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  1. Well I saw Councillor Richie McNicholl strolling into the Outback about 4:30 today. I say somethin for those lot, they can fair sup the booze!
  2. lurk

    A Return

    Sound to me you got a 2 year stretch somewhere.
  3. The plan has been drawn up by fuckwits. Watch this space for more details.
  4. lurk


    I keep on hearing of a place on the Isle of Man called Yamsey. It was irritating at first although it is starting to grow on me the more people ask me where it is.
  5. Although I would not condone driving whilst disqualified, there is something quite chilling about that sentence.
  6. Any chance of getting back on topic here? I'm feeling a wee bit neglected in my supposed urge for attention . . . . . . . .
  7. I see the light. Thing is right, smoking, the 'voluntary' inhalation into, and the obvious damage to, your lungs, probably one of the most delicate parts of YOUR body, (alveoli and all that) just doesn't make sense. YOU do it to relieve YOUR self-induced craving. YOUR addiction. YOUR *arhem * 'pleasure'. But to go round in public, be it Strand Street or Bar George or similar, and expect other people to put up with YOUR shit is quite simply unacceptable. In anybody's language abso-fucken-luetely-unaccepatble. For any supposedly intelligent person with
  8. lol and all that. Weel perhaps I know them but I know that I dont so no I m not related in anyway whatever Sorry about the spelling but I cant always help it.
  9. well I kno its not the end of the world and life as we know it but evry time I buy fruit and veg on this Island it seems to go off really quickly. It definitely never used to. Maybe there is a conspiracy here somewhere. Or maybe it is since that girl left the supermarket you wrote about before.
  10. Well that is me told. (I was actually worried about you though). Unfortunately maybe I am very anti-smoking, perhaps we shant go there just now. But I worry when the gov. say it is bad but some people in the media and people with a platform are hapy to spread the word about the peculiar enjoyment smoking gives them. I would love you to one day come and join the band of non-smokers and spread the anti-smoking word. Looks like Im not the best representrtative of thatparticular movement so praps you will stay where you are on this But:- Nice reply Mr Peters.
  11. Then LURK, it should be your choice to educate your Daughter also. It takes two to tango. Two have tango'ed Soh dont you worry I have told her about the slimy greaseballs hooked on their own drugs that need to sell to schoolkids to feed their habit. Dont you worry about that. I suppose I should let the law sort it all out. But how is it that I know dozens of people who deal drugs (obviously illegally) and the police dont. In fact I am wrong there becaiuse they do know - I know they know. They seem to let these people carry on. It is crazy. The law don't seem to be too i
  12. One MP, constituency of Isle of Man for Westminster. I vote for Kevin to be parachuted in to be MP. Al credentials are perfect.
  13. Thanks for the smilie after your post. I am acshully a bit slight and some say a wimp. However, when someone wants to interfere with my daughters life with drugs I will certainly be prepared to have "law and order" tattoed on my knuckles and even "cut here" and dotted line on my kneck. That is something I have deep rooted and thought about. We don't really no about the effect of drugs on this Island yet. But that is a lesson I got years ago. I repeat my first post. As I say "There choice". So plenty of time for the shits to think about ma two pals on the end of ma arms don't ya
  14. I don't normally swear but I did then. Sorry. I was very, very angry. However, no one else broadcasts it. And does anyone else think the chap who broadcasts it treats it like Stuart Hall would and everything is a laugh and a chuckle. Well it isn't.. Maybe Manx Radio think the politivians are only a joke and their for our entertainment. maybe.
  15. Possiobly you are on to a hunch here but there again when you pay next week you will be bang up to date. Duke may be rich but they ain't stupit.
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