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  1. @Manximus I'd be perfectly happy for the island to have freedom of movement along the principles of, say, Spain. The right there is to stay, simply as a visitor, for 90 days. More than that, you must apply and receive paperwork to stay. That right is dependent on your ability to prove medical insurance and adequate income to survive without resorting to their welfare. That means working or being rich enough or being past your state's pensionable age. There is an indirect ID system there called NIE. It is technically possible to live without it but it would be a very simple life probably eg selling handbags to tourists on Marbella sea front.. E.g. I ordered just a tyre from Euromaster yesterday and that was only possible by quoting my NIE. Anything official requires NIE. Renting or buying property requires NIE. Note Spain is an EU member state, yet we want to leave because the EU allegedly forces us to accept migrants that are not accepted by Spain. What's wrong with all that unless you have other agenda?
  2. Not really. You must be taking the piss with the last 3 or 4 days posts. In the very unlikely event that you are being serious, just refer back to Saturday 0923
  3. You didn't limit it to illegals before did you? Have you done a 180?
  4. Your and your fellow enthusiasts definition of who "shouldn't be in OUR country". Y'know, those who you have refused to precise......
  5. Well if they manage to keep that report quiet with dead cat after dead cat, we won't ever be sure will we? Have you even heard of Alexander Nix? Are you on facebook? Have you heard of Robert Mercer? . "Nonsense" just because you got your way? It will out one day. It was to. For the 2nd time today, I don't think you'd bet your house on it having a positive mid term outcome. The party in 271 hours is where it all starts, not finishes but enjoy what you believe is giving johnny foreigner a damn good kicking. ugh!
  6. I think I'll wait for the hidden report about foreign interference before reaching a conclusion on that. No doubt the celebrations in a couple of weeks will be a very inconvenient dead cat for Bozo. That is a ludicrous point to make and makes me think all this stuff you put on here is just to pull our collective chains. FFS, all that cooperation, freedom, rights, common regulation, trade, protection of minorities, inclusion of Eastern Europe etc is "just like" the period to which you clearly and falsely try to construct a link to. Again....ludicrous or worse. Jeez some of Woody's musing were less triggering than this (except I aint triggered)
  7. Unless we have to go to trump or worse with the begging bowl. How is that being democratic and independent? Fingers crossed eh?
  8. There will be significant issues unless the 3 bells in some way line up by chance. I pray it somehow works out in the medium 5 year term. If not, there will be a huge number of much poorer hopping mad traditional labour voters plus the disaffected present under 35s whose rights, freedoms and opportunity have been sacrificed on a hope and a prayer of a better economic result (aka get rid of johnny foreigner) Of course the rights and freedoms of all of us have been reduced but us old gits lucky enough to be born in a golden era will likely get through it relatively unscathed unlike my kids' generation.
  9. Well I'm not opposing or fighting the outcome, that would be pointless. However that doesn't mean I will change horses as you put it or somehow 'go away' . I believe this is a significant mistake but I would be happier than you to be eventually proved wrong. As for majorities, Blair's 1997 179 seat majority surpassed any of Hilda's earlier wins although only achieved by the UK's mad FPTP system. Sorry for introducing more facts.
  10. No, Blair's 1997 majority was bigger and was the biggest since the 30s. Define biggest. Absolute number? Reg voters corrected number? Winners percentage? General elections or just comparable referendums? Sticking to referendums: 1. Absolute number? Yes, just, by about 130,000 over the 1975 referendum however there an additional 6.4m registered voters in 2016 compared to 1975 2. Reg voters corrected number? No. 1975 bigger win by about 2.3m 3. Percentage on winning side? No 51.9% in 2016, 67% in 1975 If you want to consider turnout, the 2014 Scottish referendum was by far the highest at 84% and there were more people voting in the 1992 GE than the referendum 2016 referendum a win for leave? Of course it was... but do you really think patriotic remainers are going to "change horses"? That would be validating your choice and diluting your responsibility should all this goes tits up in the medium term. I pray it won't but I wouldn't bet my house on it and I doubt whether you would either. Just sayin' (unlike you who still hasn't justified why my question to Rog yesterday was somehow a lie or what my family had to do with that question.)
  11. No you have avoided precising who. You have just used your description of "scrounger" likely on purpose to avoid further scrutiny.
  12. I note you still haven't precised who you are talking about. Have you got a list of who you think should be purged apart from illegals?
  13. There is a bit more inconsistency here. What makes an EU immigrant earn the title "scrounger"? Which bit of EU legislation stops us purging "our" country of who ever you define above?
  14. Yep, you can choose the consultant and anaesthetist but not the nursing and support staff no matter how much you pay BUPA. You apparently want Britain to be for the indigenous British (a page or two back) so what would you do if you were confronted, during you essential medical treatment, by someone not of that description?
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