looting and other forms of civil unrest would have happened as people had no jobs and no money. That is why compensation was given as lockdown (here or anywhere else) would basically have been unachievable without buying people off as the police would not have had the manpower to deal with things if it had all kicked off. It was a politically driven decision to deliver a lockdown strategy. It’s all our taxpayer money anyway that people got back. I find it very odd that for almost the first time ever over covid taxpayers actually got taxpayer handouts and it seems to have sent many parts of the public sector off in a rage about whose money it really is!
  22. That’s fine if they asked for work done. But commercially I would have fought hard not to pay for such a third rate job.
  23. To be honest while I get the point if I was the Sefton I wouldn’t have paid for any of that three year shit-show on my doorstep.
  24. This response always annoys me. They did that only because if they hadn’t have done it then they would not have been able to enforce their stupid covid lockdowns as there would have been riots in the streets and a complete meltdown in global capital markets. Not only would they have had to staff pandemic hospital wards they would also have had to have troops on the streets quelling civil unrest and looting by people who had no money and who were losing their homes. They only paid compensation as they had to in order to fulfill their own political lockdown end game. So the argument about private sector compensation is nonsense. It was only paid because government actively shut down whole economies and millions of peoples businesses and jobs. And public money is all taxpayer derived anyway.
  25. Yes shit-chute is the YouTube for crazies and there’s always a link at the end of the insane ramblings of these people. Here’s the thing - you can believe any crazy insane old shit that you like but why do these people want to try to ‘educate’ or indoctrinate other people with their crazy views? It’s not a conspiracy, you’re not saving the world, and you’re not opening my eyes to what’s secretly going on around me. You’re just drawing my attention to the fact that you’re mental.
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