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  1. The IoM tracker shows parcels here, too and there's still a delay
  2. Parker, take off my dress. Yes, m'lady.....
  3. Part of critical thinking is taking into account the source of the material.
  4. Or pack up and go home, which he says is his plan B. So, no problem then - we have nurses galore, don't we?
  5. One benefit of this dispute ending will be that it shoots the fox some obsessed bores have been chasing on here ad nauseam.
  6. I remember a charming picture of Charlie Kerruish at an international do. His shirt button had popped open under the strain and a delightful string vest was on full view: classy.
  7. One has dropped through my letterbox. The leaflet advances a number of arguments against assisted dying, and urges readers to 'make (your) voice heard' on the subject. The publishers are very coy about identifying themselves. 'This leaflet is brought to you by Manx Duty of Care' - who they? There are links to assisteddyinginnumbers.org, which is similarly coy and a FB page Assisted Dying IOM, and something else calling itself Isle of Man Care for the Vulnerable in Dying. I have no strong views on the subject, but I find it odd that people who clearly do are so shy and protective of their identities. It's all quite well-presented, too and must have cost a bit.
  8. My father was an alcoholic, too, though he lacked the talent to manufacture drugs, unfortunately - we might have been better off.
  9. Was he not very good , then?
  10. If we're going to be like Bermuda, can we start with the weather?
  11. Maybe it should be increased to encourage some of the lower orders out of their white vans and back onto public transport?
  12. Private Eye used to run a regular item called 'Great Bores of Today' - I wondered what had happened to it, and behold!
  13. I think the phrase is 'There are none so blind as those who will not see' - what you have 'quoted' does not make sense, but then neither does the rest of your post.
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