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  1. He's certainly been to RADA. What a performance. Should audition for Manx Legion Players.
  2. Ah, Christian Values. What a loaded statement. One doesnt have to research very far back to discover what these mean. In the present day, the pedo priests were hiding behind christian values. As recently as 1775 the Archbishop of Canterbury approved the burning of the last witch to be executed in England. Oh, why go on....... Millions have died over the last 2,000 years in the cause of upholding Christian values, One should alway treat with suspicion any person or organisation who promotes themselves with this phrase.
  3. Regarding the memorial service last night, it was very moving. but it was disgraceful that at the conclusion, the mayor walked out without acknowledging the families of the dead. I didnt see anyone from the council or government speak to the families. They were just there to be seen and associated with an event they never were involved with. Summerland veteran.
  4. They should be seen I think. There are lots of clips on You tube; Start with this one:
  5. A very moving story quilp, and I hope it conveys to folk to whom Summerland is just a name, how everyone, the whole community, was touched by this tragedy. As I said, there will be hundreds of stories because a lot of people are still alive who had to deal with the consequences. As for St Georges Bar, I was working there the week after the fire , upstairs was turned into an incident room, while the bodies were kept downstairs. They were their for nearly a week I think. Nothing could hide the smell. The bodies were only wrapped in plastic sheeting, there were no body bags in those days, and they leaked onto the floor, staining the floor boards. When the building was opened as Bar George I visited the place to try it with some friends. I felt decidedly uncomfortable after we went in, and then I saw that the staining on the floor, I told the bar staff what I knew but they thought I was taking the p***. The floor boards were bare and you could see the stains. I have never been able to go back into the building.
  6. Most of the flack was taken by the chief fire officer who signed the building off as being safe. He got sacked That is a very bold statement cheeky boy can you please quote your evidence! I think Butch may be right. http://home.ubalt.ed...summerland.html Quote: Rohm and Haas, the manufacturers of Oroglas, themselves state that "There is no building code in America which would allow it [Oroglas] to be used overall as it was at the Summerland centre. A structure like that would just not have been allowed in America." U.S. fire codes require a comprehensive sprinkler system to be installed wherever Oroglas was used on a large scale, and in fact the UK subsidiaries of Rohm and Haas were aware of these codes and requirements...but did not pass them on to the Isle of Man chief fire officer. Maybe Local knowledge: The Fire Officer's health... When the above was revealed, it destroyed him!! The winter before completion 'off-cuts' of Oroglas were burnt in braziers onsite. Some I knew (now deceased) mentioned ' what off-cuts would fit in their workbags would give them a full tank of hot water... Hindsight is wonderful thing... I remember, we didn't go there that night because of the Fire Engines along the prom and just a little puff of what looked like steam from the upper outside putting area. Me and my mates headed for the Barbary... Thinking no point going to Jonny Silva's Disco - by the time everyone got back in after the 'False Alarm'... When I got home, Border TV were appealing for Blood Donors for the disaster that was still happening... The wife and I went to pictures that night cause a couple we were going to Summerland with couldnt get a baby sitter. On the way we drove down Little Switzerland ( it was through road then) to watch the fire. In the middle of the pictures, an appeal appeared on the screen for blood doners. The rest is history...... Everyone involved has there own story to tell, and there will be hundreds of stories....
  7. Thought that more would have picked up this. Obviously elderly contributors of manx heritage are rather scarce on this forum. although there are a lot of crabs contributing. I've been educated in England, so I have adjusted my language to better communicate with the 95% of this island's population who happen to be comeovers from across. Educated in England. Your communications skills are certainly superior to your maths. Or did you pick 95% with a pin?
  8. Mmmm Not sure what the definition of freelancing is. If they are paid by the government then....... or take government positions........
  9. I am afraid I can not give any further details. The police are dealing with it now and I hope that a result can be made public later. Best regards, Steven Thats a yes then. Oops
  10. You are totaly correct. Politicians have had very little power. In the past 20 years the civil service have taken over governing on the Island.
  11. How could they have met at work if they work in different buildings? I don't know exactly how many people got their jobs because they were related (by blood or marriage) to individuals already in the managerial class of the civil service, but I'd wager quite a few. It is certainly remarkable the number of new people I have seen join the civil service who just mysteriously happen to have a relative high up in the managerial class. There's definitely a lot of dodgy backroom shenanigans involved. It's totally corrupt. And lets not forget the numerous retired police officers (retirement age 50), who pocket their lump sum and pension, and walk straight into a government post. Retired police men and women lets remember.
  12. Thought that more would have picked up this. Obviously elderly contributors of manx heritage are rather scarce on this forum. although there are a lot of crabs contributing.
  13. It is normal practice to have a 40th anniversary after 40 years has passed. It avoids confusion.
  14. As far as I'm aware no Manx boats fish for fish as stocks are all but depleted. So scallop dredge instead. You need to find a friendly angler. There are a few around who catch callig (pollack) for the local market.
  15. Take a bus or tram from laxey to ramsey and you will see dozens. They have increased dramaticaly over the last 20 years and are now pests. They need culling. And goat meat is delicious, free range, free of added chemicals, An opening here for some enterprising poacher..
  16. No, it's not unusual. But again, it isn't an option for all - there are a lot of people who just wouldn't know what to do. Lots of people who wouldn't be able to get credit cards for starters! That's the reality. Many wouldn't even recognise their situation. I think what you miss from your outlook is that I am not utterly selfish, as you seem to be given your inability to understand where I am coming from. If I became self-employed then what about all the other workers? It doesn't help them. Can we move this back to striking now? Where you are coming from ? 12,993 posts from LDV. Do you ever get out ?
  17. This year was not as bad as 1963 and dont forget 1985 which was almost as bad along the west coast. For those in doubt I have the photos.. During the 1950's fencing was erected in the fields between Kirk Michael and Sulby to act as snow traps, preventing the road from filling up with snow, such was the regularity of snowy winters. The only problem with a long memory is that it comes with old age
  18. That should read they were forecasting a very high probability of Fridays snow, since Monday.
  19. I just did "listen again" on mandate am from yesterday and the sure enough had it spot on. I can't remember exactly which I heard but guess it was around 5 and can assure you they made no mention of snow. I remember thinking how stupid it seemed that they were so different to every other forecast. As I said on my previous comment, their 5 day forecast on Wednesday were giving daily max temperature of 6 degrees right thro to Sunday with chance of snow on the very tops, while all forecasts I have monitered were forecasting very high probability of this snow on Monday.
  20. I lot of the blame has to lie at the feet of the local Met Office. On Monday all long range UK weather forecasts I monitor were giving a significant risk of snow on Friday. On Wednesday evening the local forecast on the internet were STILL giving temperatures of 6 degrees into Sunday with rain but snow on the very highest tops. They fail on two levels. Firstly, they give the forecast for Ronaldsway, and dont seem to appreciate that a large percentage of the Islands roads are more than 30 feet above sea level and more than 500 yards from the sea, as is the majority of housing. The south of the Island, like the northern plain escapes the worst of the any snow the majority of the time. Unfortunately there is a big bit inbetween which is very hilly, where the majority of people live, work and travel through. Secondly, some of the forecasters are guilty of giving an over optomistic forecast. It is as though they want to cheer us up, or not upset us with the details of a bad forecast. Does the expression 'on the hills' exclude Foxdale, St Marks, Ballachrink. Or is this expression used so as not to upset people who live in these areas. PLEASE Mr. Weatherman, tell the forecast as it is, for those who dont live at sea level, for those that live up Ballachrink, in Anagh Coar. Tell the Government Departments there is going to be frost, ice. It is not a popularity contest.
  21. I Coudnt agree more. Took this yesterday on Pulrose Bridge, the boys working under terrible conditions. Reassuring to know they will be springing to our aid today.
  22. and then another story, again many years ago about a now ex MHK who, after being appointed to the then Department of the MEA, walked into the local Vauxhall Garage requesting a new car if the MEA bought their new vehicles there. He was politely turned away, ( well, nearly politely). A month later he was driving a top range Sierra and the MEA were buying Escorts and Transits for the next few years.. Not exactly evidence I suppose,,,,, but it WAS unrecordable and there WAS nothing to trace so it does fits Steady Eddies criterea. Perhaps not black economy, but definately unrecordable and untraceable transactions ...... However it would be more fruitful chasing the big guns than the little guy. It will be interesting if the attempt to get Tescos etc to pay tax are quietly dropped, or come to fruition.
  23. " ..is there evidence of transactions which are unrecorded and untraceable"...... well, there was a story about a villa in spain owned by an ex MLC which he aquired whilst chairman of the Planning Committee......over 30 years ago now, .... untraceable and unrecordable....
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