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  1. I feel so sorry for this teen being criticised on this thread. He already has a job, going by initial post, and works regular overtime. Hard-working obviously not lazy, just trying to expand his horizons and aiming for a payrise. Whatever is wrong with that? Uncle should be more supportive of his ambition, I think.
  2. It would appear the teenager in question already has a job, part time but with regular overtime. From that springboard it would appear he wishes to change career, but only to a job which fits his requirements. He is not unemployed and is managing on his current wage, but interested in a shift and rise in pay. That is and should entirely be his choice. He can turn down anything he likes, he's not desperate for work, and has enough self understanding to know what he wants and won't settle for less. Surely that's commendable, and no reason for criticism?
  3. Deep Is the ocean, Floor to ceiling. Mermen Swimming inquisitively At Port Soderick. Lost the way To Castletown, Lost a way Of finding it easily When stars Light the sky. Yet in the blink Of an eye And the blink Of a mind's eye, A short Hop to the shop, At the foot of the hill, With the purple curtains Green walls Bright display cases, Possible To know the impossible. Crows At Dawn. A castle rebuilt. Tramlines Ironed on trousers. Bad wifery. Won't ask again then. Nothing disturbing Complicated simplicity. Tea or port Should the storm... Ice and lemon.
  4. Hundreds of years ago Romans conquered the British Isles They did by whipping nettles On their chilblained feet to smiles. It kept them going, it must have, Building roads for miles and miles. The roads in Londinium Were allegedly of gilt They only seemed to stop When they met those men in kilts The colder climes of Scotland Where the roads stopped being built. I'm sure toga wearing warriors Had no problem with attire Or Mel's scarey battle make-up Even though it's pretty dire They'd maybe had enough of war By Scotland they'd got tired. I only picked the bits I liked
  5. So much for the shooting star, The wishing well, the sneeze, So much for the Feng Shui tips And praying on my knees. Hope Cupid snapped his arrow, For all the pain he brought, He only gave me sorrow, Not the harmony I sought. Each day I question reason, A candle nightly lit, The dreams I once believed in- Don't tell me this is it? Delicious lies, still cherished, Disturb my longed for slumber, I hate myself for wondering Does he still have my number?
  6. Reckon you must not long have had a birthday. I always feel a bit jealous around a birthday too. Gettin old isn't fun.
  7. psychics/ mediums / fortune tellers. Don't think this kinda thing can be proved or disproved here- its all down to belief. Doubt people who go to see psychics or mediums consider themselves to be as gullible as disbelievers make them out to be. If avoiding going under a ladder makes you feel the rest of the day will be better than if you've gone under it, who's to take away that feeling of optimism? If a message from 'the other side' gives comfort in time of sorrow, when other solutions haven't helped, who's to take that belief away? Many people believe we go somewhere else when we pass
  8. by jupiter, wheres neptune n pluto?
  9. Thanks for that, Chilledoutentertainer! Will give it a try.
  10. Hi, just wondered if anyone knew if there was anywhere for ballroom dancing in Douglas? Also, maybe just maybe, a tarot reader, reasonably priced, in or close to Douglas? Can't seem to find either anywhere.
  11. Thank you, glad you liked it.
  12. My life is like a novel Which would bore you to sleep, It wouldn't make you weep or greet Unless your pretty weak. Looking through rose-tinted specs, Romance kept me alive, The promise of a shining knight Helped me to survive. As I struggle day by day Seeking reason for existense, What keeps me going physically Is sheer stubborn persistence. And when I'm old -er (maybe), The whirring wheels will slow, I'll clutch a batch of memories And close the door as I go.
  13. Arms around My life, my soul, Comfort of your beating heart, Musically. Your tender whisper Assures security. Trace your face, Touch your skin, Feel your smile, my smile, Aware you do care, you are there, Loving me. Dawn comes, Breathing rhythmically, Sharing energy, newly wakened, Tasting harmony unchallenged, Two as one. Walk your walk My walk your Step by stepping side by side Inside, are one in truth, Through sunset And eternity.
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