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  1. ian rush

    TT 2021 ??

    Do the official figures count residents who clear off ? If departing locals are counted AND they do homestay lets then is it double counting if visitor numbers but without visitor spend.
  2. After 15 years he realises he'll never be Chief Minister. He does get to dress up though, so not all bad for him.
  3. Boot - roast swan.
  4. I bet hospital and care staff whose leave is restricted will be made up if the teachers get this. And they'll be the first out the door if/when we get any level of community transmission.
  5. Escape artist: your points about my argument ignore the fact that filippos rent a quote was saying NZ was selfish in maintaining a lockdown for the reasons cited. It wasnt about the uk initial response. Herd immunity was initially prominent in uk; but see my point re what happened in Sweden. Government not closing stuff doesnt mean people will carry on as normal. I doubt i'll ever persuade you given you attribute the politics of 'the left' for the ultimate uk response and ignore the fact that it whilst headline bed capacity (nightingale hospitals) may not have been called upon, staff were overwhelmed even with what you consider were premature measures.
  6. Filippos extract re the selfishness of NZ relying on vacc and herd immunity elsewhere is in my unqualified view utter horseshit. As if NZ wouldnt make vaccine available when it came on stream; theyre not going to wait for the world to eliminate by vaccine before re-opening without offer vacc to their citizens. Herd immunity elsewhere? Is there such immunity? This is closer to a cold than chickenpox as far as i can see so questionable that there is such a thing. Finally swedens economic hit by people staying in despite limited forced closures was similar to other scandi countries. Except loads more dead. So people retract even if not forced if the virus has a certain level of prevalence. Borders being shut is painful but we cant print money and so keeping economy's main bits running as much as possible with minimised risk of reintroduction seems like best of a bad job. There's no big fucking money tree and so this seems best of a bad job pending working vaccination.
  7. HM the sole Manifesto has just arrived. Singing the praises of Courtenay Heading amongst other pungent horseshit.
  8. Cregeen went to Crhs
  9. What's conspicuously absent from LVs candidate's FB campaign is the party's policies.
  10. Josem. Covid. Paedo sentences. Roadworks. Dog whistler.
  11. Josem can gtf after his horsehit about covid. Typical lib vannin. Anything Government does is shite. Thankfully i have a vote and i will be using as best as i can to make sure he doesnt get in. 13th March 2020 https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/josem-calls-for-more-action-on-coronavirus/
  12. Had Josems letter through. Jobs. Health care. Off island travel. Ace. I also think his 'scrutinising evey pound Government spends' / tax payers alliance stance risks the small minded book keeper approach of Kate and pre-supposes tax as a generally bad thing. It isnt and we should acknowledge that. Tax helps pay for a fair society.
  13. Loads more civil servants and post office staff to issue the discs. Ace.
  14. If you cant afford 300 pollution tax at once i doubt the car is getting proper maintenance. Get a push bike instead? For shits and giggles i imagine a great big overlappy venn diagram between those who want to pay monthly and hating cyclists/wanting cyclists to pay 'road tax' whatever the fuck that is.
  15. Dont worry Tim Crookall will stand for MHK next time...
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