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  1. There is. Which is very misleading because there is no nature reserve on the private land the owners want to build on.
  2. I would expect it to be a lot more. That sounds cheap
  3. Economies of scale. It’s pretty basic and applies to everything we do on a small Island. All the running costs will be similar (if not higher) here, but the number of inmates to divide it by is lower. Same applies to utilities, telecoms, chip shops etc etc.
  4. Turns out it takes two seconds to google the answer £80,094.50
  5. I would guess it is more than that by quite a margin
  6. Genuine question. For what purpose were you digging trenches for construction on a privately owned bit of land that currently has no buildings on it?
  7. Fair enough, you make a good point. He must have been stoned then 😂
  8. Have you worked out what point he was actually trying to make? I have absolutely no idea 😂 Maybe he was on the pub?
  9. Ladies and gentlemen….. Introducing. For ten minutes only (drum roll) Cuey Lewis and the News!!!!!!!! (Crowd put head in hands and roll eyes, while clicking the report button) 😂
  10. Are they not in the same country that those businesses already operate in? Thats quite a different proposition to coming here
  11. He never did answer that question. I have zero respect for people who can’t admit they were wrong.
  12. Get out with your actual facts. People need something to rant about, even if they don’t understand what they are ranting about. I have seen people ranting about a ten percent tax increase ffs
  13. Even with flood defences? What is wrong with the significant defences proposed.
  14. Which admin functions are chronically overmanned? I was in the test centre recently and the staff in there said they are rushed off their feet.
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