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  1. Well there's private schools and private health care and nursing providers and private home providers. Should everything be left to the market? Or just the things you disagree with?
  2. If ever there was a rotten borough have a look at the Jurby Parish nominees, proposers and seconders in this week's Courier's public notices.
  3. The one with a chip on their shoulder?
  4. ian rush


    And I say that having been born here and done 20+ years work here.
  5. ian rush


    The IoMs problem is we’re unattractive as a location for young people, short of appropriately skilled labour in many areas, with nimbyism holding back creation of a viable housing market for young graduates (wherever they’re from) so make do with trying to promote from an internal labour force where our 600 unemployed are mainly unemployable. Stagnant.
  6. More public housing or just more houses as the solution? Won’t be happening in any back yard soon. People give it the eco shit when it comes to new build but usually living in a house that was fields 40 yrs ago...
  7. The ballot paper on any referendum will have 3 boxes yes no NEVER
  8. Lots of complaints about trial delays etc. on this one in particular - slightly related, but i wonder how many of those who complain loudly have tried to dodge jury service at some point in the past...
  9. Maybe they could put a few phones half way down the cliffs so theyre easy to access for the helmets who go down after their dogs.
  10. Needs a McDonalds and a Costa as well. Fuck all else up there.
  11. The laws need to be sufficiently clear that people can be prosecuted for breach. If there is lockdown 3 it may be different restrictions from 1 and 2.
  12. They were at school together. Yes. That one.
  13. John and Pat Moore are others promoted by the failed teacher. He probably set out wanting to be remembered and he will, for far longer than he wanted and for all the wrong reasons.
  14. At least the planning committee doesnt get voted in directly by the public and id trust them every time over Council or a Minister in an appeal. Ministers love saying yes even on shitty extensions that go to appeal. They go positively cunt struck if anyone says the build will be good for the economy.
  15. The planning permission for the development has now lapsed as it wasnt implemented. Basically the whole premise for the development was on the back of a business being operared with fraudulent elements. We'll convert the VAT money into bricks and morter This applucation is the same one an objector pushed to be determined by Council of Ministers rather than dept via Committee because a public footpath ran across the holding. It shouldn't have been anywhere near Council of Ministers in the first place on that 'interest'.
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