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  1. Yep, periodontal disease (gum disease) was largely ignored in the past so "nice" dentists who didn't even own a perio probe were just supervising neglect. "Good" dentists measure the depth of the gum-tooth gap regularly so early gum disease is caught when it is easily treatable. Perhaps the dentists 40 years ago weren't doing you any favours. A mate of mine who has received regular treatment from a dentist in Bristol is now having to spend thousands to save his teeth from advanced gum rot yet they hardly have any fillings. He doesn't think his dentist he's seen for all those years a
  2. I recall that before they started tinkering with the system here nearly 30 years ago to copy the UK, private dentistry in the IOM was generally limited to treatments that had never been available on the NHS. Pay and terms for the everyday work the NHS would pay for was very reasonable and most were quite happy with the system. Someone went to Fred C at the time and suggested their plans to copy the UK would not end well but they were determined that the NHS paperwork processing and dentist checking and compliance was transferred from here to Eastbourne where England's dentist's work was c
  3. Sorry you had a negative experience of the school dentist but you are wrong on that point. School dentists were salaried so there was zero incentive to 'look hard' for work.
  4. That is our fault for not getting rid of the antiquated RFD (with all its stupid inconsistencies) for good and putting its cost in our fuel price. Anyone seen Slim recently? Someone said he was summat to do with this. Even if that was apocryphal, he spent enough time on here supporting the present daft fund raising method.
  5. Band IV and V TV was 470-806 MHz but digital has freed up channels 60-69 which is 749-806 MHz. 5g comes in many bands like n78 at around 3.5 GHz but band n29 uses the old ch 60-69 frequencies so finlo was partly right. Not sure where they use N29 though....
  6. Don't think Donny has thought that through (no surprise there...) Surely only idiots would agree that it's worth a try but wouldn't that decimate his fan base?
  7. As an atheist, I suddenly find myself preoccupied by Ascension Day, which is a first.
  8. @ Rog's triggering post Having been to Peenemünde , the museum there showed that the reality would have been that they would have targeted every single UK city and its civilian population had the technically amazing V2 been flying 1-2 years earlier with sufficient numbers. There is little doubt this would have changed the outcome of the war they started. In fact after development and production was moved to Nordhausen they were trying to work out if they could increase the range as far as New York. Mind you with a fuel burn of over 2 tonnes a minute, it might have been quite a
  9. Good job you don't write the IET on site guide.
  10. Good one Albert. Daft thing is, I'm not a teacher anyway and never have been.
  11. SJR still stalking me around this forum all these years later trying to bully based on his hate of teachers. (it's all there if you go a rooting, but you'd have to be mighty bored....) Jeez, SJR you must have the smallest willy on the island.......
  12. Has anyone checked these new IOM post prices out which start today? I have a packet to go to the UK today 35x22x12 cm with a weight of 1.6kg which is non-urgent. IOM post cost looks like £7.74 UK Post Office same but going the other way looks like £3.10 WTF? It's more than double! It's now going Hermes, collected, for £6.65
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