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  1. Don't think Donny has thought that through (no surprise there...) Surely only idiots would agree that it's worth a try but wouldn't that decimate his fan base?
  2. As an atheist, I suddenly find myself preoccupied by Ascension Day, which is a first.
  3. @ Rog's triggering post Having been to Peenemünde , the museum there showed that the reality would have been that they would have targeted every single UK city and its civilian population had the technically amazing V2 been flying 1-2 years earlier with sufficient numbers. There is little doubt this would have changed the outcome of the war they started. In fact after development and production was moved to Nordhausen they were trying to work out if they could increase the range as far as New York. Mind you with a fuel burn of over 2 tonnes a minute, it might have been quite a technological challenge. Dresden was wrong but let's not get misty eyed about the Nazi intention. They would have done much worse to us had this truly awesome weapon been available earlier.
  4. Good job you don't write the IET on site guide.
  5. Good one Albert. Daft thing is, I'm not a teacher anyway and never have been.
  6. SJR still stalking me around this forum all these years later trying to bully based on his hate of teachers. (it's all there if you go a rooting, but you'd have to be mighty bored....) Jeez, SJR you must have the smallest willy on the island.......
  7. Has anyone checked these new IOM post prices out which start today? I have a packet to go to the UK today 35x22x12 cm with a weight of 1.6kg which is non-urgent. IOM post cost looks like £7.74 UK Post Office same but going the other way looks like £3.10 WTF? It's more than double! It's now going Hermes, collected, for £6.65
  8. They showed that a few weeks ago regarding the re-taxing of a rare 1937 Excelsior that has lived here years although only brought out at the TT. In fact they issued a tax disc and then demanded it back. One of my jobs this week is to export it to the UK where it will pay ZERO rfd but you're right. They couldn't care less.
  9. Indeed finlo but just driving the point home.
  10. Just a few more figures to mull over. The two old vehicles mentioned produce a max of 672 kg of CO² per year added together. The new one? 1460 kg/year! Sooo.. I think the old ones are paying £1.22/kg C0² and the new one 4.6p/kg. Has anyone in gov the balls to come on here and justify that? I am well aware that this is anecdotal evidence based on our particular needs and furthermore that CO² is hardly the be all and end all of assessing environmental impact or health concerns. What would be interesting is determining what the real full life CO² output of each vehicle is and what the full life tax is. That would make this look worse. MUCH worse. I was sort of OK with this as one of these would have paid half tax in 4 years but that looks like becoming 9 years away if these proposals go through.By then the econutters will have probably forced them off the road anyway. In 9 years at current figures just one of these old vehicles will pay £1305 more rfd than if it lived in the UK. That is of course assuming they remain taxed all year every year. If one of the old ones lived in the UK, it would be in a nice warm garage on a SORN paying nothing all winter.
  11. Fair enough and an understandable emotion. What happens when someone born here refuses to accept something crazy needs changing? I am happy to pay a bit more here for the way of life. But a lot more? I run two old vehicles in the 3.0 - 3.5 litre tax bracket that are charged on engine size due to their age. Neither exceeds 1000 miles a year (one by a big margin) and I have just paid £820 for the road tax. Both added together use around 55 gallons of fuel per year. Mrs biker has a small 'roller skate' to go to work in all over the island doing 8000 miles a year with a road tax of £68 burning 180 gallons a year. The disproportion of environmental impact to tax ratio is mad yet we keep with this stupid old system year after year but what I really question is that the two old vehicles together would cost £530 in the UK(so IOM £290 more and the modern roller skate would be £30 so IOM £38 more) So I am happy to pay a bit more but this much more is hard to justify. Put tax on the fuel now and the polluter would pay in proportion to the environmental damage they cause which must be the way to go. Edit: the old vehicles are effectively paying £14.90 / gallon in rfd, the new one 38p / gallon in rfd. This difference is f.ing madness and it makes one want to drive the old ones about to reduce that figure instead of the 4 year old Euro5! Then there is the very thorny issue of how long new cars last. Both of these old ones will exceed a life of 40 years if we are left in peace.One is just over halfway through its life and the other just under halfway through. Has anyone who "wears a suit every day" thought about this in depth? Slim? are you there?
  12. Is this blondie who has since been outed as an alleged EDL sympathiser and may have been been (re)'selected' for another QT 'audience' less than a year ago by Alison Fuller Pedley ? It's been obvious to me for some time that audiences for QT were specially selected (and pre-on air rehearsed) but Mentorn Media are coming under ever closer scrutiny now. No wonder the BBC is loosing credibility by the day. Ask yourself why Blondie is still apoplectic having got what she wanted..... Update : Blondie is believed to be Sherri B (surname now changed by marriage to P). who allegedly stood as a NF candidate in a NE London constituency in a general election. Now... was she selected by Pedley* apparently for her imo unenviable CV and did she get seated on the front row by accident? Who put a clip of the QT rant put on SM? Questions Questions about Question Time. I think an enquiry might be in order.
  13. Yep fair drawbridge points. Nothing is forever but when I worked in Oldham back in the 80s it was common to hear migrant's UK born progeny to be anti further immigration. I still can't grasp the real reason for that.
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