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  1. Graham Cregeen has been given a tough job here. Listening to Manx Radio Opinion today with Chairman of the Isle of Man Civil Service Commission Michael MHK Alf Cannan, it seems he has also been given a poisoned chalice. Chris Robertshaw too with his Ministerial responsibilities and his impending Thatcheresque cuts. But it looks like the old guard on the Council of Ministers are slouching back watching the new boys taking the flak.
  2. Sir Nicholas Scott, conservative MP found passed out in gutter So maybe its not all that bad.
  3. Bring it on. It's the principle that has been argued here, time and time again. I think we all agree that JW is a pleasant and personable chap and all that, and one we'd all like to be with at a party or a stag do or whatever. But not Home Affairs Minister, thank you. No wonder the police are able to get away with some of the shenanigans they do when JW provides the Ministerial political representation to their organisation.
  4. ok The fact remains that I did see JW where I said. Incidentally, I also saw and spoke to another MHK at the other end of Strand Street. He was chattier than usual and I dare say - like myself - was in the Christmas spirit. It was the following day - in O'Donells perchance - that I probably drunk maybe nearly a bucketful myself, 8 pints? However, I am not a Minister and I did not broadcast on the National Radio Station, to the Nation, about appropriate drinking and all that. When I put myelf forward for public office, get on an ego trip and start spouting hypocritical vacuous crap on Manx Radio, and then make a total drunken fool of myself - then you feel free to have a go and talk about my actions. Until then perhaps, stfu. I take offence at your suggestion I am a bully.
  5. On the afternoon in question, I saw him rather merrily talking on his phone outside O'Donnells in the early afternoon. I'd say he would have drunk at least a bucketful.
  6. Minister gets pished up and disgraces himself on the way back from office party at Christmas is not news. After having a speech broadcast to the nation about responsible drinking, Minister gets pished up and disgraces himself on the way back from office party at Christmas is news. It's fucking dynamite in fact and has kept many of us chortling for months.
  7. There is a lot for Juan to be commended for. But let us not forget that the crux of the matter is that he gave the nation a speech about responsible drinking....that very afternoon. Yep, the equivalent of the Home Secretary (*giggles*) According to a counsel in the Isle of Man Courts, on a separate matter regarding Manx Forums 3,155 hits is a significant number, .... in a small jurisdiction of approximately 80,000 inhabitants. 100,563 views for this thread is rocket fuel. It's slowing down though. I look forward to Juan getting hammered this Christmas too after telling the rest of us to lay off it.
  8. I think you're mistaken here. When Buster was doing his bragging it was back in 2010, so he must have been referring to the 2006 election - Crookall won that by 127 votes over Hazel Hannan. His 31 vote majority was in 2011 when he won with only 28% of the vote. You're probably wrong about the extent to which you can fix election results on the Island using proxy or absent votes (it is much easier in the UK when they have postal voting on demand). After all it was detected pretty easily in Douglas East - but that's probably better discussed on that thread. Yep, point taken. Still, the master had supposedly given his lesson. And let's say if someone won by a huge landslide and part of that landslide was say, a handful of questionable votes, does that mean we can say it doesn't really matter because the questionable votes had no impact on the final result? And by the very same token, if someone didn't get in, even by using a large number of allegedly dodgy votes, does that make it alright, because it did not effect the vote?
  9. Or even some Gobags in Peel for Minister Crookall. That was a lot closer poll. Although the alternative vote was clearly split between the four unsuccessful candidates, the runner-up lost by just 31 votes, about 5%. Considering that enthusiastic granny/non-English speaking/kiddie proxy farming can net a good 10% of the vote or so it does make one wonder. Ministers Spewin Juan and Dim Tim Crookall were the only examples mentioned in court that Buster had offered his golden hand to, perhaps there were more. Perhaps, indeed there were no others at all. Just saying. Like.
  10. If you are installing cavity wall insulation into an old house then there could be problems. To illustrate for example, those wire ties that look like bow-ties are specifically designed to prevent water from travelling across them with built in 'drips' which force any water that builds up to drop down the cavity and then to the outside wall. All that trouble to separate the outside and inside wall ...and then someone comes along and fills up the whole damn gap. It's crazy.
  11. Uugh.... That conjures up some dodgy images.... ; )) If it gets you £1000 a week and a gold-plated pension for doing fuck all, just grimace and bear it.
  12. Of course Juan Watterson was mentioned in court as having been helped by Buster in a campaign and we wonder to what extent if any. And I do wonder how much of this Buster Lewin style of extreme granny farming has gone on. It makes the politician in the shop or postie about his rounds or whatever going about the place smiling at all the lil' ol' ladies all very innocuous. But perhaps those words belong in a different thread.
  13. Excuse my pomposity but the cavity in a building is there for a very obvious and clear reason. It is intentional and the clue is in the name. Although filling and stuffing the cavity years later has worked on occasion for some house types, usually fortuitously in sheltered locations, it usually leads to problems with damp. It would be interesting to know when the cavities in these houses were filled because problems with bridging the air gap were shouted about 40 years ago. Maybe the cavity wall insulation salesman could shout louder.
  14. Only Eddie Lowey could come out with this one! The pin-up boy of the Manx Labour Party and supposed socialist - has finally disappeared up his own arse. http://www.manxradio.com/oNews/uploaded/audio/pension-lowey2.wma from Manx Radio news item about Tynwald Pensions ....I've always been a believer in doing what Tynwald wants to do, so you can make what you like out of that It really is time the Legislative Council was simply abolished. A needless, useless, unnecessary, expensive Teflon coated concourse of anachronism. Now epitomised.
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