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  1. ballaughbiker

    5G Network Radiation?

    So you don't know.....
  2. ballaughbiker

    5G Network Radiation?

    And whilst you're coming up with proof 5G is dangerous, you can give us proof that this statement is true. Another proof of a -ve? Incidentally, what is the ERP of each lampost?
  3. ballaughbiker

    5G Network Radiation?

    Tut tut. Using and ionising radiation warning sign for RF energy that leaves on trees apparently attenuate. Futhermore manipulating thought by "won't somebody think of the children?" emotion instead of scientific data. You are only going to con the uninitiated with this bollox. K'now, given your posts on here, people a bit like you. (I don't blame you, I blame the con persons.) Mind you, con enough people quickly enough and it can have significant force.
  4. ballaughbiker

    5G Network Radiation?

    Obfuscation obfuscation. What you ask is code for "I await your proof that this technology is not dangerous" . So again, demanding proof of a negative. What proof do you have from a scientific peer reviewed source that this is dangerous? Quoting senators who probably couldn't put a plug on an iron won't do and neither will trawling the web for nutty professors who have dreamed up a theorem without bothering to do industry recognised tests and analysis in order to derive a hypothesis that can be scrutinised by experts. You have come to the conclusion it's dangerous. Prove it. I have yet to arrived at a conclusion. Caution is fine. Scaremongering without evidence is not.
  5. ballaughbiker

    5G Network Radiation?

    Acknowledgement at last The senator seems to want industry to prove a negative. How exactly are they supposed do that? manxy - you have posted alleged connection of health issues with another technology (3 and 4G) to question 5G. Explain your logic please.
  6. ballaughbiker

    Where do you get your science?

    Manxy's posts are a great resouce for non-science.
  7. ballaughbiker

    vdsl 100mbps service

    Doing better than that with 4G across. If it's a constant speed rather than a snapshot and you've ruled out local causes, I'd be asking more questions of MT
  8. ballaughbiker

    Why is nobody migrating here?

    What are you saying about those who will be left Rushen Spy?
  9. ballaughbiker

    Why is nobody migrating here?

    And DEC.
  10. ballaughbiker

    Why is nobody migrating here?

    Unless Jessa (McDonell) grabs the steering wheel that will soon be £1m for a couple for their family home passing to children.
  11. ballaughbiker

    Why is nobody migrating here?

    I can't imagine why any professional with a public sector pension would want to come here. We seize the "pension pot" when they have been here long enough and it stays here if they go back only to be taxed at full rate as they are no longer residents. Also anyone with a private UK pension reaching retirement won't get the 25% tax free element as per the UK. We tax it all as income in the year it matures. That is one big disincentive.
  12. ballaughbiker

    5G Network Radiation?

    X-ray scanners are not used at MAN on passengers.
  13. ballaughbiker

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    You cannot possibly know that.
  14. ballaughbiker

    So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Hi old mate. JRM has set up a fund in Dublin. That is common knowledge. Only JRM and his associates know if JRM has put anything in that fund yet. Forum #1wind up poster categorically says JRM hasn't moved anything (with the clear implication given the context that it's the fund he's talking about) I ask how #1 wind up can possibly determine that . Asking how he can determine that one way or another is not demanding proof of a negative. It is enquiring how #1 wind up has the knowledge that would enable him to determine what JRM might or might not have done. I do not need to prove JRM has charged his fund to justify asking ask how #1 wind up somehow has knowledge of JRM's actions.