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  1. There’s a basic lack of political philosophy. Lots of it is bet hedging and indecision, with a focus on operational stuff. Part of me is glad we’re comfortable enough not to be polarised with money, no white privilege, anti-woke, climate scepticism vs BLM, woke, militant green etc but it’s so dishonest for so many mhks to grandstand on the shit they do. on the other hand dog whistlers can get home in many constituencies on the fears of 500 oldies with an average of 20 years left and a house and pension under their arse who read the Mail. Why the fuck would you come back or not want to leave? Any progressive 20 - 40 year old is demographically disenfranchised. And expected to be taxed more on earnings and indirect spend to support a system that’ll be fucked before they reach anything close to retirement age.
  2. The command structure does seem to be an issue. The politicians would inevitably want best/clear information wherever possible and the structure was probably designed to do that to enable rapid decision making and to filter out chaff. However it seems to have led to the medical uncertainties and legitimate alternative views being cut out too low down and that then being the basis for lots of what happened between two people who plainly pissed each other off. Ranson seeking to bypass Magson etc. Covid response of course wasn’t just a medical issue. There was infrastructure, safety/well-being, economic support, utilities, criminal, logistics, key services etc which had to be handled and decided upon and to do so lawfully. So from that standpoint the elected decision makers needed some filtration. It wasn’t as simple as locking the gates on the ports and shutting everything down which was probably the optimum response if you were a virologist. There was also a need to declare emergency, issue regs etc whenever decisions were made for controls so inevitably some lag.
  3. Crash by The Primitives Dont fear the reaper man.
  4. If there’s a societal consensus for pensions to remain at current levels (or be raised to European levels), it’ll need to be funded by more taxes. A statement of the fucking obvious but sometimes forgotten in the shit show of inter-generational unfairness that leaves a smaller tax base paying disproportionately more and more to those who live far longer than the pension model was designed for and who as a generation tend (not always) to have benefited from a) better state support in the past and b) making wealth by owning or having owned houses and c) object to more houses being built.
  5. Geo is a non-starter. IOM could, as others say above, strategically be better off properly integrating into UK and Ireland generation networks once the gas station comes to end of its life and not having a replacement. Incinerator will be getting to end of life then.. The cost of full on capital plant ‘self-sufficiency’ (reliant on imports of gas) means cost of power is too high but there’ll probably be cock waving from MUA and CoMin which means such a bold decision may not even be countenanced. Cabling tech means reliance on elsewhere is viable, cables are integral to comms / trans national grids and our position is pretty good as a stop off and securing multiple marketinputs. None of the above would prevent seabed leases for wind or gas to go to other, bigger markets (no chance anything power from IOM seabed will be used here). Nor would it prevent small scale private/local generation over and above micro/householder stuff. After my energy survey, I’ll be seriously looking at solar/battery options. Anyone done it? If so pls PM me.
  6. If it had gone tits up and Government had been on the hook for MG’s hedge and/or forward purchase and had entered the deal knowing they didn’t have enough information about MGs own financial state or the deal itself, just imagine the shit storm…
  7. Because there’s generally no party or philosophical positioning apart from government is too big or is shit (TM fat bloke back benchers), ‘politics’ is reduced to operational blaming because there’s an inability to hold or identify yourself as having a different ideological position from the electoral dogwhistling most manifestos contain. Result is the civil/public service provides a self-centered continuum (give US more money for this or that) which Ministers and CoMin try and wade through every administration whilst being blamed for operational / implementation matters rather than political decision to do or not do X or Y.
  8. RPI all items in April 2015 was 167.2 according to p.9 of https://www.gov.im/media/1360682/inflation-report-february RPI in April 2021 was 207.1, so about 24% higher. The ‘old terms’ (more generous) CS pay scales are here https://hr.gov.im/media/1038/gen-st-2021-100821.pdf. The only grade getting anywhere close to 24% is the bottom AA grade. The higher up you go, the more the erosion *if* rpi is a fair measure.
  9. And wielding the knife on any other credible candidates…
  10. Saw a guy with bags and a bottle of Buckfast. Immediate thought was its 2 months until TT.
  11. Shimmin was also pushing the interests of John Moore for the Arragon Mooar development which led to the report which hammered Shimmin and Skelly re conflicts. Moore is doing jug for VAT fraud.
  12. If he hadn't been evicted as a trespasser it would have been subject to planning enforcement and taken down by that means even if he did own the land.
  13. I have in my head from reading an academic article or similar re Summerland fire that he secured one of the handful of trunk off island phone lines as part of his journo duties and held firm for a good while. In saying that, i may well be remembering wrong and I'm not being critical just passing comment on how different comms were 50 years ago. I really liked him. One of the few decent Speech Day guests. Can't remember many others.
  14. ian rush

    TT 2022 ??

    Like on his stag do when he fucked all the Sulby Glens vegetables down the road.
  15. As an island we stopped making shoes and pop a while ago and this industry can probably go as well. I'd prefer 2 million a year thrown at diversification e.g oat milk and an improvement in dairy standards. I say this as a milk drinking, lamb eating type who lived for 6 years on a smallholding run by parents.
  16. We're increasingly becoming a health and social care service (predominantly for the older amongst us whose numbers continue to proprtionately grow) supported by an ecomomy made up of a proportionately decreasing younger demographic. At what point to do we shift from mainly taxing income (the latter group above) to some forms of tax on capital (which i venture sits with older amongst us)?
  17. Re Lord Street the terms were agreed so wouldnt car parking (once built) have been dealt with? I could see why Government might want to have a car park now and associated revenue whilst fuck all is happening...but that wont be impeding the build.
  18. ian rush


    Im more of a climate change person than a sceptic but the numbers in this article re offsetting costs are eye bleedingly high. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/dec/22/cleanup-cost-of-heathrow-third-runway-doubles-to-100bn-mps-told I appreciate r3 created additional traffic rather than displacement alone, but still...
  19. The station has long been due to be replaced with something bigger. The new trucks dont fit the old station but that was known. Existing trucks/tenders are at end of life. Not a lot to see in terms of managing issues except timing (replace all at once whereas it used to be sequential) and the capital spend on station not being approved and/or build not being done.
  20. As some Welsh people say about sheep to the English: we fuck them, you eat them.
  21. The beef is theyre not going to raise the money and the shit people latch on to. Magic beans. You know how much a seismic survey costs? BP had a sniff years ago and jibbed it. Im not so naive as to exclude fossil fuel on the way to clean tech but this is just like e-habitant, liverpool landing stage and 2.5g.
  22. I thought you were listening to Diccen and his magic fucking beans on this one. Next phase £50m+.
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