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  1. Do people want gas this winter at below cost or something?
  2. At least that statement's put me right. I did have an unshiftable image of Biffa Bacon from Viz setting his dog on someone with the immortal words 'Fuck him Knacka'.
  3. 1. Lizard 2. Sectioned 3. CRAYONS 4. Herbal Remedies 5. You bastards 6. Sheeple
  4. Bring LH and JE in now so when the inevitable real politik decisions have to be taken they either a) get grubby with CoMin or b) flounce and forever be perceived as the sniping bitter backbencher. Same happened with PK and KB and it pretty much finished both if them politically. RC doesnt seem to get that and/or the sensible idea that CoMin ought not to be a group think confirmatory place if all voices the same.
  5. We really should be getting more of the action.
  6. Incompetence would/should be capability not disciplinary. And I had you down as someone who knew a bit...
  7. Roy Hattersley - lard Stu Peters - gammon
  8. It can't be as bad as Brian pub cunt Stowell on studio 1. Face on him like a melted welly because his circle jerk buddy Willers got half the votes of Callister and Edge. Talking about roads, houses and pumping shit.
  9. Watching studio1 coverage and I can't stop thinking Barry Murphy is based on Barry Shitpeas off Screenwipe.
  10. Stu has opinions not policies.
  11. I went to primary school with ciapelli and he was a pompous prick at the age of 9. He's also not half as clever as he thinks. Ease congestion by building more car parking? Isn't congestion in rush hour caused by people driving rather than parking? Better off with incumbents in this case.
  12. Looks like the temp Cabinet Office project team to establish Manx Care and port across from DHSC and do some transform work in readiness. Some names look like theyve been temped in from elsewhere (based on my dealings with Govt).
  13. It's shite. 3 races for big bikes. 2 for 600s which hardly anyone rides on roads and have little manufacturer interest. 600s and 1000s look snd sound the same. 2 races for sidecars which beyond the top 10 are of a piss poor standard. So you get to see a load of bikes which look and sound the same Most people who come are gammon petrolheads who hate Lewis Hamilton, foreigners and lack the foresight to move away from loud noises coming out of bikes. It won't be Government that kills the tt it will be insurance, incompetence and/or giving the punters what they currently lap up until the event is dead in the water.
  14. WTF is Trevor on about with £800bn worth of gas? If i was him I wouldnt be wasting my time standing for Keys, id be looking at getting a seismic survey and a drilling rig in charter before anyone else finds out about it... best not tell David Fowler about this.
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