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  1. ian rush

    TT 2018

    It's an ACUE investigation under a lawyer so they'll be using legal privilege as basis to withhold.
  2. ian rush

    Lycra lout

    Next topic (not): "(derogatory racist term) commits crime" ergo all foreigners are criminals.
  3. Read Parrish book. Shat in your pint. Bomb scare. What a card. The cunt. Seeya in June. Best week of the year. Apart from Tynwald Day. Which isn't a week but is manx.
  4. Dead fast 5 wins in a week. yellow flags. Hero. We all come back next year and its never been better.
  5. Theres no such thing as the taxpayers alliance in the island as they are much too busy selling the grassroots myth to the plebs in much bigger jurisdictions.
  6. I got a bit excited when i read the Speaker had been shot in his ceremonial robes. Especially considering he's a soldier and that.
  7. ian rush

    TT 2018

    Isnt it privileged being a report (by a lawyer with expertise in accident investigation) commissioned for the likely litigation? If so why should it be released.? If it is privileged it wouldn't be foi able if Government had been in ACUEs position and had commissioned it.
  8. And the one constant with all the political and managerial changes is a cabal of self-interested consultants paid more than anywhere in the uk and with the longest waiting lists...unless youre prepared to stump up for a private queue jumping engagement.
  9. Why does it always have to be someone's fault? The more blame there is, the more decisions have to be made because more stuff goes to a cross Dept commitee or even to Council of Min to cover arses. Which adds more paper and time to the process.
  10. The media serve up what the plebs want.
  11. 1. Theyve got no choice but to recuse if they want to PAC it. 2. The TT 'costs' DED/DfE every year and its sold as ok cos it does economic good elsewhere (and lets leave aside the guaranteed deaths). If thats so whats the big fucking deal with 26m over a number of years and it being a bit of a VAT sharing cuteness in comparison? 3. If im right on my VAT cuteness is a backbench desire for headlines risking a lot?
  12. No big fan of cab trade in particular the idea that a plate is an asset to be traded, but have some sympathy with them on dial a ride. However bleating about the state using state assets at lower cost than shelling out to the trade for multiple taxis for airport transfers: fuck off.
  13. ian rush


    http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/pp/Reports/2009-PP-0078.pdf Fair shits. Seemingly Kinrade wasnt per p.6 of this. Camlork would probably have been zoned *and* braddan local plan passed if buster hadnt been trying to keep houses away from his place at mt rule.
  14. ian rush


    Was Ken in dolge when they fucked the braddan local plan up?
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