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    I like cheese on toast, Umbongo, stroking the cat, and entering a zen-like state while having a poo. I’m a founding member of the Reliant Rialto Owners Club and in my spare time I like to collect fire wood.

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  1. I think direct means that they will have vans on the road like the PO to deliver to peoples homes or retail pharmacies which makes perfect sense especially for the elderly. So no need to visit the facility and equally it won’t be run by robots as claimed at all but they make a small reference to looking at the potential of robotic fulfillment systems. Although I’m sure Fantasy Dave envisaged Blade Runner style replicants delivering your Viagra or his Prozac in drones.
  2. There is one very small reference to robotic dispensing in the business plan (below) saying they are in talks to potentially look at at. This seems primarily to be a very sensible plan to create a centralized distribution chain in the IOM for pharmacy supply. Something Manx Care probably should have done years ago rather than relying on Lloyds and Clear Pharmacy etc to supply their own shops.
  3. Have they said which ones will be Tescos Local and Express etc yet? Winerite looks like it will make a classic Tescos local.
  4. Yes but a fool and his money is just offering a straight opinion on the subject at hand not some clearly deranged crackpot idiotically trolling people with fantasy claims.
  5. Diddums really is not well. Ten odd accounts at least in the last few days just trying to childishly get one poster banned because they’re a bully.
  6. Banker having another little cry as he can’t get his own way via 20 odd sad trolling accounts 😂
  7. You see you’re another one who is simply a laughable human being. Never made a positive contribution to anything on here that I can see. Every post you make is just snide and nasty and pathetic. You’re just another sad forum oxygen thief that I just pity. Do you actually think I give a shit about anything some sad muppet like you says on an internet firm that hardly anyone reads?
  8. I have one John. But please do join in the usual forum paranoia where people who have more accounts than anyone else then accuse other posters of having multiple accounts via multiple accounts. It’s quite mental and incredibly tedious. There is one absolutely mega troll on this forum who is clearly incredibly unwell.
  9. That’s what happens when your Xmas pick up is actually 2 days before Xmas. What’s blowing around down there (Demaine Road is bad too) is everyone’s Xmas packaging left in overloaded bins that have now blown over in the wind.
  10. EasyPark Group, the owner of brands including RingGo and ParkMobile, said customer names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and parts of credit card numbers had been taken but said parking data had not been compromised in the cyber-attack. That’s reassuring as I’m happy for them to have my card numbers, email address and other highly personal data but I really didn’t want anyone to steal a record of where I might have parked my car 2 years ago.
  11. So with all else failing the forum mega troll now wades in. I wonder how many of their multiple other troll accounts will let loose now (one below already).
  12. But you see Fantasy Dave. I’m just pointing out the poor communication at play here - the silly misleading websites and the other stuff which if they were delivered by competent people would just be easier to use. I’m not that arsed and I’m certainly not wound up. I’m just pointing out how poor it all is. It is also poor, if what newaccount says is true, that they can’t use text effectively even if people have subscribed to give them their number. It’s you people getting wound up desperately trying to create arguments to just troll me. And as I’ve said on numerous occasions I literally don’t care what you or anyone else thinks about anything I might post on this forum.
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