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  1. Josem. Covid. Paedo sentences. Roadworks. Dog whistler.
  2. Josem can gtf after his horsehit about covid. Typical lib vannin. Anything Government does is shite. Thankfully i have a vote and i will be using as best as i can to make sure he doesnt get in. 13th March 2020 https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/josem-calls-for-more-action-on-coronavirus/
  3. Had Josems letter through. Jobs. Health care. Off island travel. Ace. I also think his 'scrutinising evey pound Government spends' / tax payers alliance stance risks the small minded book keeper approach of Kate and pre-supposes tax as a generally bad thing. It isnt and we should acknowledge that. Tax helps pay for a fair society.
  4. Loads more civil servants and post office staff to issue the discs. Ace.
  5. If you cant afford 300 pollution tax at once i doubt the car is getting proper maintenance. Get a push bike instead? For shits and giggles i imagine a great big overlappy venn diagram between those who want to pay monthly and hating cyclists/wanting cyclists to pay 'road tax' whatever the fuck that is.
  6. Dont worry Tim Crookall will stand for MHK next time...
  7. In other surprise news - what with the prom being closed - QB road going southbound was busier than usual (i.e queue back past selborne drive). The st ninians bus lane and rearranged victoria road have nothing to do with that. What theyve done seems to work and theres not a lot can be done about extra traffic on Main Rd Onchan and joining off Blackberry Lane in morning peak. Not the pub view i know, but best of a bad job.
  8. The thing about a project is its typically a one off (capital) spend whereas a payrise recurs each year and for any particular section is referenced against other Government salaries. Teachers argued for years for UK / English analogue to up their pay. Now having got it, they want to break it. The big uk unions are very interested - are they playing dependencies and devolved admins off against each other?
  9. Roger Mexico's post on another thread reminded me of Jon Joughin in Douglas East. Maybe that was Brenda going, so after Buster.
  10. To be fair she did choose to wait until there were two vacancies.
  11. I cant get my head round people who are still going up Victoria Road from Shoprite and still complaining about it being difficult to turn right at the top.
  12. Wasnt the rotten borough of Douglas East the last really short term tenure after Brenda Cannell resigned? Buster couldnt land the Dandara stooge and we got Robertshaw...
  13. Sued Government about fire extinguisher tenders and lost. Hit for costs and started his awareness page a few days later...
  14. Didnt see them banging the drum during lockdown but then again strike was an empty threat at that point. And they were gettinv paid.
  15. Self-serving and self-interested as usual from her. Losing the housing gig will enable her to move onto Bob the Gobs turf re onchan commissioners rents running at a surplus (because unlike everyone else they exclude sheltered housing from their account).
  16. The problem in Onchan in the morning is filtering in off blackberry lane of traffic which would otherwise be going along the prom.
  17. I hope they keep it after the prom reopens to show the whinging cunts that the real issue is displaced prom traffic.
  18. The gansey cycle lane is dreadful. I stick to the road but you end up getting punishment passes (closer than usual) there more than anywhere as drivers think you should be riding on a shit surface which is covered in debris.
  19. Jun 2015 report from Council of Ministers. CT of all people should have the brains to know how it works. https://www.gov.im/media/1244135/collective_responsibility_report_for_tynwald_members_public.pdf
  20. Government / ministers have been very circumspect in its comments about what went on. Might that be for a reason which makes any comment a bit unwise?
  21. Carter-Ruck and QCs will be shedding many tears after all the work he put their way.
  22. The 'It'll kill the TT' argument is bollocks. More people want to come than can get and if a determing reason for not coming is a speed limit then will they really be missed by the rest? Bums on seats ideally without shutting roads or filling hospitals.
  23. Richard Freeman the Team Sky doc was adjourned into 2020 after the flounce by shane sutton during evidence. So its not unprecedented.
  24. Where was her governance and oversight on these financial matters?
  25. Do the Buffs still meet in Laxey? Might now be in The Bridge rather than The New Inn.
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