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  1. Yes. This is BY FAR the number one problem yet hardly anyone talks about it compared to all the other supposed answers. The waste we create is close behind but waste ultimately relies on #1 problem.
  2. The vaccine rollout decisions were not dependent on EU non-membership.
  3. Yep. I have been trying to link the TAC Verif app with the TousAntiCovid app (where the certificates are stored) to save carrying the paper bit around and scanning it each time. Failed..
  4. Thought so hence your point about 30 days being a real pain if you are travelling. Mrs biker points out you (obv) need access to a printer once you download any updated certificate which will of course not then be on security paper. I think this is the IOM gov all over. Slow, inefficient, costly and different for the sake of it, often to every Manx resident's detriment once you have the temerity to go elsewhere. It seems little has changed since I worked there 30+ years ago.
  5. Nah, it doesn't warrant that now the issue has, finally, been resolved. It just doesn't matter any more. Perhaps it won't happen again eh ? 😉
  6. Me too. I'm off to France where they have an app called TousAntiCovid. It provides a QR to access places and transport that require full vax. I have just tried to activate it with the NHS 2D barcode and .. yes .. it works. It just all needs repeating in 30 days which, as you have already pointed out, is a pain Maybe your destination countries have a similar app to the French that may help whilst this is resolved?
  7. Cage rattled and a prompt response. Thank you Richard. There was a 2nd email sent at 1413 on the 14th June following the one to which you referred (sent at 1212). It is pointless going any further with this as the subsequent 2 lost emails included a once valid enquiry that has now been rendered irrelevant by the recent issue resolution. That said, I can prove both were sent, so if they do arrive, any response would now be entirely superfluous. However, fair play to you. You had the you-know-whats to contribute on here...👍
  8. Well that's an improvement to the sub-optimal attitude of the Chief Information Officer for Manx Care who chose to completely ignore two emails on this subject. The first was on the 14th June and the subsequent chaser on 31st July. Good job this has now since been resolved. Hey ... that's not you is it ? 😉
  9. It's a public forum, there is bound to be details that are inaccurate or perhaps not 100% accurate but I'd be wary of anyone lazily assuming we are all numpties who know next to nothing.
  10. Yep hence this thread I just want the least grief at international borders and other places requiring vax confirmation (who wouldn't). However....someone in Primary Care gave me the heads up months and months ago as to why Manx resident users of the NHS app would not be able access all the NHS app (eg this subsequently available QR. ) Much of this was later confirmed in the dialogue that thread but way before all that I was given the name of a CS so I emailed him for clarification. There followed a very prompt "first name terms" response acknowledging the issue but pointing out it wasn't his specific responsibility. I politely replied asking who was responsible - no reply I chased this up a week or two back with polite but more direct language - no reply In the short time I worked for the Manx Government 30 years ago , I would never have just ignored a letter/email from joe public yet this now seems to be the way to dodge stuff you don't want to deal with. International Travel by Dunroamin. ?😀 fabulous...
  11. Have you contributed in response to the request for funding on PJH Law's website ?
  12. Tell us more or will you then have to kill me ?
  13. So...when this imminently goes live in the CI, will the dear old Isle of Man be only remaining place in the British Isles where residents cannot generate this QR code on their NHS digital app ?
  14. When, precisely, did he say that ? The last I heard was that it would be very quick for NHS digital to process once the data drop had been done. The delay was in sorting out some safeguards prior to the data drop. You would have thought, naively perhaps, that these safeguards could have been sorted out in, say, a month.
  15. NHS Digital cannot do their stuff until our lot do their data drop.
  16. Over one month later and still no code generated on the NHS app like patients whose GP is UK based. As before, it just says "we could not find your vaccination details etc" Default speed setting looks like Traa-dy-lioor after all..
  17. Yeah you're such a victim 🙄 The "quelle surprise" referred to nothing but your apparent lack of knowledge of equality legislation from where it originates. That has nothing to do with being clever or educated...
  18. Maybe a bit of biz for lawyers in that lot..
  19. Quelle surprise....
  20. It might be first world probs John but what really grates is that it is all so unnecessary and ultimately of no tangible benefit for anyone. Nobody in either tribe seems happy except maybe customs agents and flag makers....
  21. I think a month is reasonable under the circumstances. Fingers crossed....
  22. I was aware of the former but not what has happened over the last few days. How does that change the basic underlying and salient question of "when can we just use the NHS app like they can across" ?
  23. You got further than me then MMP. After an initial 'first name terms' email agreeing to the basic principle and need, my second very polite email trying to get some idea of who/timescale disappointingly wasn't answered. OK sounds good but I though it was up to our lot to get the local agreement in place to do the data drop ?
  24. I get the feeling we are talking at cross purposes. I know (having emailed Manx officialdom) that they ultimately wish to do a data drop to Pinnacle that will enable the so-called 'vaccine passport' within the NHS digital app. It is just a matter of when as I perceived a slight lack of official understanding why this is so important should we have the temerity to venture further than Dover. The Minister allegedly did not know, just a week or so ago, that the NHS app could be used by Manx residents. The whole reason for my bumbling contributions has been to : 1. Outline why I believe this is important. 2. To hopefully keep officialdom 'interested' in a timely outcome.
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