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  1. Oh, and the old guy in WH Smith. Such a gentleman!
  2. Sheila in Fairfield Stores on Berkeley Street makes me smile without fail...and Lesley in 5th Avenue is the loveliest lovely there ever was!
  3. Hi! Is this dining table and chairs still for sale? Can you post some photos? Thanks x
  4. I happened to be one of those 50 people representing the Isle of Man at the Monaco Yacht Show this year and myself, along with the other IOM exhibitors, were proud to be there promoting the island. People are really starting to take notice of our little island, and not only from the perspective of what IOM registration benefits are on offer. Just to clarify, the IOM Govt were represented by all of 4 people. Hardly over egging the pudding.
  5. Went snowboarding in Bulgaria for last New Year and had a blast. It was pretty cheap as we got an amazing last minute deal, and the snow was just fab!! We took LEVs with us before we went to save any rip-off rates because it was their peak winter season. Can't comment on summer holidays though, sorry.
  6. I've been here sooooooo many times before. I say punish him......"Running Man" stylee!!
  7. I lost my job a couple of years ago (manx company). I got the statutory redundancy pay and it was tax free.
  8. The guy I used for my wedding was D Alcock, tel 801111, mobile 455646. He's got a really nice white merc - I think he's using one of my wedding photos for his brochure. Really nice guy and very reliable. Good luck!
  9. I know what I'll be doing for my birthday now....yippee! Thanks Mr Dreamfish!
  10. Gluttony, Gluttony and Gluttony!
  11. Loolie

    Tattoo Pics

    If they were Jimmy Choos, hell yeah!!
  12. I lost 4lbs, but that's because of a very heavy night on NYE and a reluctance to try eating anything on NYDay! I'm sure it'll all go back on again, and then some, coz I have half of Winerite sitting in my spare room!!
  13. Does the Refinery have a list of courses that it runs? Their website has been "under construction" for ages and I never seem to be down that end of the street to call in for one
  14. I use CreditExpert.co.uk (affiliated with Experian) to check up on my credit ratings/scores. All companies I am associated with (whether it be banks, mail order catalogues, and even Camelot when I open my online lottery account) enter monthly information on whether I have made my payments on time (or not!) and you can log onto their website and check this information whenever you like. You can also get a free credit score report from Experian. I think it's free for the first 30 days (as a trial) and then you pay £5.99 a month if you want to carry on with your "subscription" to the service
  15. Think you'll find that the guy from Ramsey is actually swigging water out of his stella can and not beer
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