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  1. oi tosser doesnt appear as acceptable as i thought it would
  2. resigned from what? his ministerial posting or tynwald please
  3. bumped to the front page in anticipation....
  4. if newer housing estates had to have roadways of sufficient width to allow for on street parking and room for HGV's to get through at the same time these issues would be less so
  5. facts can be removed by a moderator if it can get MF into trouble, think hillberry
  6. all subjects should be free from bias but indoctrination is the norm when it comes to sex and religion and even historical events get the propaganda make over from 'our side'
  7. if he has any money left he wont be short of friends
  8. so if you have a run of the mill motorhome, can you park up to 'charge' your leisure batteries ?
  9. so , start job before planning permission expires, stop work due to funding, leave unfinished ugly site in prominent location, wait for iom gov to assist with funding.
  10. https://www.johnsiskandson.com/news/sicon-reports-a-strong-set-of-financial-results-for-2020
  11. so why don't all the official medical experts advising government agree with each other? one would assume they all have the same official statistics to arrive at expert conclusions from.
  12. Pipsqueak

    TT 2022 ??

    a good example of which is where milky took a bad tumble at ballaspur. it is also painted white so easier to see.
  13. Liverpool thought they were going to be in Europe a few years ago but they couldn't win enough matches.
  14. made the control easy rather than the decisions, except for jet ski man, and key workers needing plaster board to fix boilers, and welders to fuck up welding rail etc etc and steam packet staff we didn't do anything about cos it wasn't malicious, i doubt miss get off the boat and fill up with petrol was malicious either but no no, jail for her endangering everyone like that
  15. you won't get past her goons, evil old biddy she is.
  16. when posting in the capacity as a moderator would you be willing to indicate that on the posting, i never know for certain in what capacity some of your posts are and the line gets a bit blurry sometimes, maybe post official moderator stuff in red text to clarify ?
  17. will be under 18's but over 5's or just every body under 18 down to new born ?
  18. yes, the old keep it rumbling along long enough till the world has forgotten all about it and stop social media chatter all in one little measure.
  19. and it should branch off to burrow head, fuck the ferrys.
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