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  1. Where was her governance and oversight on these financial matters?
  2. Do the Buffs still meet in Laxey? Might now be in The Bridge rather than The New Inn.
  3. Which routes is he going to magic them from?
  4. My Doi bloke says Douglas to Airport is the only bit of the service that runs a profit. The rest doesnt. Personally i dont think its a good service and not bad vfm. The money is mainly wages not profit like stagevoach etc across. Its much better nowadays.
  5. From end of September... https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/doi-unveils-proposals-for-kirk-michael-road-improvements/
  6. Ive not got that much of a problem with paid for social media as long as its declsred as an expense. Its probably better than grandstanding in tynwald at taxpayers expense asking, quite often, dogshit questions. Is it any more of an advantage than being backed by a party with competent volunteers, councillors and officials who are all 'on message'? Or a union?
  7. S. 13 is manx equivalent of a s. 106. Estate developments over 8 units condition in ftb provision or contribution to provide off site plus open space etc.
  8. Is Peter Duke going it get the contract?
  9. Well thats really fucking useful. Thanks Bernard.
  10. A ceo doesnt control the elected representatives. Shes the head full time employee. That prick quirk will be throwing his weight with staff when his role as a commissioner should be deciding how many dog shit wardens there are, rather than taking issue with the amount of shit they pick up.
  11. ian rush

    TT 2018

    Maximum Michael Moyle's inquest judgment on events at the 26th in 2007 painted a pretty grim picture of the chief sector marshall and two dep chief sm's discharge of their duties. All v. experienced and had done it the same way for years and hopefully things have improved since then on governance. Its a hell of a responsibility for ttma and its senior on course people to maintain training for themselves and those who marshall and ensure the correct things are always being done by well meaning volunteers. I can well see how the logistics in the system leaves it open for human error irrespective of training People laugh at the armed cops going out practising / over-attending but imagine if you had team heads leading officers who knew how to shoot straight but didnt know each other or get systems or tactical training...
  12. Turton also sits on the employment tribunal as employee side nominee.
  13. There were fields of 90 riders + in the senior classic mgp not so long ago. Saturdays field was much lower and if you strip out those being paid to come then fields have halved.
  14. Hed want the races to go on = he would still race if it was someone else.
  15. Owing to budget pressures, lots of the nhs trusts wanted people off the book of employees but not in as locums or via agency. This set up was thought of as an answer.
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