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  1. it reminds me of the MEA appliance shops situation.
  2. they were until the majority of the non caucasian residents with british passports were suddenly not british enough when they were planning to move to britain before the place was given back to china
  3. wind direction will be a factor in where the smell is
  4. we probably dont have any means to fix a technical fault on island so going back makes sense.
  5. by the time you have actually arrived at where you have had enough it is probably a place where you can't physically end things without assistance,
  6. society is littered with psychopaths, most dont cause violent problens
  7. not really, sex education of old was really reproduction education or one aspect of our biology. 'sex' as in carnal indulgence is another topic altogether
  8. and will take months to sort out too no doubt
  9. are people mixing up winedown with tacoma ???
  10. everywhere on the planet is overseas from the Isle of Man
  11. ah i see, i was just thinking from an employee point of view or self employed.
  12. he lasted longer than most people expected.
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