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  1. Well he seems to be happy to be surrounded by them there. One could even say he looks ever so slightly smug.
  2. I think the other is still at the cleaners.
  3. Widdicombe's theorem: If you have yet to reach a conclusion regarding a proposition, check out what Ann believes and then adopt the opposing view.
  4. Good news, I hope it does well. Downside.....no ILS on either end of 25/07.
  5. That was last December wasn't it? Goods only too, no services in the CH "deal".
  6. True especially with the higher quality sources. It's worth bearing in mind that the program origin's upload connection is just as important as your connection. My connection is a symmetric 600 Mbps and certain channels still freeze on a wired connection from the router to the MAG254.
  7. Just get a ip phone and a virtual landline number. I use the excellent Yealink T48G and a free app on my mobile.
  8. I might agree but can you explain how waveforms are 'tighter' if 5G might happen to use a lower frequency to 4G or are you also considering other stuff like bandwith?
  9. No, that's the old way. Now, you look on eg facebook to find like-minded concerned who will direct you to resources that match and feed your preconception which you can then distribute at will. It's supercharged confirmation bias.
  10. I try hard not be a superior remainer. It doesn't take much effort.
  11. Juvenile? maybe but perhaps life's experiences have yet to make you think otherwise. Using a local example (just for illustration purposes) let's say you are a professional employed by the gov. and you have to take them to task on a false disciplinary procedure. When all the normal channels have been explored, the final arbiter is our AG who is employed by your employer with whom you have fallen out. If you think his decision is sub optimal where do you then take your grievance? Yeah nowhere..... That "little restriction" will apply to the UK too after Hop Tu Naa.... A scenario that's never happened to you? Long may that continue but until then, less of the pejoratives if you don't mind.
  12. Well some of them and at ERP of up to 1 MW! (That's one megawatt manxy..... a million watts)
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