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  1. BriT

    smart meters

    I stopped contributing to this thread when advised to. I’ve now put as the hills on block so whatever they say in future has got little to do with me. I have no interest in disrupting threads.
  2. What smugger than Daffy the born again tree-hugger? I doubt it.
  3. BriT

    smart meters

    Another absolutely pointless addition to this thread. Well done.
  4. I was reading somewhere that they were paying the migrant workers 35 cents an hour to work in the stadiums. So I wonder what the going rate of being a ‘fan’ is?
  5. BriT

    smart meters

    More pointless arguing. Fair enough. All I expected really.
  6. BriT

    smart meters

    Do you want to offer him a suggestion as to why his bills seem to have gone up before you start pointlessly arguing with him like you do everyone else?
  7. Covid has flushed a lot of the nutters out. It’s been a genuine meltdown event for a few people I know. It’s probably been the same for him as I think he believed in all that freeman nonsense well before covid so covid probably made his conspiracy theories about state interference even worse. I know a few people who came out as anti vaxxers over covid and in normal times I’d say they were perfectly sensible people who just appeared to go over the edge during lockdown.
  8. It seems very busy. Not sure it’s tourists though as the only view is of a multi story carpark. It seems to be largely used by itinerant workers and at weekends locals who stay in town rather than taxi back.
  9. Only because the taxpayer has stumped up £25 million or so to cap prices.
  10. Robbie Williams is loudly justifying why he’ll still be headlining there though in todays papers. I didn’t think he was skint but I’d suggest he possibly is the amount of time he’s spending justifying his actions.
  11. I wouldn’t even bother with a fixed line unless you need it for business I can’t remember the last time I called anyones private fixed line outside of my elderly mums. I see they’re discounting the price of fibre installations now as I assume the cost is putting people off installing and they need so many customers to move over to fibre to justify its ongoing financial model.
  12. The letter was clearly written by that odious MLC who could give Sir Humphrey a run for his money. I still think there is more to this though that has to come out yet. How much trouble can you cause in 51 days? Callister seems to have a reputation for being an idiot but you’ve really got to push the boat out to cause such a revolt in just over a month. Maybe he was just clearly not up to the job from day one?
  13. If must be a real shitter when they take your phone as potential evidence in a postal fraud case and then they find a load of kiddy porn on it. The whole trio sound like a right bunch of losers.
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