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  1. I wonder when or if Douglas Council will ever admit that the new LED lighting on the prom are totally the wrong choice, not fit for purpose and once again a total waste of rate payers money!
  2. Jeeeesus you couldn’t make it up could you 🤣 So that’s the LED street lighting AND the traffic lights that have both failed due to the fact that they are not suitable for the conditions on the promenade
  3. I thought these traffic lights for the horse trams are manually controlled with a fob used by the conductor 🤔
  4. You live on the prom and yet you have not yet realised that they have all developed a major fault? 🤣 they stopped working soon after “isle of pride” and not been working since!
  5. Ray Manx

    Isle of Pride

    So you think that the current lighting on Douglas promenade was the right choice? Despite the fact that they have developed a major fault and have not functioned correctly all summer season! They are clearly not fit for purpose and totally unsuitable for the environmental conditions here on the Island. I don’t ever remember any issues with the old lights and festoon lighting.
  6. Ray Manx

    Isle of Pride

    Anyone know what has happened to the new led lighting on the promenade? It has not been turned on again since the pride festival!
  7. I find that very hard to believe. It’s pretty obvious that they have developed a major, if not catastrophic fault.
  8. Does anyone know if the new Led coloured lights on Douglas Prom are faulty? It seems quite bizarre that they have not been lite up properly since The Pride weekend. For the last few weeks (including MGP) none of the coloured lights or top cones have been light at all. Broadway has some of the top led cones flickering, and if you walk the whole prom during the day you will notice a hand full of the lights are on, indicating to me at least that the whole prom led light system could indeed be faulty! if anyone from Douglas Council knows the situation of the functionality of the new street lights (or lack of) I would be interested to know
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