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  1. 10 hours ago, b4mbi said:

    And if the extraction conditions/contract are set right by Govt, would mean cheaper electricity and cheaper gas for people to heat their homes? Whilst building the necessary capital to invest in those renewables? And pay off existing mua debt?

    What is not to like?

    Or do you have  a few hundred  million £ down the back of the sofa you can give to government to kick start the renewable investment? 

    The pipes are not coming to the isle of man. Its not going to mean cheap gas here. Itll be royalties *if* it ever happens. 

  2. 6 minutes ago, hissingsid said:

    If anyone listened to MR on Sunday Shimmins shot himself inthe foot going on about badly formed policies put forward by the last government when there was about 50% of the last government choosing the next LegCo members.  What was he thinking .

    Thinking he'd be looked upon favourably by those mhks who'd done the hard yards getting re-elected was another.

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  3. The more thats extracted the more there is on the market, typically meaning the cheaper it is, thereby slowing the necessary tip to renewables.

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  4. 1 hour ago, manxman34 said:

    The last time SP learned anything new, and it was wrong.

    He's now paid even more than before by the state to have these opinions and doesnt need to listen to so called experts on things his mind is made up on.

  5. The what aboutery with Azeem Rafiq is a complete smokescreen to the institutuional problems and culture.

    Necking voddy (if he was) as grown man by choice is different from being forced redwine as a teen (if that happened). Going to work and experiencing routine racism and such a deficient response incomparable to a private conversation.

    Itll keep the gammons happy though.

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  6. Anyone who thinks this gas will be connected to the iom first and not to the uk is living in bullshit land.

    1) The BGE interconnector is inward only to Ireland (and us).


    2) Our market too small and storage costs too high even leaving aside need for new infrastructure at sea and on island to bring it to shore and land it into existing network.

    Question is: how serious are we about climate change? Only if all royalties are ring fenced to accelerate serious climate change investment, insulation and interconnection might there be a justifiable case.

    The last thing id want it for is investment into over big facilities (nobles) or as an alternative to long term sustainable public spending and decent level of direct taxation i.e rich pay more than they do at present. And by rich i mean capital as well as income.

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  7. A statutory inquiry commissioned by Tynwald would be a dear do (qc chair?) compared to a Tynwald committee doing it..

    PAC or a select committee will probably pick covid up when Tynwald appoints backbenchers and juan to those Committees this month or next.

    Ransom's evidence to PAC pre dissolution stands there ripe to be picked up. It may be the ET case gets heard before PAC hear more evidence. PAC - v. likely based on their own PR re publishing her evidence and dhsc response in the summer - wouldnt report or make reccs before the ET concluded.


    19 hours ago, offshoremanxman said:

    As Daniel Craig said in Layer Cake “The art of good business is being a good middleman”. As Minister he’s an intermediary pure and simple. That’s what he’s paid for. He can’t just say it’s not my problem ring Manx Care as that’s all I’ll be doing. He has to guide and steer and act as intermediary. I’m actually surprised at such a slopey shouldered reply. Its basically saying “If it’s not important to me as a Minister then p** off and call someone else” which is wrong. Ministers get dragged into all sorts of things and it’s a skill to manage the intermediary part of all that as part of being the front man for a department. Sounds like he can’t be arsed dealing with the people who voted for him and helping them sort out their petty health issues to me. 

    The people of Ramsey voted for him to sort dogshit and oppose the Marina. Alf chose him to also do strategy stuff for DHSC. Its a complete waste of time him personally signposting people. Mind you if Layer Cake is your guide to business let alone Ministerial duties im probably pissing in the wind trying to explain...

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  9. Guernsey and Jersey ferry to UK is not really comparable in terms of frequency of service or price or drop off to a big city (liverpool) or tourist offering plus their Governments are in big time on air travel compared to IoM so no surprise on them figures in terms of % of routes i.e traffic rather than passengers if thats what the graph is.

  10. 1 hour ago, pongo said:

    There is a good case for heavily taxing private and or final salary pensions taken ahead of the state retirement age.

    Why? Take it later you get paid more. There's people called actuaries do sums and that.

    If your argument is about using tax to keep pre retirement age people in work, isnt it steering people to stay in high paid jobs they dont want to be in and/or blocking careers of younger people? 

  11. Bring LH and JE in now so when the inevitable real politik decisions have to be taken they either a) get grubby with CoMin or b) flounce and forever be perceived as the sniping bitter backbencher. Same happened with PK and KB and it pretty much finished both if them politically.

    RC doesnt seem to get that and/or the sensible idea that CoMin ought not to be a group think confirmatory place if all voices the same.

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  12. 6 hours ago, Gladys said:

    You raised incompetence as a possible causative factor and I pointed out that  incompetence should be dealt with through the proper disciplinary process, not by sidelining, if that is what happened.  It would seem that the incompetence, if any, was not the cause of the claim, but how it was handled that is likely to saddle the taxpayers. 

    Incompetence would/should be capability not disciplinary. And I had you down as someone who knew a bit...

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  13. 23 minutes ago, Will Halsall said:

    It abso-feckin-lutely does matter who the CM is, and the same applies to CoMin!

    We have some challenging times ahead, and the previous recent incumbents have imho not had the best interests of the island at heart. They have been more interested in their own vanity and having friends in CoMin who are in many instances not fit for the job, Boot, Baker Harmer, Cregeen for example. We need a truly honourable hard nosed intelligent individual (male or female), full of integrity, who will select the right candidates with the right qualities for ministerial positions, and not simply the old guard who voted them in.

    I agree with Declan about JW, but I can’t help feel he would be a good Treasury Minister.

    No dressing up. He's out.

  14. I went to primary school with ciapelli and he was a pompous prick at the age of 9. He's also not half as clever as he thinks.

    Ease congestion by building more car parking? Isn't congestion in rush hour caused by people driving rather than parking? 

    Better off with incumbents in this case.

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