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  1. The union have sat on their hands about the bullying allegations for 2 weeks. Last mtg at which alleged bullying occurred is 1 july. Only Cregeen being a dick in Tynwald has led them to raise an allegation about his conduct. Even Hooper seems to be saying them raising this allegation now isnt going to sort the pay dispute. And wtf is institutional bullying by one person? Fuck me if these union reps are anywhere near teaching. I still dislike Cregeen btw.
  2. Committee page here. They decide how big the troughs are and who gets salmon or fish fingers. http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/committee/emol/Pages/default.aspx
  3. Committee members are ex nurse Bettison, Rob Callister DfE member who thinks cruise ships are ace and Robertshaw who wants a big fuck off deep water berth to help out family business interests. You wont see them for shit when it comes to being accountable for any decision. And it sems theyre simply proposing an alternative policy rather than reviewing the success/failure of a policy. That might be the remit of the standing committees but doesnt it mean nothing will ever get done. A bit like the horsetrams where everyone had a view. Ultimately someone has to decide what to do and then get backing from tynwald and treasury/budget to allocate capital
  4. He sounded like the thick headed biff he is.
  5. ian rush

    TT 2018

    I can see why the acu would want it here ACU indemnity to marshals assocaiation based in iom. Most witnesses based in iom. Different protocols on disclosure and litigation funding Judicial familiarity (new deemster needham used to be coroner of inquests) with statute empowered closed roads racing
  6. 5k damages. The rest on legal costs.
  7. I rode in and out along peel rd today and had three near misses, two of which were cycle lane related i.e car / ped crossing because the cars had stopped and not looking for bikes. The other was just shit driving. I did also see some prick on a mountain bike running a red light. Which wasnt me.
  8. Going back to the original post... Even if the dastardly cyclist had been insured, that insurer would, after paying out, have chased the poor car driver (or his insurer). Still, that wouldnt fit the agenda although its no great surprise to me that someone so anti-bike doesnt understand how insurance works.
  9. Thats why Rob is grandstanding re rent increases for public sector and/or deficiency payments and/or Onchan commissioners rents (even though theyre the only ones who count their sheltered accom separate). The person with responsibilty for LA housing in DoI? Why, his likely rival next time up, the other mhk for Onchan, Mrs Edge.
  10. What this boils down to is that onchan mhks dont have anything to do with bins and dogshit in lakeside (garff). The sooner our supposed national politicians stopped dicking around with local authority matters and questioning operational matters the better.
  11. Office of HR is part of Cabinet Office and does all recruitment adim and HR across Govt as a shared service. DHSC will do job spec and pay/grade will need to be okd by elsewhere. So 2112 is talking shite.
  12. Would we be having this debate if hed hit a car or house and done that much damage? As others have said this is why driving a ton of metal has a legal requirement for insurance because it can be real bad if things go wrong... And to those who say cyclists should be paying 'road tax' think of the non charge as being like the opposite of disincentivizing taxes on fags booze and irn bru. And obviously road tax would have prevented these cyclists fron being hit... BTW with all these cyclists on the road, how many facey messages have you seen regarding bad parking, car park hit and runs or police appeals? Some are cunts for red lights and pavements but they tend not to speed in town or use their mobile phone when riding or do things that put others at risk because crashing hurts. Anyway Jeremies / angry car blokes, fire away at the above ...just dont do it while youre driving.
  13. Keep Calm is a completely gammon English thing.
  14. ian rush

    TT 2018

    It's an ACUE investigation under a lawyer so they'll be using legal privilege as basis to withhold.
  15. ian rush

    Lycra lout

    Next topic (not): "(derogatory racist term) commits crime" ergo all foreigners are criminals.
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