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  1. no do , just never let him leave, lock him in the cellar with the other little boys.
  2. i tend to agree, i don't think it would have been her job to check the steamracket staff were isolating as government 'understood'
  3. i thought it was going to be a heart warming transplant story not some antwacky musical instrument thread, click bait indeed.
  4. we'll be pushing in at the front of the queue then.
  5. Watch yourself, i got banned for mentioning tattoos in the vaccination thread, the snowflakes were out in force allegedly.
  6. so does nobody want to borrow money anymore or have we run out of third world countries to exploit ?
  7. i agree if you want to travel by all means have possible restrictions upon return, but if you are an untraveled resident you should have the same freedoms whether vaccinated or not in your own jurisdiction. and what about the under 16's that the vaccination isn't licenced for ? are they second class citizens too ?? what colour would you have the unvaccinated display so that you knew to avoid them ??
  8. so if you can't have the vaccine for medical reasons you're now a second class citizen with reduced legal rights ,
  9. how can there be big bonuses if targets aren't being met and profits are down.. twenty years ago interest rates were over 5% , today they are nearer 0.5% on a good day, and now they are wanting to charge you 30 quid a year for the privilege of letting them use your money so you need 6k in there to cover your costs if you don't pay in or write a cheque . whats changed in banking in 20 years that allowed banks to make money and pay out 5% to now they don't want to pay anything. ?
  10. not for what he ought to be doing no, but for what he is actually capable of doing, i think not.
  11. like there aren't enough snouts making a living from banking , too many banking licences already.
  12. his take from government coffers is more than 88k was my point. plenty of folks would be happy to pay him 88k to never be seen again.
  13. and that's without all the grants and hand outs his farming and holiday cottage empire brings in.
  14. its his intelligence impediment that is the issue, thick as thick thing from the thick shop.
  15. perhaps he should just say 'stats' , even he shouldn't be able to fuck up 1 syllable ,
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