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  1. For many years the IOM was just part of the GPO network.
  2. It long pre dates Allan Bell even being an MHK.
  3. I have always rather had the impression that it came out of that era.
  4. Was there ever any solid reason for IOM to be a separate licensing jurisdiction? Given that all of the rest of the spectrum isn't. And given that previously IOM was simply on the Liverpool exchange.
  5. Yes. Burying ducting around a property is trivial. But the ducting will typically need to run into / under the road - i.e. beyond the boundary of the property. And I rather doubt that the typically householder will be well equipped to negotiate the likely practical and legal requirements of connecting into the street / road. This kind of thing is often done commercially with an automated mole. I doubt that the costs involved (human hours) are significantly more or less than the cost involved with running fibre to the top floor of a dodgy building converted into rental flats. Do tenants typically have to pay for the cost of installation? Who typically pays to get fibre in flats and offices - which certainly takes just as much time.
  6. Are you surprised that only the fringe media and far right bloggers are reporting your anti-vax and Covid conspiracy stuff?
  7. The increased charges only apply to copper. Even where people do not want to a telephone. And it will most likely only be the elderly who still bother with an old fashioned (but now VOIP) telephone after switch to fibre. Younger people and the savvy will likely long ago have have sorted out their own VOIP option rather than paying (- and then quickly given up bothering using it).
  8. Why does wire cost but fibre does not when people only want internet?
  9. 57p in Sainsbury's. And for comparison - Tesco's equivalent own brand soups are 60p. You're paying the Shoprite tax.
  10. Now, like you, I would also like to know where @Max Power is getting his information.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teaching_grandmother_to_suck_eggs
  12. A huge amount is currently wasted on legacy analog services (eg band 2 FM broadcast radio). Also digital broadcast TV and satellite (though the process of closing this down is now beginning to be road-mapped - the BBC has already announced its intentention to go online only).
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