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  1. It was stupid to be up there but all the complaints must have at least a part of not expecting the unexpected or driving off the rear lights of the car in front or having a stopping distance further than seeing distance.
  2. It’s always had a premium compared to other top job posts since Summerland. Whether that’s right or wrong can be debated.
  3. Phil Gawne gave a really good answer to an obviously mental question from Mad Dog Houghton a few years back. Something about next time he’ll make sure all the gritters are deployed to Willaston so the residents could drive round the estate (and nowhere else) rather than anyone else use the main roads.
  4. I thought Tracey Bell’s was 2m turnover, rather than earnings.
  5. It’s a really difficult situation for the social workers, police, fire etc in cases where people have capacity (in the legal sense) to make bad decisions.
  6. Early call on kids/schools is right. Imagine the chaos if the call wasn’t made until after the snow arrives or tmrrw morning. It’s an essential journeys situation. My work has encouraged everyone with homework IT kit to take it tonight. Im booked on leave as well…bugger.
  7. Tinkering round the edges. There needs to be a greater emphasis on taxing wealth / land (in particular simply because you happen to own a house). Far too much untaxed wealth locked up in property and an ever diminishing share of workers shouldering the tax burden via income tax and indirect taxes. There need to be disincentives for rentiers and those sitting on undeveloped brown field sites.
  8. All the old people now be dead, no one working to pay the state bills. House price collapse.
  9. I’m a recreational cyclist and odd time bike commuter and that Pulrose Bridge is a mess. The loss of the second lane coming off the Bridge onto Peel Road is pointless. The cycle lane there is utter shite and I can see why the anti-bike mob hate it. I do too.
  10. 1) They both voted for the scheme in 2018 2) whatever the rights and wrongs of the original decision, settling at the level they did (22odd k) might stop the others under 60 who got 22 from losing their seat (cregeen, baker, peake?) from trying to tell treasury they should’ve also got the 33k the tribunal awarded
  11. It’s another example of a capital project going through when there are probably revenue expenditures even within MNH which might not even see the light of day cos it’s simply never going to be allowed. After this capital spend there will of course be a new revenue spend. Much as I disagree withDamian Ciapelli on most things he’s right to say things like the House of Mannanan would be a much better spend. It is tired and looks shite.
  12. Nomination for the Darwin Awards?
  13. The policy issue here (leaving parking aside) is the town centre first element for retail built into the Strategic Plan. So white goods and individual or bulk items you typically must lump in a car can be ok in out of town. Chester Street has been abandoned. A genuine convenience goods i.e day-to-day living food and other domestic sales in that location approved by planners or the Committee or Council of Ministers would be completely contrary to policy. So, to conclude, horseshit rumour and it won’t happen.
  14. Whatever the salary, it’s probably the last job theyll ever have so you’d be mad to take it unless you can afford never to work again. Think about the ways it can go wrong at the end… - Minister doesn’t like you or puts a condition on appointment that you’re emptied (Crookall/Black) - Overly robust or plain bad management of an employee which you can’t prove wasn’t linked to whistleblowing in the meantime while you’re in post, you’re a political football for the breadth of operational stuff usually covered by a conglomerate and have a public who seem to expect heads on a stick whenever anything goes wrong, plus a media goldfish bowl. Oh and A Minister. Taking account of all of the above you’d need to be a last job, cynical psychopath to want it
  15. Wannenburgh is a fat useless gammon. I’d imagine his pissed offness at this is because Sporting Club doesn’t get subsidized for 1980s sportsmen taking shit to ‘self made’ small businessmen.
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