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  1. My only other thought on this is that given 1) DoI owns large tracts of the land; 2) the Corpy may be looking to draw on central Government borrowings/guarantees; 3) DCCL have an interest in Highways; 4) everyone has an interest in Middlemarch they're looking for a robust interim Policy basis before the Area Plan comes forward (whenever that might be!), which cannot be accused of being solely to Government's ends i.e. appoint arms length extrnal consultants. Or isn't that enough of a conspiracy?
  2. You should see the new Court fees then....http://www.gov.im/lib/docs/courtservice/Fees/courtfeesorder2013.pdf - £135.00 for a small claims action between £7500.00 and £10,000 whereas that used to cost £82.50http://www.tynwald.org.im/links/tls/SD/SD2011/2011-SD-0592.pdf
  3. Initial decision on an application is usually taken by the Planning Committee (unless it is referred to CoMin e.g. DoI application or it involves DoI Highways issues). That Committee comes at a cost as does the professional advice provided to it by DoI planners. For an appeal, it needs to be referred to the DoI Minister (unless it's an application in their constituency), who then determines having received advice from a planning inspector (independent panel, most if not all from off-island). Those inspectors again come at a cost, so why not whittle out the speculative appeals and the costs
  4. http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/Documents/college-les/gees/staff/fire-disaster-c1.pdf - use c2, c3 to go through the book.
  5. I lived in one for a while. I did have a newspaper article from about 1997 which explained a load of the history being them and the five non-Corpy houses on Marathon Avenue. They were built on the banking which surrounded the sports arena (Olympia) accesed from the Promenade via Mona Drive.
  6. Is a decline in passneger numbers actually news?? We're doing better than Jersey and Guernsey in terms of them having higher % drops in passenger numbers and most of the siports to which we fly are showing declines, although I very doubt it is the case that there's too much of a corrleation on the fact we're interconnected (save perhaps for Flybe flying out of there...) http://www.airportwatch.org.uk/?page_id=4226
  7. There seems to me a potential for a fight between lawyers and insurers on this one or more hopefully a proper risk assessment of the course and the activities undertaken around the course during practices/races… Firstly, under this year's TT Road Races Order http://www.tynwald.org.im/links/tls/SD/2013/2013-SD-0185.pdf The promoter must secure insurances and indemnities against death, injury ordamage to persons or damage to property arising out of the conduct of the practices or races or arrangements incidental to them of at least thirty million pounds (£30,000,000). So there's tha
  8. Wait until he's retired.
  9. There's provisions in the Road Transport Act 2001 which prevent the driving of passenger vehicles as part of a business unless the drivers are authorised by the RTLC, plus work permit and route learning issues for UK drivers coming in as well as CRB checks. The drivers are employed by the Department. It's not simply a case of sacking them / redundancy as each of those will have its own costs either in terms of unfair dismissal claims or payment under the *existing* v. generous Govt redundancy provisions. Redundancy will cost £5m +.
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-22338699 Pinewood Shepperton to build US studio near Atlanta
  11. A quick bit of research on my part and something that links in with Morton's application for a WP, is that s. 2 (1)(b) of the Trade Unions Act 1991 requires any registered trade union to include particulars of (b) the name and address in the Island of an official of the trade union or employers'association who is resident in the Island; I also have in my head from some UK employment law I did a while ago (which means that it coluld well apply over here) that a Union can be recognised if it represents 10% of the workforce. This may very well *not* apply here but will be interesting if it did,
  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millie_Tant
  13. Can't we just get the cardinals to do it as an add on to sorting out the new Pope? I bet they're done and dusted before we kick off next week.
  14. Truth is, they should be shouting from the oof tops HORSE FREE MEAT - BUY LOCAL, and shipping it to butchers across GUARANTEED HORSE FREE MEAT! Provenance is a big selling point everywhere now. Meat from the IOM is mainly grass fed and virtually organic. It is very high quality. People everywhere will pay a premium for it. Tescos know that and that is why they want to buy it as cheaply as possible and sell it - make a profit. Besides, all the government has to do is ban the sale of imported fresh meat again, as it always used to be (note everyone still complained then), and local jobs
  15. It wasn't a Government decision to let Tesco in. Co-op owned that site. It got PP for large warehousing and retailing in the 1990s douglas local plan (in respect of which which DoLGE at the time managed not to get approval of the accompanying written statement). Only afterwards did it get PP for supermarket and only then did Tesco come in. Sheesh. Half the time people on here moan about the price of things and want retailers like PC World, wetherspoons etc., then the next it's a complaint about Tesco. In any event, IOM Meat doesn't have the economy of scale to sell right across Tesco i
  16. I bet the flog 'em and hang 'em bellends like Houghton will be all upset at the thought of any rein on CCTV.
  17. So nothing new in reality, except a cheaper way of trying to impose penalties against lawbreakers, rather than have them clutter up the courts and keep those free for 'real' criminals. Spin it how you want: drive too fast or like a bellend and get done. Simples.
  18. Henderson and Karran both sacked for absolving themselves from collective responisbility i.e. saying they'll go with a policy agreed by an entity of which they're party (CoMin in Karran's case, Treasury in Henderson's) then turncoating / shitting out at the last minute in a self-interested principled "man of the people" way. Except they didn't have the principles to walk much earlier on (i.e. keep the money rolling in, even though the policy may have been 'in the post' for a long time - Henderson would have known the extent of cuts required in all Depts by vuirtue of being in Treasury), re
  19. ian rush


    UK has 'pre-pack' administration process, which Stu describes - the IoM doesn't.
  20. It's not just here.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/7732661/Labours-warning-to-new-Government-theres-no-money-left.html Politics is about pragmatism as well as principles, particularly for those who take up Ministerial office. Any principles have to be applied to the prevailing financial situation - particulalrly if there's desire to get the Ministerial increment. It's all very well dishing out the usual manifesto blandishments and platitudes about growing the economy, being efficient and promising not to cut front line services - particularly if the candidate knows they're
  21. If we 'exchange' graduates with the UK on an equal basis i.e. the no. of Manx staying in the UK broadly equates with the number of UK graduates being employed here, why not begin from a starting point of having the same schemes/charges as the UK. Perhaps this could be coupled with a graduate tax concession for those with a UK based degree at 2:1 or above [plus e.g. a specified set of UCAS points] for the first five years of your employment in the Isle of Man below, say, age 35, irrespective of where the student comes from. The young generally have been relatively hard by the financial
  22. It's most likely a combination of a Catholic Novena and [oxymoron alert in the context of any religion] utter bollocks... A bit like all the posters who go on here demanding "change", a newspaper with proper investigative journalism, true democracy etc. etc. be put in place...the difference being that spouting bollocks on here only occasionally warrants a mention in the press.
  23. Don't know what the big hoo-har is on this, particularly if other Corpy sites are being subject to the same process. Most tender documents I've seen say that there is no commitment to accept the highest or indeed any tender. There are also relatively clear laws on declaration of interests for local authorities' members (plus an ongoing Select Committee arising out of the allegations against Mr Stowell) which should serve to prevent anyone with an interest being in any way involved / voting.
  24. Dixon, Gellin and Elliott are the trustees of the M.E. T, which almost certainly means they are not actually the people truly behind / funding the M. E. T.
  25. Cost £47 the pair; will accept £40. PM me Have now booked a holiday which means i can't go. Cheers
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