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  1. With common purse and any continuing link with EU vat directives, i doubt that even John Houghton banging his karate fist on the table would have made any fucking difference to IoMs abilty to negotiate a different or separate regime.
  2. Arguably should have been retained under Public Records Act 1999, even if kept from release for 30 years.
  3. Manx maid sounds too much like manx made. Lady of Mann being saved as JW say and sounds potentially gender confused. King Orry. Sounds weird calling it a her. Again gender confusing but for a different reason. So that left monas isle as my choices. Voted early, voted often as they say in less sophisticated jurisdictions on polling day..
  4. Manx Care is going to be a statutory board, so reasonable to assume Manx Ed or whatever it is will also be stat board. MUA and P.O. are probably nearest equivalent. Other model is wholly owned subsidiary (IoMSPCo or Laxey Glen Mills) but no charging for provision of education.
  5. Scientists advise, politicians decide.
  6. Lib Vannin manifesto would be two main themes these day : popularist local dog whistling and government is shit. Hooper is too good for them.
  7. Im sure Bill Shimmins (Glen Vine Park) and various others who spoke against .will as a matter of principle be moving to Douglas town centre because of their environmental concerns...dont all come at ince because you'll block the qb.
  8. 946 houses for immediate allocation. 440 green field at edge of settlement being Vicarage Rd (100) ballanard woods (40) and 300 wrapped round braddan cemetery. The other 500 in town. See table 19 for immediate allocations on p. 112. https://www.gov.im/media/1370409/adopted-written-statement-final-21st-september-2020.pdf Most of the debate against was middle aged middle class nimbyism dressed up as environmental concern. If it doesnt pass its a developers unstructured free for all based on local plans which are 20+ years old
  9. Chris Thomas decided in May that post-inquiry plan (modified to reduce green field allocations upon independent Inspector recommendation) would go to October Tynwald while P+R Minister and is then among its biggest critics in debate this week.
  10. My source is good mates with an ex Inspector. If it was an Audi tt then driven by police going home?
  11. Wonder if the blue on blue cop car crash that shut dukes avenue earlier this week (probably closed out of embarrassment) will count as one crash or two in the 20-21 report.
  12. Ray Harmer - he tries to say yes to everyone.
  14. Have the numbers wanting to come and go dropped around school hols and/or what was take up like compared to the total no. of tests being done for 'remainers' who think theyve caught covid on island?. In other words why maintain the charging admin etc for a marginal societal benefit? Or is it that the science around 7 day testing is iffy?
  15. If the dirty bastards elsewhere can between themselves and their governments manage to stop giving each other the pox then they'll be welcome to visit whenever they want.
  16. ian rush

    TT 2021 ??

    Do the official figures count residents who clear off ? If departing locals are counted AND they do homestay lets then is it double counting if visitor numbers but without visitor spend.
  17. After 15 years he realises he'll never be Chief Minister. He does get to dress up though, so not all bad for him.
  18. Boot - roast swan.
  19. I bet hospital and care staff whose leave is restricted will be made up if the teachers get this. And they'll be the first out the door if/when we get any level of community transmission.
  20. Escape artist: your points about my argument ignore the fact that filippos rent a quote was saying NZ was selfish in maintaining a lockdown for the reasons cited. It wasnt about the uk initial response. Herd immunity was initially prominent in uk; but see my point re what happened in Sweden. Government not closing stuff doesnt mean people will carry on as normal. I doubt i'll ever persuade you given you attribute the politics of 'the left' for the ultimate uk response and ignore the fact that it whilst headline bed capacity (nightingale hospitals) may not have been called upon, staff
  21. Filippos extract re the selfishness of NZ relying on vacc and herd immunity elsewhere is in my unqualified view utter horseshit. As if NZ wouldnt make vaccine available when it came on stream; theyre not going to wait for the world to eliminate by vaccine before re-opening without offer vacc to their citizens. Herd immunity elsewhere? Is there such immunity? This is closer to a cold than chickenpox as far as i can see so questionable that there is such a thing. Finally swedens economic hit by people staying in despite limited forced closures was similar to other scandi countrie
  22. HM the sole Manifesto has just arrived. Singing the praises of Courtenay Heading amongst other pungent horseshit.
  23. What's conspicuously absent from LVs candidate's FB campaign is the party's policies.
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