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  1. Fair comment, I think it was somewhat 'skated over' but it was said. Nobody ever said membership would just be limited to trade which Haw Haw regularly declares as some sort of justification for his bile towards the EU.
  2. Not according to Heath. He made it clear there would also be a degree of political union. Some have selectively forgotten this minor detail. That aside, common standards are a key part of a "common market" surely?
  3. Well something I used to have a bit to do with, the CAA, seems to disagree. Their costs are predicted to take off (sorry....). One assumes, on the day of leaving that everything we currently trade to/from the EU will be approved. However, going forward, this is most unlikely to be the case and will no longer be automatic. Won't this mean that a future widget designed and made after 1st November will have to be approved a minimum of 27 times (for just the EU) whereas now it is automatically accepted? Anyone know from personal 1st hand experience (facebook "evidence" not acceptable)? My son works for a global company manufacturing niche industrial items, with one of their design and manufacturing facilities currently in the UK. It's the only significant single employer in a 60 mile radius and yes that area voted 'out'. I understand that they are somewhat preoccupied about future standards and compliance when we leave . For a start what general standards are going to be used? EN might not be available. Maybe UL and get all 27 to accept automatically UL and if we comply with UL for everything applicable, this will be automatically accepted by the world's largest trading block.? What about Canada and OZ/NZ? It's fairly straightforward atm and not something joe public like us has to ever concern themselves with so nobody mentions it as eyes would immediately glaze over. That is not the case for industry and this "ever so easy" WTO future. Not as straightforward as Haw Haw preaches is it? I bet he couldn't even put a plug on an iron.....
  4. Speculation? Yeah, what do Lamy and Azevêdo know about WTO ? Quite a lot one speculatively muses and do you really expect us to believe there will be no costs regarding the new required standards and their regulation and compliance? They will be huge. You were clearly making a very wide point that we pay x and they "give us" y and x-y is wasted. It is not that simple, given the handful of examples I mentioned, as I am sure you are already aware. Relevance confirmed. Well I wasn't but by not much. What I do know is things have moved on in 70+ years and we are not at war with johnny foreigner just across the channel. Much of the leaver rhetoric is predicated on the idea that we are at war with the mythical country that is the EU because that way we have an enemy to hate and something to supposedly conquer and win. The general concept of sovereignty in the 21st century is emotional but of course Haw Haw has capitalised on his definition and promoted the war concept that will no doubt stand him in good stead tonight.
  5. You don't seem to have taken into account the considerable cost of replacing the various stratae of standards, regulation and compliance after 31st Oct never mind the cost of the issues loosing the present system will prompt.The new systems will have to be agreed with the EU and all the other countries we wish to deal with. Then there's all that tax we shan't be taking from companies and their employees that leave for an EU destination never mind any costs of future currency rates. Then there's the cost of replacing those those lovely WTO trade deals negotiated via the EU. Remember we have to replace them in time for 1st Nov and some of them took a decade to negotiate (Dr Fox..... is it all sorted yet?) Then there's all the tariffs following the initial temporary rate but this will be slightly offset with cheap unregulated shite food from * knows where. Etc etc etc etc etc etc etc There are without doubt EU excesses that need curbing but are we not throwing the baby out with the bath water in search of all those undefinable emotional aspirations like "sovereignty?"
  6. Thanks (the other) BB. I've been using dyndns for 17 years. The router updates dyn. with the latest public ip and when you put your domain name in the browser, it goes to it without you needing to know what the ip address is. Unfortunately if the network does not issue a public ip, the 4G router can't tell dyn what it is and no inward connection is possible.
  7. I think you may have missed the point of my post and I wasn't suggesting you or anyone else should use a Manx/UK sim. I understand nearly all sims from all countries do not give a public ip address when used for data. The one exception I have come across is 3. That is why someone might want to use a UK sim in E but given the restriction to 3G, most wouldn't. The whole point of the tech was to point out a 4G data connection can never fully replace copper pair/fibre/microwave because of this although I realise there may be none of these at Milner's Tower anyway. By deduction, you clearly don't need an inward connection (and to do that you need the public IP). I do and found out the hard way that I can't remotely access equipment on my LAN. There is not this restriction with a normal internet connection hence the friendly challenge. 4G connection would work at Milner's Tower if they don't need to access electronic equipment there That is all, now where's paswt's florist? Hope this helps PS I use a UK EE sim for some stuff in Andalucia because, at £30/month for 50GB , I have never seen a Spanish network sim with a similar price.
  8. Not quite the same. 4G has one big limitation (apart from the obvious data limit) unless you have a UK 3 sim card. Unless summat's changed recently, you don't get issued a public ip address. That means getting data from your foreign LAN isn't a problem (you don't need to know your connection's public ip) but remotely accessing your LAN inward is not possible should you wish to connect to say, live cctv or other stuff like heating/cooling or active doorbell. PS Forget using a 3 sim in Spain. It's cheap but it roams to Movistar on 3G only but they don't tell you this when taking out a contract and try to deny it when found out. PS for security purposes, your system is probably the best. You can cut phone wires and block GSM but a microwave link to a local base station is hard to interrupt unless you climb up and knock the antenna off the wall .
  9. Depends what they do with it once collected and how long they hold it after you, say, no longer own the vehicle. There is a definite GDPR issue and I hear the gov haven't got an unblemished track record on data related transgressions. Edit: Don't underestimate how such systems can go wrong. When my dad stopped driving I bought his old UK regd. Accord and registered it here. I had quite a few years out of it before moving on to the next £500er and the Honda ended its days at Andreas scrapyard. Over a decade later someone illegally parked a car, allegedly with my dad's old UK registration, in Stockport and then it started. First the local council there wrote to him threatening all sorts if he didn't pay some crazy sum (hundreds). Dad wasn't too bothered as he had already 'departed to a better place' so they started chasing me here using data likely derived from the DVLA and possibly the Manx vehicle database. I know they can sometimes forget to do any thinking when they believe they are right but the venom and threats chasing the perceived debt were vile. There was no way they were giving up despite being furnished with facts I could prove with documentation. I was already guilty in their eyes and they threatened recovery action if I didn't pay. Now I don't know about you but I don't want to appear on 'Can't pay, they'll take it away' so I eventually demanded a description of 'my' car which came back as a different colour Toyota. At that point they gave up with no apology of course. It's very tempting to fall into the seductive easy-thinking trap of "you have nothing to fear if you've done nothing wrong". Yeah..... What if this had been a private company instead of the local council?
  10. I have a pair of brand new, late dated Continental Sport Contact 3 tyres with runflat technology for sale size 205/45 R 17 84V. These fit the various MINIs with the 7J x 17 alloy wheels. These are most commonly found on the Cooper S, Cooper SD and JCW. These tyres are the latest version of the Sport Contact 3. If you read the reviews these Sport Contact 3s get excellent write ups and imo are by far the best tyre for the Cooper S unless you want to pay extra for a Michelin that will be gone in 8,000 miles They cost me just under £260 for the pair delivered to the island and I'll accept £200 for both. Not really bothered about offers less than this or just selling one. Phone 01335 388081 (tyres are on the island...)
  11. You will no doubt be aware they they are not from their promised source as we are still paying them. The subliminal message from the bus was clearly "Vote to leave the EU and their fees will be redirected to save the NHS"
  12. Usually. They can ask at any time if they feel like it. I travel between BOD and AGP regularly. Sometimes you have to produce an ID card or passport but usually you don't.
  13. Missed out patronising...
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