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  1. I will be clear about my own position/stance. I am a busy working mother and professional - not a lawyer - with little interest in FB or forums. I got the 1st vax as it seemed the right thing to do but became uneasy at the ‘push’ and blatant propaganda around the whole covid issue and decided to take no more. I am now in the unenviable position of deciding what is best for my children. Covid is now provenly only slightly more harmful than ‘flu yet government and their agencies have been ramming the vaccine programs ‘down our throats’ as though it is Ebola - one has to wonder why? The obvious answer is vested interests. Is that the same reason people on this forum are so quick to ridicule valid questions? Rather than derail outrage about our contemptible ex-health minister I would very much like to see the back of him. If he could be followed by the remainder of most of his colleagues, and the bulk of their government puppet-masters, so much the better. A clean sweep of his corrupt lodge friends would be the iceing on the cake. Perhaps we might then finally have the freedom to flourish
  2. During the pandemic we were bombarded daily with figures for those who had died ‘within 28 days of a positive test’. Below are the UK Office for National Statistics figures for those who have died within 28 days of receiving a vaccine, ie; the same metric. The numbers are alarming:
  3. Thank you for a coherent response. Just a cursory look at this issue quickly shows it is real and serious. Of course there are going to be adverse reactions to any health program that involves widespread treatments. The rush to global vaccination was alarming to many but most of us simply went along with it, ‘for the greater good’ and all that. But we are now pushing these largely untested vaccines onto our kids, which is worrying. Ridicule is not helpful.
  4. Whilst ‘sore arms and sniffles’ may have been a common reaction it seems that within the UK alone there have been 10’s of 000’s of very serious so-called ‘adverse events’ which appear to include seizures, heart attacks, and multiple deaths. As I now read about this there also seems to be serious reactions amongst children! Why is this information not being more widely publicized? At least as alarming, why the ridicule above about such a serious issue?
  5. It seems UK MP Sir Christopher Chope has been raising this issue in parliament with his ‘vaccines harms’ bill - article excerpt above. Is it possible these injuries are in fact widely known but the information is being suppressed? Full article here: https://uncut.substack.com/p/betrayal-of-britain-mp-my-government
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