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  1. Omnitec

    Stolen Car

    Thats a yes then. Oops No, that's an 'I am afraid I can not give any further details'. Hopefully you will be able to read the details after the ongoing investigation. Best regards, Steven
  2. Omnitec

    Stolen Car

    I am afraid I can not give any further details. The police are dealing with it now and I hope that a result can be made public later. Best regards, Steven
  3. Omnitec

    Stolen Car

    The police recovered the car last night. Many thanks for keeping an eye out. Steven Martin Omnitec Ltd.
  4. Omnitec

    Stolen Car

    Please keep an eye out for our red and silver Smart Car which was stolen last night and is still missing. If you spot it, please call the police on 631212 ASAP. I'll post back when it is found. Many thanks. Steven Martin Omnitec Ltd.
  5. Manx Forum members, We received two emails on 20th October 2011 purporting to come from a legitimate Canadian company setting up an operation in the Isle of Man, and asking us for details of our services. The email included the correct telephone number and address of a legitimate Canadian business. Because we were BCC'd into this email there is no way for us to know how many other addresses it was sent to. The email headers suggest that it came from the fixed IP address of a young Manx IT company (who used a Godaddy webmail client). The email domain was registered on 20th October 2011
  6. Hi LT, It depends how you define 'best'! Apple are best for turnaround times on iPads as they are keeping most of the stock themselves and only sending small numbers to distributors. The margin on Apple kit is very low, even for authorised resellers, so price wise local companies will likely only be able to match the price on the Apple site. That said, if you have a part number then I can let you know price, shipping cost and availability for comparison. Best regards, Steven Martin Omnitec Ltd.
  7. Omnitec Ltd., a Business to Business IT Service provider, is looking for a person to work part time (15 to 20 hours per week). The role will involve business development (finding, researching and approaching potential clients to arrange meetings for the technical staff) and keeping CRM records up to date. Requirements: Excellent written and spoken English Business to business sales experience would be an advantage Excellent oral and written communication skills Must be highly motivated and able to work on your own initiative. This is a flexible part-time position (15 to
  8. Omnitec currently has three positions available: Two technical staff We are looking for highly motivated technical staff who wish to contribute to our team at all levels. The scope exists for the right candidate to take ownership of and complete tasks such as server installation, migration and configuration. This role is different from an 'in house' position in that you will be constantly exposed to (and required to implement) new technologies for new and existing clients across a variety of business sectors. Industry certifications from Microsoft (backed up by experience) and con
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