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  1. Would we be having this debate if hed hit a car or house and done that much damage? As others have said this is why driving a ton of metal has a legal requirement for insurance because it can be real bad if things go wrong... And to those who say cyclists should be paying 'road tax' think of the non charge as being like the opposite of disincentivizing taxes on fags booze and irn bru. And obviously road tax would have prevented these cyclists fron being hit... BTW with all these cyclists on the road, how many facey messages have you seen regarding bad parking, car park hit and run
  2. Keep Calm is a completely gammon English thing.
  3. ian rush

    TT 2018

    It's an ACUE investigation under a lawyer so they'll be using legal privilege as basis to withhold.
  4. Read Parrish book. Shat in your pint. Bomb scare. What a card. The cunt. Seeya in June. Best week of the year. Apart from Tynwald Day. Which isn't a week but is manx.
  5. Dead fast 5 wins in a week. yellow flags. Hero. We all come back next year and its never been better.
  6. Theres no such thing as the taxpayers alliance in the island as they are much too busy selling the grassroots myth to the plebs in much bigger jurisdictions.
  7. I got a bit excited when i read the Speaker had been shot in his ceremonial robes. Especially considering he's a soldier and that.
  8. ian rush

    TT 2018

    Isnt it privileged being a report (by a lawyer with expertise in accident investigation) commissioned for the likely litigation? If so why should it be released.? If it is privileged it wouldn't be foi able if Government had been in ACUEs position and had commissioned it.
  9. And the one constant with all the political and managerial changes is a cabal of self-interested consultants paid more than anywhere in the uk and with the longest waiting lists...unless youre prepared to stump up for a private queue jumping engagement.
  10. Why does it always have to be someone's fault? The more blame there is, the more decisions have to be made because more stuff goes to a cross Dept commitee or even to Council of Min to cover arses. Which adds more paper and time to the process.
  11. The media serve up what the plebs want.
  12. 1. Theyve got no choice but to recuse if they want to PAC it. 2. The TT 'costs' DED/DfE every year and its sold as ok cos it does economic good elsewhere (and lets leave aside the guaranteed deaths). If thats so whats the big fucking deal with 26m over a number of years and it being a bit of a VAT sharing cuteness in comparison? 3. If im right on my VAT cuteness is a backbench desire for headlines risking a lot?
  13. No big fan of cab trade in particular the idea that a plate is an asset to be traded, but have some sympathy with them on dial a ride. However bleating about the state using state assets at lower cost than shelling out to the trade for multiple taxis for airport transfers: fuck off.
  14. http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/pp/Reports/2009-PP-0078.pdf Fair shits. Seemingly Kinrade wasnt per p.6 of this. Camlork would probably have been zoned *and* braddan local plan passed if buster hadnt been trying to keep houses away from his place at mt rule.
  15. Was Ken in dolge when they fucked the braddan local plan up?
  16. Lib Vannins only discernable 'policy' seems to be criticise anything governmrnt ever does. They come up with no alternatives, nothing prospective, risk nothing and merely snipe. Holding Government to account for the past isnt much of a policy.
  17. It may also be stuff thats not supposed to fly e.g co2 cartridges, some types of battery etc.
  18. Its on the Tynwald Order paper for next week. 2018-PP-0118.pdf
  19. If its for the reasons stated and its not him who's leaked it, then fair shits to him. Just as tough as Peter found it being a Minister eh, Kate?
  20. Hes also trying to have it both ways on the petition for redress select committee re free travel on heritage railways for oaps. Signs off as a committee member on the report and its recommendation re possible discount then goes on Facebook to basically say he only went with discount as middle ground presumably between shimmins (fuck off no oap discount) and his own granny farming. Anyway hes still getting his 10% uplift by having just DED membership, for however long that Department is allowed to limp on.
  21. From his manifesto Getting the balance right between delivering a first class healthservice that actually meets our needs and living up to people's expectations isn't going to be easy,especially when costs across all sectors within the health service appear to be rising, and at a time when all departmental budgets are continually coming under greater scrutiny by Treasury,who are looking to reduce overall budgets across all Government Departments. The Department of Health and Social Care must therefore increase efficiency across all sectors, make savings, ensure funding is not being u
  22. The people who want the scattergun expense of id checks are fucking idiots. As jw says it will make little if any difference. And the sort who do want it are probably going to be the first to moan about the cost and delay when it goes on to fares, taxes, departure times and catches very few more than current intel does, because the magic database doesnt exist. And even if it did it would likely be uk based intel and systems. How about paying for a few more plod to catch criminals on island rather than a pointless agency which will inconvenience travellers for little benefit? And
  23. I havent bought any more land mines since Princess Diana said it was a bad thing. And I'm not allowed to bring the old ones to the amnesty as it forced an evacuation last time i tried.
  24. Cheers Tarne. Not often i chuckle at stuff on here.
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