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  1. Am I getting told off for telling someone I was going to stop responding to their nonsense and starting to type my post before the mods interjected 😂 Wow. I was making valid points to the thread. “Punish” away if that is what invokes a punishment! Jesus Christ 😂
  2. Last time I am going to respond to you. So far on this thread I have made three posts offering actual responses to the question asked. You have made three posts in total, all just having a go at me and adding nothing to the thread. I actually think you have reacted to or commented on ever post I have made today. Pointless and adding nothing. Plus almost all within a couple of minutes. Bit sad really.
  3. You need to buy a dictionary and then look up the definition of argue
  4. I did. It’s darker, people use more electric. Since when was giving a factual answer to a post that was just a load of bollocks “pointlessly arguing”? That answer was to a different poster anyway. Have you been in the pub? Go and meet the guys who work there and ask them why they are going to the hassle and expense of changing everyone’s meter. It’s not because they want to, it’s for the reasons I stated in my post.
  5. They are bothering because they can no longer get spares for the old ones. They can also no longer get a supply of the old ones for new builds. So they have no option if they want to maintain service to people than to get with the times and move to smart meters. Probably not the conspiracy theory you wants to hear, but factual.
  6. Isn’t it darker and colder than it was a few weeks ago? Would that kit account for an increase? I know our usage is up as the lights are on a lot more. (unless you are talking about more money for the same number of units, in which case I have no idea)
  7. I am Unsure why people think telecom can do anything about a restriction within Google’s own systems. I know for a fact they are regularly trying to get it sorted and have been for a decade. There is nothing the local telcos can do. It’s out of their hands.
  8. Blame google. Nothing at all to do with the telecoms providers
  9. Our electricity is pretty much the cheapest in Britain?
  10. A good percentage of telecoms profits come from off island where they have diversified in order to make the business viable. As a business only operating in island they would be making buttons, even by charging what you claim are rip off prices. Have you looked at the accounts? Have you any idea what their overheads are? Their accounts and profits have been monitored for years and they are very heavily regulated. This isn’t even a story and the end result will be that they aren’t doing anything wrong. If there was loads of money to be made here then the big boys would be lining up to take a potion of it. Higher prices for telecoms than if you lived in the Uk are a fact of life on a small island and will never change.
  11. Instead of posting nonsense, how about answering the question? How did your last couple of similar posts work out for? Did you end up looking a bit silly? We would all like 100 percent coverage and 5g speeds for a tenner a months with free international roaming, but it’s not realistic is it? So how about an actual discussion about what people expect and why is reasonable? I assume that is what Andy was planning when he posted the link, or are we only allowed to post things that slag people and places off with no substance or reasoning?
  12. Why is it overdue and why do you think they will find that can realistically be changed? We are a small island with a small market. Grow the population and the sort of issues people normally raise when talking about mobile networks ( cost and coverage) become more likely to be resolved in a way that is actually viable.
  13. Surely everyone giving way to everyone else and no one giving way to anyone else have pretty much the same end result? Slow down. Accept nobody has priority over anyone else and just drive sensibly. Unfortunately 90 percent of people just drive through and assume they can go ahead of others.
  14. Here is another one ”give way to other road users”. That means anyone from any direction, so they absolutely are not roundabouts. It is a shame they don’t push this message out a bit more so people learn, and then extend the concept to other junctions.
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