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  1. 1989 Jaguar 2.9 XJ6, ex Roy Castle. Taxed til next August. 83k on the clock. Pretty good on fuel except round town - I wouldn't use it to drive to work if I lived in Douglas but driving to Douglas from Peel would be sweet enough. Yours for £900.
  2. Bring some slightly older cousins round and get them to batter the other kids. Works every time and you can deny all knowledge. I think nearly every kid gets bothered at some stage and although it seems like the worst thing in the world it's not THAT bad (particularly compared to teenage bullying) and there's many strategies to adopt. Violence, snitching, bike sabotage and making friends with the bully being among the tactics I used as a child. I think it would be hard for any bully to inflict any harm if your kid turns up at their house and calls for the child responsible (with paren
  3. at least you had shoes
  4. I don't understand the link between finance acts (which I don't think are circumscribed by the criterion that "any investment made will be safe" - albeit that its best for the Island if that is the case) and financial scandals (one of which involved the government and probably has and the other of which involves a politician and may or may not have cost tax payers money) and zoning land for building private houses on. I also didn't see the government baling out people who bought flood plain homes in Sulby, so if people buy in KM, that's up to them.
  5. I don't see much mocking going on about the introduction of a speed limit laws which will save far more lives (if enforced in an equally draconian fashion)...
  6. I've worked the Heron, the QB, the Pinewood and Caseys/Strand. However the Central is without doubt the shadiest of the lot. Popped in for a pint on a Friday night at about 10pm after work and had three different blokes have go, although i half knew one of them. The Heron has got too many old locals to be 'tough'. What sort of tough regular rings up a muppet program on Sky One to say that they're tough. I'm sure in the Central they'd have all been too pissed to watch TV, too busy fighting/arguing or the TV would have been vandalised or stolen many moons ago. Anyway, see you all in Bar
  7. If they'd resold the drugs they could have all stayed for 2 pints each
  8. Can you not just put a chip in the back of their necks (like cats and dogs) and take it out when they're 18? It could be wired up to stop them drinking and smoking as well.
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