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  1. At least the planning committee doesnt get voted in directly by the public and id trust them every time over Council or a Minister in an appeal. Ministers love saying yes even on shitty extensions that go to appeal. They go positively cunt struck if anyone says the build will be good for the economy.
  2. The planning permission for the development has now lapsed as it wasnt implemented. Basically the whole premise for the development was on the back of a business being operared with fraudulent elements. We'll convert the VAT money into bricks and morter This applucation is the same one an objector pushed to be determined by Council of Ministers rather than dept via Committee because a public footpath ran across the holding. It shouldn't have been anywhere near Council of Ministers in the first place on that 'interest'.
  3. The Moores are another of that prick Shimmin's cohort of chancers. File with Courtenay Heading. As for Teflon Skelly - Peter Duke and Brunnschweiler seem to do ok from DED. These ballbags need to realise the sort of self-made type who comes to Government looking for support need a leg up rather than offering anything much back.
  4. No problem. Lift to the polling station?
  5. DoI get hammered on this yet nearly all of the work has been contracted out to local firms with design and build. DoI dont retain massive capacity on either front to do a project of this size. Most of the problems occurred because stuff was discovered only after the surface was lifted. Most of the project length came about trying to keep motorists and businesses interests balanced. Plus everyone seems to be a fucking expert in this sort of thing.
  6. As far as i could see, the value to the manncoin owners was on the retained 15% or whatever % it was. If there's take up and it becomes an accepted and acceptable means of paying for stuff, they have a big chunk. That said I still dont 'get' crypto stuff much like i struggle with the idea that companies burning cash and not profiting can be worth silly money (uber etc.). The block signature stuff i see as being a self perpetuating by-product to keep the confidence rolling. 20th century guy that i am.
  7. Pumping costs are a much bigger consideration with climate change. Robertshaw wrong on Meary Veg even were there capacity.
  8. The little shit is just grandstanding over cosy nook. 9 months to election. Thid is the sort of politics that farms votes - populism on the small stuff.
  9. With common purse and any continuing link with EU vat directives, i doubt that even John Houghton banging his karate fist on the table would have made any fucking difference to IoMs abilty to negotiate a different or separate regime.
  10. Arguably should have been retained under Public Records Act 1999, even if kept from release for 30 years.
  11. Manx maid sounds too much like manx made. Lady of Mann being saved as JW say and sounds potentially gender confused. King Orry. Sounds weird calling it a her. Again gender confusing but for a different reason. So that left monas isle as my choices. Voted early, voted often as they say in less sophisticated jurisdictions on polling day..
  12. Manx Care is going to be a statutory board, so reasonable to assume Manx Ed or whatever it is will also be stat board. MUA and P.O. are probably nearest equivalent. Other model is wholly owned subsidiary (IoMSPCo or Laxey Glen Mills) but no charging for provision of education.
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