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  1. Hi! I have always always kept rodents. The way it usually works with any rodent species is there are members of the community who have been keeping/breeding the rodent species for years and they'll give you a list and say basically pick one of these, sprinkle it with nutritional yeast, good to go. They are almost always German foods, and the ingredients lists and the nutritional values vary very little between them. Occasionally a breeder offers their own premade mix. You pick one of these options, you avoid what the pet shop has, you're golden Now we are getting our first puppy! A family dog up north has been bred and we are getting a black Labrador. She is coming to us once she's 12 weeks old, and she's about 8 weeks now. We are stumped on food! We've decided to go the "high quality kibble, throw on extras" route. But what counts as a high quality kibble? From the reading I've done grain free sounds like one of those things you should choose only if the dog has a poorly tummy from grain food, so I unticked that filter from the allaboutdogfood site. Was that wrong, question number 1 We also have seafood allergies, so fish is filtered out. I am unsure if we need to do "puppy specific" food, or if that's another marketing wobble, a complete food should be good for them all? so that's question 2, does it need to be "puppy"?
  2. Has anyone here ever used airsoft to train and if so what would you recommend as a good all around airsoft gun/guns to use as a training replacement for an AR and pistol?
  3. Starting my fursuit soon, so I obviously would like a sewing machine. I need some good suggestions! Obviously it must be able to sew heavy duty fur and such, and have a decent variety of stitches. I'm also looking for it to be easy to use for beginners, and cost efficient (if possible). I'd like the machine to have a good rep, too. If you love the one you use or know of one you really want, feel free to mention them! Thanks in advance, everyone!
  4. I usually wear my pro-tec helmet for trail riding, dirt jumps and skateparks. Need to find something with more ventilation for trail riding. Problem is, every MTB specific helmet that I can find looks like it should be worn by a fat guy in spandex. Any help?
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