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  1. Over one month later and still no code generated on the NHS app like patients whose GP is UK based. As before, it just says "we could not find your vaccination details etc" Default speed setting looks like Traa-dy-lioor after all..
  2. Yeah you're such a victim 🙄 The "quelle surprise" referred to nothing but your apparent lack of knowledge of equality legislation from where it originates. That has nothing to do with being clever or educated...
  3. Maybe a bit of biz for lawyers in that lot..
  4. Quelle surprise....
  5. It might be first world probs John but what really grates is that it is all so unnecessary and ultimately of no tangible benefit for anyone. Nobody in either tribe seems happy except maybe customs agents and flag makers....
  6. I think a month is reasonable under the circumstances. Fingers crossed....
  7. I was aware of the former but not what has happened over the last few days. How does that change the basic underlying and salient question of "when can we just use the NHS app like they can across" ?
  8. You got further than me then MMP. After an initial 'first name terms' email agreeing to the basic principle and need, my second very polite email trying to get some idea of who/timescale disappointingly wasn't answered. OK sounds good but I though it was up to our lot to get the local agreement in place to do the data drop ?
  9. I get the feeling we are talking at cross purposes. I know (having emailed Manx officialdom) that they ultimately wish to do a data drop to Pinnacle that will enable the so-called 'vaccine passport' within the NHS digital app. It is just a matter of when as I perceived a slight lack of official understanding why this is so important should we have the temerity to venture further than Dover. The Minister allegedly did not know, just a week or so ago, that the NHS app could be used by Manx residents. The whole reason for my bumbling contributions has been to : 1. Outline why I believe this is important. 2. To hopefully keep officialdom 'interested' in a timely outcome.
  10. Nope, I perfectly understand what we are currently not getting and what is likely to be the expected format ('required by regulation' and 'expected' are clearly not synonymous). C'mon John, you have done enough travelling/living in all sorts of different countries and you will likely be aware of 'paperwork' requirements outside UK/IOM and how to negotiate them with minimum stress. If you have what they are expecting you aren't (in their opinion) a PIA. If you don't have what they are expecting, for any reason, you become (just in their opinion, remember) a PIA, no matter how undeserved. 35 years of dealing with officialdom in Europe in various countries have personally illustrated this time and time again and quoting the law (even if you're 101% correct) just makes things worse. Usually much worse. So...155 people get off a plane in Malage say. 153 have the NHS app with its QR code. Happy days. 2 from the little old IOM don't because their gov "use a different system". It doesn't take much imagination to work out how already peed off Capt Guardia Civil will react. Of course, wouldn't this QR code on an app be ever so useful to our police/customs here after 28th June ? This needs sorting asap.
  11. Hmm depends on your criteria. I trust you will agree that we have got mighty used to easy border crossings in the last 25 years but that has finished. Just imagine you are an irritable border guard in Europe on a hot day, bored to tears with the relentless job of checking the vax status from those from "l'albion perfide" whose vote has already made your working life much harder. You just want to scan that effing QR/barcode on their NHS app like you have been ordered so to do. Nothing else.. then someone from the IOM (that you've never even heard of) tells you they haven't got that QR because their gov use a different system 🙄
  12. Yep. Becoming a moaning mini in case traa di liooar is allowed to become the default speed for sorting this out.
  13. There seems to have been some company acquisition in March 2020 but that may well not help explain this. How the UK vax status is recorded is described here
  14. I obv wasn't blaming Manx Care or their predessors for anything thanks very much Roger. It was just a 'for example' question whether any health admin had a good reason for preferring EMIS. Someone must have preferred it but they seem hard to find now.
  15. Oh, sorry. Did a forum search for 'NHS app' before contributing and ....nothing. Also Hancock only announced it going live to UK patients 3 weeks ago. Anyway.... more importantly, does anyone know why our leaders chose EMIS over Pinnacle because that is the issue here. A somewhat anecdotal preliminary research indicated Primary Care providers do not like EMIS (eg "It took me 20 minutes to log on this morning....") so why are we using EMIS ? To save money ? It's better for Manx Care admin ? The person originally ordering it didn't do enough research ? What ?
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