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  1. A lot of the bile on bookface and twatter is due to poor understanding of why and how directives come about. Some initially do seem ludicrous and over the top but on that ever so rare further investigation, are nearly always for the common good. Entre nous , I was mildly pissed off when (eg) big watt incandescent lamps were stopped years ago and vacuum cleaner's power was limited. It would have been soooo easy to fall for Haw-Haw's clever mental picture of "being ordered about by a few old men" but I was wrong on both these example accounts. My son designs controls for (very) big electric motors for a global company and tells me than with just a little design effort, it is possible to get a much more efficient motor that uses less power than the type I initially wanted to continue to have the right to keep buying and what maniac would still buy 150W incandescent lamps (I won't stoop to jeer at an obvious candidate ) ? Cherry picked examples with biased conclusions can always be found to justify a mad decision but in the vast majority of cases, EU directives on just about any topic are usually found to have sound basis that is for the general good of the majority. Trouble is our current pm's earlier employment was writing a column for a now brexit supporting rag where he had to, on a daily basis, take the piss out of EU directives after he got the push for making up quotes from the previous rag.
  2. It's a view but why would anyone risk rights they currently have? One answer might be that some have got so used to them that they believe they are cast in stone.
  3. Yeah. The trademark jeering reply regarding BMW just seemed to forget that Spartanburg also export BMWs to Europe. The issue is that these could well suffer retaliatory tariffs and threaten jobs in S Carolina. So I don't think Trump or the forum jeerer has thought this through. Again. Again... C'mon, it's not hard to work out is it?
  4. Hmmm. BMW's car plant at Spartanburg S Carolina produces more cars than any other of its factories, summat like 1300 a day! I don't think he has thought this through. Again.
  5. After nearly 30 years of cursory and disinterested passport glances going to Europe, since the beginning of the year every passport is now electronically read. Anyone thinking of spending a total of more than 90 days in all Schengen countries per 6 months, you had better think again if no deal.
  6. Bob has died in hospital. His condition is reported to be satisfactory.
  7. Trigger's back with his purposefully non-specific one liners. I'm off....
  8. Nope. It is a good description of choosing to leave our present tried and tested arrangement for the totally untried and untested WTO outside of any trading bloc with no significant trade deals in place. Considering that remarkable potential situation, is anything but hyperbolic. "Ruled from continental Europe" certainly is though as well as being inaccurate (apart from the QTH of the actual parliament of which we are a part).
  9. Crash out without a deal. You are using hyperbole again with "cataclysmic" but crashing out is what leaving with no deal will be. It is a big risk but you know that already. Farage is a master at wildly exaggerating data to enable him to ridicule his exaggeration. There are hundreds of examples during the last 5 years and its how he operates so his disciples can point and laugh at his "world will end" and "plague of locusts" type nonsense that nobody but him has ever said. YES we agree at last! We are cooperating well now in a SM and CU and in November but we are telling them we are generally moving cooperation elsewhere. Sticking to their well understood principles that we apparently wish to move from is not punishing us. We have chosen to punish ourselves. Mightily.
  10. Trump will save the day after all the wonderful words in Biarritz. That's after he's saved himself and his country (which is his job after all).
  11. That precious little nugget came direct from Haw Haw. He/his team no doubt read the completely true and accurate issues about those aircraft and their maintenance teams and pilots having EU licences and the issues that would precipitate and decided to make a headline out of it. So verifiable licencing issues were extrapolated by him to the clearly ridiculous 'planes won't fly' so he could ridicule it and brexiters down the pub could use it as an example of project fear and point and laugh. Haw Haw knows this is utter manipulation of true facts but recognises it as a very useful tool to feed the, let's say, 'busier' brexit supporters to be able tell their mates that it's all lies and around and around we go. They can then fill facebook and twitter with this bollox to make themselves feel better about the impending shitstorm they helped start. There are hundreds of examples of Haw Haw using this technique throughout the campaign. You have written some valuable stuff on brexit woolley but I am surprised you are using shit like this to try get back at inconvenient opposing data. PS If this had been a baseless lie, why have a UK airline just spent a few million re-registering their aircraft in Austria? PPS The EU have helped no end in this by telling the CAA that they will, for two years, assume for this purpose that the UK is still a member state if it crashes out. The CAA will need every day of that 2 years to replace all the regulation and compliance currently shared with the EU. This cannot just be 'copied across' as another poster, well versed in the usefulness of ridicule, alleged just a few days ago.
  12. Of course anyone with a functioning intellect knows that if the utterly glib and dismissive "it's been rolled across so little cost" were the case just how are we going to "trade with the whole wide world" on their different and nearly always lower standards? The only other way is "freedom" and "self determination" or "sovereignty" (all of which are emotional and undefinable) to keep the same standards and compliance.
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