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  1. Back to endoscopy. If the perceived need is high, you will get a very quick appointment. This is based on recent family experience. Various opinion sometimes paints Nobles in a poor light. Our experience was completely the opposite and having worked in various hospitals (inc military) a fair few years ago, I think I can make a reasonable judgement. Covid has made all medical care more difficult but our recent experience at Nobles was mighty impressive.👍
  2. They all do that sir!
  3. Not crazy at all but what would they do about the tech savvy who use their own PV to charge vehicles? Tax the panels? It's all getting a bit out of hand...
  4. So if you have a larger vehicle that is rarely used it is doubly punitive. I am all for large vehicles paying more PROVIDED it is related to use. Unfortunately ANY system that bears no reference to energy consumed, including the proposed one based on weight, will be both unfair and counter-intuitive. I realise the change to electric will significantly complicate the simple 'tax the fuel' principle but all proposals so far do not discourage use. They do however discourage large vehicle ownership which is a mighty blunt instrument to discourage use.
  5. What nonsense. You do not have to be able to do a job better in order to criticise any failings of those who chose to do that job.
  6. It is an entirely separate(but not unrelated) issue. Modifying or removing anti pollution devices is highly irresponsible and should be sanctioned accordingly.
  7. Just tried to find how far you could go not stop on a charge with fairly free motorway driving. Not easy to get comparable data with 1.5t payload, the lights on and heater blasting away, neither of which affect the earlier figure for the 21 year old Transit. It won't be 500 miles.....
  8. I still think teachers should be given a priority in the rollout of vaccinations, especially given the above.
  9. Modern E6 diesels are much cleaner than most people believe. That belief hardly helped by advertising to sue manufacturers who might have been naughty with the figures. The ads for these on SM have hyperbole doing all the heavy lifting but I agree their time in cars has come to an end. Despite diesels being more efficient with a higher fuel energy density, petrol engine efficiency has really come on in the last few years making actual fuel consumption much more comparable to diesel in cars and small vans especially in island driving conditions. Not sure how phasing out the diesel eng
  10. Interesting stuff but I'd be wary of limiting this to tailpipe CO², important as it it. Since Kyoto, it seems like its most people's sole criterion when comparing fossil fuel with alternatives. I have a 21 year old very well looked after Transit that has just 60k miles on it from new (£14,000). It has a cat but predates EGR/DPF. Its tailpipe emissions are probably bad by modern day standards but it will carry 1.5t tonnes non-stop for 500+ miles on a tankful at 70 mph (30 mpg). If I'm allowed, I'd get another 5 years out of it at least but how bad is the real total environment im
  11. Does anyone know if Minister Baker has any technical expertise or qualifications this side of GCSE/O level? His bio suggests not. Hey, even a physics O level (yep I am old) would be a start. I genuinely hope I am not being unfair (and if I you think I am Minister, come on here and debate it). My experience of discussing this over many years with various highly educated people is that if someone has little technical expertise or education they can fall into the trap of looking at this problem from purely an emotional and/or financial angle. Minister Baker has an impressive finan
  12. Not that I've seen if true total environment damage is taken into account. There used to be a sort of joke that the least damaging vehicle ever was the Series 1 Land Rover. Not sure I'd agree but it did make the point that environmental damage is much more than what comes out of the exhaust. In fact some think that there is more environmental damage is caused by manufacture and disposal than exhaust emissions over total vehicle life if immediate air quality is conveniently ignored. Electric vehicles produce significant environmental damage on manufacture and disposal for a relatively shor
  13. Of course but generally speaking, we don't have the air quality issues the centre of a big city has. The mining of the metals for the batteries that ultimately give you a better QB experience produces significant pollution as does their end of life processing.
  14. Correct or else they'd use the 1st reg and extra fuel tax on non electric vehicles like many countries have done for years. Pretend it's about pollution to justify a massive tax hike that is based on factors not proportional to total pollution. That's the way of politic these days and they probably hope nobody will notice. Great..🙄
  15. That really demonstrates the very shallow and dismissive thinking. Beware of taxing on ownership. You don't know where it will end and might well actually end up with a reduced tax take if pushed hard enough.
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