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  1. Sad news in Ramsey https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/ramsey-commissioner-leonard-singer-has-passed-away/
  2. Roger who it looks like owns 40% of the business has made shit loads of cash out of Microgaming and by shit loads I mean absolutely shit loads. I doubt the risks put him off and it looks like something you could get working in the IOM and then scale up globally. The IOM is probably a good test bed. I would have thought they’d have done their research very well and know all the risks to do with expiry of use by dates etc.
  3. Mouthpiece


    I think it’s a valid subject for discussion given how generally unpopular RingGo is and how poorly rated it is as a product online on most of the review sites (which clearly didn’t put off the DOI from signing a contract). If it’s also insecure then I think that’s a big issue when it’s the only way to pay at the airport outside of faffing around with cash at the Helpdesk.
  4. I’m sure the multi millionaire serial entrepreneur Roger Raatgever doesn’t really need lessons in how to found a business and will be well aware of all those risks. If they’re successful a single supply chain for Manx Care and the retail pharmacies will reduce costs and improve service.
  5. Twice a month is hardly bespoke though is it? It’s the sort of bare minimal service any local authority could get away with here or in the UK. Also I would imagine that most rate payers would expect some highly paid pen pusher to come up with a plan around peak times that actually factored in taking away peoples rubbish.
  6. I suppose equally if people are being charged for refuge disposal as part of their rates then I can see why people are pissed off at either having rubbish flying round their garden or having to drive to the tip to get rid of it as they got a text saying it would be taken away and then it wasn’t. There didn’t really seem to be any issues with refuge services until they decided to change them.
  7. It just makes them look ridiculous. I’m really angry about the way these people are being treated. But I’m not angry enough to get wet! Besides the fact I’ve just walked to Costa at the Sea Terminal with no coat on and it wasn’t too bad. What a bunch of big Jessie’s!
  8. There were some workers out in Governors Hill today picking up recycling waste in a small recycling van. It’s mad though if they’re texting people and then not actually doing the pickups they’re texting.
  9. It all seems to be very odd. The posters calling for other posters to be banned seem to be just as bad with their behaviour and posting themselves. If you were a conspiracy theorist you’d put money on one person having some sort of existential breakdown through about 10 different accounts, or perhaps just hitting the Xmas sherry too hard?
  10. Their FB Group is still quite active even if the events have been infrequent.
  11. I’m loving the whole Stumpwork album by Dry Cleaning currently, it’s especially rare to find a song about a lost family tortoise delivered so well
  12. At least you are aware that Stu Peters exists and he does offer an opinion on things. All of the above could basically have either left the IOM or even died and nobody would be any the wiser.
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