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  1. thanks folks... i think i have sorted it..... and also i am not gonna mess with things i dont understand lol
  2. i installed IE8 but had problems so done system restore and now have no internet explorer what so ever!!! Help what do i do to get it back..... and yes i am useless with a pc! It will open up a IE window but then close it straight away
  3. Happy Birthday Ray..... have a fun day xx
  4. i think if you read reports they actually risk assessed them and those that were seen to be less risk were actually transferred in mini-buses, but those with high risk in the ones they bought over.
  5. I learnt with bridge (road and track) had never ridden a bike before, had about 7 lessons and passed first time! Was great......... only problem is i cant afford the bike i want now!
  6. When ever i try to search for sailings on steam packet site, or search for stuff on sites like estate agents it just times out and i get an error page..... How can i get it work???!!!! Could it be router settings or something?
  7. about time too, sundays just havnt been the same without you! lol
  8. Congratulations to you both
  9. I am sure when i got one like this i just had to delete temp internet files......
  10. Dunno what kind of thing your looking for, but my daughter does st johns ambulance, shes been doing it for a few years and really loves it. Not sure if your little boy is a bit young yet but you could ring them.... its fun for them plus they learn alot from it!
  11. Happy Birthday!!! xxxxx Have a great day!
  12. I have had problems with hotmail and logging into msn all day...
  13. Hello and welcome ladybug.......... enjoy your time here!!!!
  14. Just to let anyone who maybe interested know, the episode with corrie stars which was flimed on iom last yr is being shown on Monday 18th Febuary at 21:00 on itv2!!!!
  15. Both my two went to parkroad/st ninians ( one is still there in yr 10) and i have no real complaints. Visited both but pr/sn just felt a nicer school......... i left the final decision down to the kids and they both picked there too.
  16. me too was very good...... till i got a better offer from take that, sorry ray!
  17. Have to agree.......... what a nice way to see in the new yr!!!!
  18. For sale..... Sept 2006 Yamaha YBR 125, in black, very good condition, only bought bike to learn on and now in need of a bigger one! PM me for any info £1350 ono
  19. If your on broadband and can change the settings on your router check the MTU setting, 1492 I think is the right one, I had mine set to 1400 and couldn't get to some sites but could get to most. Thanx for that it seems to have done the trick!!! mine was set at 1400........ havnt a clue what they are but changing it works so i am happy! Thank you
  20. Dont know if anyone can help but i am tryin to get onto a website but always get the above message, i can get onto any other websites with no problems, and i know the site is ok cos other people i know use it........Any suggestions?
  21. I'll be in tonight as working at 7:30am tomorrow!!!! and cant miss the musical entertainment tonight!!! Kids are at their dads xmas and new yrs eve!!! But as yet have no plans for new yrs eve, so unless a tall dark handsome stranger whisks me away i will be in front of tv...... or on here!
  22. I got mine from road and track, they are the sticky ones......50p each!!!
  23. Well done 3v0!!!! I have to say when i had L plates on i never got a nod however with R plates on i have!!! made me smile lol Am wanting something else but have to wait for now! Gonna sell the 125 tho if any one wants or knows someone whos gonna learn!
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