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  1. Not Facebook. It’s Twitter & it is an open platform sadly. Besides, if folk want to look at my account (as they don’t have anything better to do) then I have no problem with that, providing that after stalking they do not bitch about the ins and outs of it. Plus I’m not accustomed to being brought into political fests over the sake of a trip to Disney 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. My persuasion failed when it came to the Dumbo ride but I have plenty of other animated photos (Mickey Mouse Ears.. cough cough) but I’m not that cruel. This forum would crucify him. Plenty of blackmail material for sure 😏
  3. Thank you for your post & remarkable yet blurry insight into our private life re: the topic of children. Since you have an issue in the fact that David went to Paris & Disney Land with his family (Disney Land at my request otherwise he wouldn’t have heard the end of it), i shall ensure that I personally seek permission from your good self for the next time I would like us to have a break away. This is meant sincerely with zero animosity. Best Regards & I hope you like the picture 👍
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